People who just don’t care

could-care-lessI have a tiny little rant coming.  How many of you have people in your life that just DON’T care??  You can tell them something, and they could just give a rip!?!  It’s like you never said anything.  Is it just this person saying “screw you” I’ll do whatever I please?

I HATE unexpected company.  Call me what you wish but I HATE when someone just “drops” by.  I think it’s rude and thoughtless.  If you know your going to someone’s house, and how can you NOT KNOW unless your just mysteriously transported there against your will, why not just call? Just say “I’m just going to pop over for a cup of coffee.” What’s so damn hard about that???  

My mother knows I hate this but she just DID IT ANYWAY to me on Monday.  Just appeared out of nowhere.  First let me state that she probably shouldn’t even be driving anymore under ideal conditions and it was raining and foggy.  She just comes walking in and I said “what in the hell are you doing here?” to which she replied, “I just stopped by for coffee,” to which I replied VERY NICELY, “you shouldn’t be out and about on a day like this,” to which she replied “it wasn’t like this at my house!!!!!”  HELP ME!!!! Do you not own a radio???  Did you not see all the school closings????  Then she brags to me that she told my brother Darryl that “I’m going out to Joy’s tomorrow, I know she hates it but I don’t care!!!”  

I never said a word.  I kept doing what I was doing the whole time she was here and I was very nice to her.  Seriously, I really was. But why, WHY OH WHY would you do something deliberately that you know someone else hates?  Had I known, I could have gotten some kind of doughnuts and at least had a fresh pot of coffee.  I don’t hate company, I just want to know when I’m going to have it. My first thought is what if I wasn’t here?  She did that to me once a long time ago and I wasn’t home and then she got mad that she drove all the way out here and I was gone!  Well pardon ay moi!!!

Okay, next up here is when your playing the Wii, why does the person your playing with (I’m not mentioning ANY names here!!!) not hit the damn button after their turn???  If your not familiar with the Wii, after your turn, you hit the button on your remote, if you don’t, you see their last “play” three different times at three different “angles!”  Okay, so it’s not that big of a deal, it takes 5 seconds. BUT, we play a LOT of games each night and after a while I just want to SCREAM, HIT THE DAMN BUTTON!!!!!  Last night we even talked about it.  I said “you’re hitting your button to soon, you have to wait till the pins start to reset, then hit it” and Ha, Ha, Ha……next turn up, VERY NEXT ONE, same thing!!!

Why is this?  You can tell someone your going to lay down and take a nap and then they call?  Why? Why do some people just not seem to pay attention??  Do they just not care about your feelings? Do they really just “forget?”  Or are they trying to tell you something????


Thank you, I’m done ranting now.

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28 Responses to People who just don’t care

  1. SKL says:

    I regularly deal with people who think that, no matter what’s going on in my life, it can’t possibly be as important as whatever they want me to do. I don’t like to have to tell people off, but that’s what I have to do every once in a while, just to maintain some sort of identity as an individual.

    I don’t even try to get most people to respect the way I like things done. If I have to deal with them a lot, and something really bugs me, I’ll mention it once, and then if they don’t fix it, I usually figure out how to pretend I don’t see it. With most people, I just tend to adjust to whatever they are in a mood for. Maybe I attract the wrong kind of people, I don’t know, but if I were to let it get to me, I’d have died of a stroke years ago.

  2. Gary says:

    My wife and I have friends that just don’t seem to care sometimes. We invited them out on Valentine’s Day to have dinner with us and then back to our house for some cards. They couldn’t make dinner with us but said they would be at our house at about 7:00pm to play cards. That is about the time we were going to eat but no problem, we will go eat a little earlier. So my wife and I changed our plans and ate earlier. On the way back home, we stopped at the store to get THEM the soda THEY like to drink and some snack foods to snack on. When we got home, I carried the card table and four chairs up from the basement, and set it all up in the living room. Then my wife and I setup the snack items, we are all set. 7:00pm came and went, 7:30 came and went, 8:00 came and went and finally at 8:30 I couldn’t stand it anymore. I sent them a text message to my friends phone asking if they were still coming. Literally, 1 minute later I get a text message back saying they were having problems with their daughter and were not going to be able to make it. Now WTF is that?? I certainly respect the fact that things come up. Things that are more important than playing cards with friends. HOWEVER, a phone call would have been a nice gesture!!!!! I figure if you could respond to my text message so quickly, why couldn’t you have sent a text say oh I don’t know, an hour and a half ago to let us KNOW you were not going to be able to make it instead of just blowing us off. I mean WTF?????

    Ok, I’m done now! LOL

    Your not alone Joy. It IS very FRUSTRATING!! 🙂

  3. Laura (LS) says:

    I think it’s the narcissism that our society fosters. Everybody has elevated their own life to such phenomenal importance (consider the plethora of self-photos on Facebook), that they don’t know how to react when someone else is involved. That narcissism, combined with the amazing lack of manners taught these days, creates a lot of problems.

    My pet peeve is when I have something I want to share… be it a bit of news I heard on the radio, an event in my life, something funny I read… and I start telling someone about it? They either don’t react at all, like they haven’t been listening, or their reaction is something along the lines of, “yeah? so?” AAAGHGHGH!! Makes me CRAZY!! If something is important enough that someone wants to share it, show a *little* enthusiasm, even if it doesn’t interest YOU!!

    I think you’re going to get a LOT of ranting on this one, Joy!

  4. Just a Mom says:

    The answer to this question is very simple, its called being married, having a mother, or having kids! Don’t you know it’s not they they don’t care or are not listening it’s just that they know that it will ruffle your feathers! It’s their way of letting you know they love you! 🙂

  5. pammy says:

    I believe that people who dont respect your space or your life are selfish.They only think of themselves.What they want or what works for them.I dont like pop in too much.I live in town with two of my kids and one lives an hour away.They usually call everday to say hi or ask if I will be home,and say put on the coffee.My son Jeremy will pop in somtimes for a quick hi and a hug and hes right out the door.I do love those pop-in.I do Hate when I dont no someone is coming out for the day,just come on out.And I am to make a meal,which I have not planned.I like planning,so a quick what do I have in the freezer is stressful for me.It usually turns out ok,but not my way of doing a meal.I will even call my friends and make a date for coffee with them.Cause we all live busy lives.Yesterday I called my grandma and said I would be by for coffee today.She thanked me for calling in advance,though she is always ready for company and always has goodies on hand for you.Then I called my bestbud Rose and asked if she was free tonite for coffee.Yes she is.I do call first cause i dont want to go by if it doesnt suit them.Thats how I feel and thats how I would like others too treat me.

  6. nikki says:

    It really does amaze me how “clueless” seemingly smart people can be. I can’t explain the wii thing. I’ve tried to figure that one out! I know Bailey wasn’t hitting the button either but he never plays that so it didn’t irritate me. For someone who plays every night, yea that would get to me. Start yelling and maybe they will get tired of you yelling!! IDK!!!!
    The stopping by without notice…drives me insane! Then they act like I should just have coffee ready and have a smile on my face. Now WHAT IF I wanted to dance around my living room naked or what if I was running out the door??? Or what if I was trying to get kids to sleep or what if I had a headache?? A little heads up is not too much to ask!
    What about when people totally exaggerate a situation and call you out in front of a crowd and completely embarrass you?? Do they not think before they speak?? OMG… it makes me not want to go anywhere with that certain person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for this post and the opportunity to rant!!!!

  7. K. Trainor says:

    *raises a hand* Count me in, too! I really hate unexpected company. Not so much if they’re just driving by and pop in to say hello for a minute, but we have some relatives that will show up unannounced and expect to spend the day. I’d love to have them…with notice. *sigh*

    And the Wii thing bugs me too. Yes, I know you got a strike. That’s great! Now hit the doggone button, already, I don’t care what order the pins fell down.

  8. starlaschat says:

    So If I call first, you will have coffee and donuts ready for me? How nice. Nice ranting by the way! Take away your mom’s car keys then she’ll have to call you to pick her up when she wants to visit. One last thought when one person annoys you it’s probably them When everyone annoys you it’s probably you. So can I still come over for coffee. I thought not. sorry for that last part, I really did love your expressing yourself. And the wii I’ll trade you my Richard Simons video for your wii?

  9. starlaschat says:

    Please ignore that last post. I really did appreciate your post.

  10. I think some people really just DON’T CARE. Seriously. Or maybe they care, but they find amusement in being a source of annoyance or pressure to others. I’ve got a couple friends who get like this, and boy, do I ever get where you’re coming from Joy. It drives me nuts when people seem to think it’s ok to take you away from whatever you’re doing so that you can pay attention to THEM.

  11. Joy says:

    I though someone would comment on the monkey on the left. Didn’t anyone notice that???

  12. nikki says:

    OH goodness!!!! NO I just noticed it when I went to look at it. LMAO!!!!! How funny!

  13. DM says:

    Actually I noticed, when the arrow on my mouse went over the photo it said “Screw- you”, and the monkey caught my eye…before I read the comment thread, I saw those monkeys, and thought to myself..hey,there’s a picture of my siblings 🙂

  14. Doraz says:

    Joy, sorry it took so long to get to you today, I was too busy ” dropping in” on my friends! Ha Ha Actually, I have mixed feelings about this all. One side of me is a very private side and the other side is the “let’s have a party” side! I guess it depends on what mood I am in when something like this happens! I also always remember those people in my life who are no longer with us and how happy I would be, regardless, of them “just dropping” in to see me. I always try to be considerate. Not everyone is nowadays!

  15. Amy Hunter says:

    That was an impressive rant, Joy! Must be the day for ranting. I was very crabby at work today, partly due to a lazy co-worker who is rude in addition to being lazy. So I had a couple of rants going.

    Anyway, I also don’t like people just dropping over. A year ago, right before Christmas, a woman I only know from chatting with her on evening walks knocked on my door. Well, I don’t tend to answer my door after dark. I’m often in my pjs early, and I often have my birds loose, and I can’t open the door and risk them flying off.

    So there’s a knock at the door, and I have no reason to believe I even know who is knocking. All my friends know I don’t like people just dropping by, and they also would never drop by at night. So I ignored it. And then she kept pounding, which started to scare me. And then she started yelling my name, which also scared me until she said who she was.

    Turns out she was inviting me to some dinner thing Christmas eve. I thanked her but said I already had plans. And she kept pushing me to join her. Good grief. If someone has plans, they have plans. Did she think I was going to break them?

  16. Morocco says:

    Joy, I too, dislike when people just happen to stop by. I also agree with the other posters who attribute such behavior to narcissism. Some people really just need to get over themselves.

  17. javajunkee says:

    nope ..people don’t give a rats ass about anything anymore. That would be considered common courtesy..I don’t think it’s there anymore. You know the days of the neighbors just coming in the back door and grabbing their own cup of coffee and sitting down with you (who also has nothing to do) are looooooooong gone! It’s a sad fact but a fact none the less.
    My mil and fil used to show up right about supper time. Knowing the budget we live on and the fact that we weren’t always “cooking extra food” plus the fact that my fil is on a very strict diet it wasn’t in the cards to ask them to eat with my husband would take my fil around the garden (they are both green thumbers) and I would make idle chit chat with the mil while our supper would get colder…then finally the fil would come in and announce he had to get home and take his pill and eat. That drove me crazy. They havent’ done that for a couple years now…it might start up again in the summer who knows.

    totally with you on this one! I’d be going ARRRGGHH

    Oh let me add one. Do any of you own a parent that thinks the phone only rings one way and reminds you of the fact you “never” call them? WTF? I am always having to remind my mom when she says I never call her that the phone rings both ways!

  18. avomnia says:

    I’m known (by those who know me, obviously) for the occassional rant, so I know from where I speak . . .

    That was a quality rant!
    J.W. Nicklaus

  19. Lisa C says:

    ROFLMAO…ok now I caught the monkey …that’s flippin’ funny!

  20. starlaschat says:

    Dear Joy, I’m sorry for my post yesterday. I feel it was a little snarky ,and I appologise for that. You certaintly deserve a well earned rant. I guess reading it, pushed some of my family buttons. Nothing like unresolved issues to flare. any way I’m sorry.

  21. Joy says:

    Don’t worry about it starlaschat. We all have our moments. It’s okay.

  22. Sue says:

    Christopher and I were playing the Wii today and I kind of laughed to myself when he wouldn’t push the button! He likes watching the replays!

  23. Joy says:

    I “owe” it to the person who’s name I didn’t mention yesterday, to say that last night during our bowling marathon, he never ONCE didn’t hit the button after his turn!!! LMAO!!!

  24. nikki says:

    Well did “they” read your post!? “They” are probably scared not to now!!! lmao!!

  25. joanharvest says:

    I am back to blogging. Finally!! I missed you. I am fortunate that everyone I know would never come to visit me without notice. I make that abundantly clear to everyone I meet. I really don’t like it either when people visit without notice. I might be naked in the back yard sunbathing. Yea, right!! They should be so lucky. Ha! Ha!

  26. Joy says:

    I’m so glad to see you Joan. I’m glad your back.

  27. Tessa says:

    Maybe she wishes to see you more, Joy, so she takes it upon herself to come over. Some people are so self-focused, they do not listen to others or notice others wants and comfort zone.

    Personally, I love to have company stop over unannounced. Sometimes, the time is wrong and company will notice that. I grew up in a house where family and friends were always stopping by to say hi.

    It’s an open door policy at our home to close friends and family! Mi casa es su casa!

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