Target vs Walmart

target-walmartI have to admit here, I used to be the biggest Targetaholic in the world.  I could even just go there to browse around if I was feeling down.  If I had a bad day when the kids were little, when Paul would get home, off to Target I’d go and eat a whole popcorn without having to share it or hear “can I have this or that.” A lot of times I didn’t even buy anything.  Okay, most times I did but who’s counting???  

Now, I can’t tell you the last time I went there.  I used to buy everything there except for our clothes.   But everything from the pets food to the small appliances, cleaning products and toiletries. Things were so much cheaper at Target than the local supermarket. When we first got a Target in my area in the 70’s, it was the best thing ever invented. There just weren’t “discount” stores around every corner then.

So now Walmart moves on in.  Target is in a little trouble now.  I’m not saying that every single item in the stores are cheaper from store to store but what “I buy,” it seems Walmart just has Target beat. Now Walmart has really nice grocery stores in them as well. If I go to Walmart alone, there is no way I can fill my list for the “regular” Walmart stuff and grocery shop.  If I’m in a store that long I just get to tired and bored.  But this is the best thing if Paul goes with me.  I can make two lists, we separate and he does the food, I do the “junk” and we meet in the middle and are done.  It’s perfect.

But what happened to Target?  My opinion is they got greedy.  They upped the “quality” and are no longer a “discount” or “budget” store.  The price of the clothes at Target used to be much more affordable but now they are almost, if not as expensive as the JC Penny’s and Sears type stores. It’s no deal at Target.  Yes the clothes are a little better quality at Target but we are talking “cheaper” here.  The cleaners, pet food and general things one needs, are just plain cheaper at Walmart and that’s now where I do the majority of my “household” shopping.

I miss the way Target used to be but in times like this, why would they change the way they were? Walmart must have noticed the same thing as well as customers like me because if I go to Buffalo, the Target lot is almost empty while the Walmart lot is bursting.

What about you?  Are you a Target or a Walmart person?

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24 Responses to Target vs Walmart

  1. SKL says:

    I’m a Walmart person for several reasons.

    First, I agree with you that Target just doesn’t seem to be “targeted” at me. All that bright red, trying to be trendy – trendy isn’t me, and if it were, I’d go somewhere more specialized than Target. Wal-mart is much more likely to have stuff I would actually buy, and at a price that I don’t feel stupid paying.

    Second, Target almost always locates somewhere away from the places where my shopping stops are concentrated. Walmart is usually right in the middle of my shopping places. I don’t have time to drive all over the place when I can buy almost everything Target has at Walmart.

    Third, I support Walmart to protest the union backlash that has attempted to undermine what Walmart is trying to do. I always go to Walmart first, and only buy elsewhere if Walmart doesn’t have what I need.

    Fourth, I was told that Target is owned by the French, and this conversation took place during a time when the French were being especially loud and obnoxious about how lousy the US is. If we Americans are so disgusting, I guess we had better keep our filthy money out of France.

    There is one item I used to buy at Target: cotton knee-high socks in colors that matched my business casual pants. I tried and tried to find them elsewhere, but only Target had just what I wanted. So yes, Target has gotten a few of my bucks – but very few.

  2. shane says:

    I always liked walmart more because there open 24/7. I used to go to walmart after work, which is 1:00 a.m. It was great because there where no big crowds, no waiting in line, etc. I always liked walmart more that target. I agree that almost everything is cheaper at walmart. I have never bought clothes from either and probably never will.

  3. pammy says:

    Walmart is all i get in manitoba.I love it.They kinda took over our Kmart.I was an avid Kmart first i was a little upset.But years later I got over it.I love Walmart for everything.Its one of the cheapest stores around.And it does have everything.

  4. javajunkee says:

    I HATE walmart! It’s all we have where I live. You are forced to deal with stupidity on a high level (at least in our town) at walmart.
    I do shop there…when I go to the cities with my bff we stop at the target there. I’ve never purchased like “food” items at target so have no idea what the cost difference is. I might find a shirt on sale or something at target but I do agree walmart to me has a better selection and price tag.

    the one thing I won’t buy at walmart and will ONLY buy at 1 grocery store in our town and that is our meat. I see the guys at the grocery store handling the meat..I know the majority of them and they are all CLEAN!…I don’t like having meat and produce behind closed doors where I can’t see what’s going on with it.

  5. Morocco says:

    I agree that Target has increased their prices, but there is something that I like about that store! It makes me happy! And they have such, cute, whimsical things!

    I buy nonperishables (definitely no meat or produce) at Wal-Mart and a few other odds and ends. However, their customer service leaves something to be desired as well as the cleanliness of the store.

    I shop at both for different reasons. I try to take advantage of what each store has to offer.

  6. Doraz says:

    I also used to be a big Target shopper. Some of my family members even worked at one. Mervyn’s is owned by the same people as Target. Mervyns just shut down in our town. Target is going strong. Walmart is in a town close by, as the rent where I live tends to be higher than some other areas. I really don’t shop on a regular basis at either! If I happen to be in the area of either store, I might go in to browse or buy something I might need right then and there. I do like the variety in both stores. Walmart owns when it comes to prices! I also like to support the workers at Walmart, they work hard and are friendly!

  7. Gary says:

    Before Walmart moved into town, I was a Target shopper too. I found Walmart’s prices to be lower and having a grocery store saved having to go to multiple stores so once they moved in, I switched. Walmart being open 24/7 and being closer to my house than Target was a plus also.

    I do think that Target has better customer service than Walmart!!!! At least where I live anyway. 🙂

  8. nikki says:

    Wow nice picture Gary!!!! I always like having a face to name!! That’s awesome!!!!
    We have both but Target is closer, that doesn’t change anything for me. The only good things I can say about Target is it’s never crowded and it’s pretty clean and organized (b/c people don’t go there.) If I’m in a mood and don’t feel like running into to someone (which always happens) I’ll go to Target. I go to Walmart and I’m always sure to run into someone. Sometimes I just want in and out! Target is too expensive for us to buy our everyday toiletries or really anything.
    I therapy shop, Target is good for that, Walmart not so much. it’s too crowded, the people are crazy and it’s usually a mess, but the prices beat anyone else in town so they win. I don’t buy clothes from either, socks and stuff yes but that’s it. Groceries we get at Walmart, but usually we will go to Cub for our meat.
    I agree Target has better customer service, maybe it’s because they’re so damn bored they are just happy to see a customer!!!!

  9. mssc54 says:

    I think I’ve only shopped at Target once.

    Although we do shop at Wally-World I (personally) try to buy from local stores as much as possible.

    I’m not crazy about Wal-Mart’s corporate philosophy.

    A couple of years they closed one Wal-Mart and opened a Super Wal-Mart. I’ve got to admit they have just about anything you could possibly want.

    However, the stor they closed a couple/few years ago still remains unoccupied and an eyesore. The upside to that is that a lot of the big rig drivers have a place to park their rigs over night.


    • chad says:

      I just saw this article, and you were the first response in favor of local business. Have you seen the documentary Wal-Mart; The High Cost of Low Prices.? It is unbelievable how often Wal-mart builds and vacates hugh property to build larger wal-mart stores. Check it out

  10. Joy says:

    mssc, was it “Made in America?” I’m not sure now.

    I like your pic too Gary.

  11. Just a Mom says:

    I am a Target shopper myself. There is nothing like their popcorn! I don’t shop at Wal-Mart because I can’t stand the way they treat the customers. I gladly pay a little extra for customer service.
    I will not buy food at either store. That is what my grocery store is for.

  12. mssc54 says:

    @Joy: You are close!


    I wonder how you would write that in Chinese?

  13. Tessa says:

    I agree with you Joy. I use to love Target too. I agree with mssc-the fact that most stuff is made overseas bugs me and little wages given to the workers. I did not know that was their slogan-terrible. I think I will start shopping at local stores now!

  14. SKL says:

    I remember that Wal-Mart originally had all American-made stuff. It was impossible for them to compete because nobody else does that. Let’s face it, most of the sweatshops in this world are not in the USA. I really don’t think it’s fair to hold Wal-Mart responsible for that. I think we ought to give them kudos for trying to do something good, not blame them for the fact that they couldn’t make it economically feasible.

    As far as the closed store – well, first of all, Wal-Mart is certainly not the only store that ever closed a location. Did you look into why they closed it? They had one near my house for a while, in a newly-developed shopping area. They moved out rather suddenly because there were environmental problems on the property that broke the landlord’s promises in the lease. Some sort of gaseous emissions from the soil. If they had not closed and their employees got sick, you can imagine what a field day the liberals would have over that. They are damned no matter what they do – because they are nonunion.

    When you look behind the scenes, it’s the unions that are always dragging Wal-Mart’s name through the mud. There is no store that exists that could hold up to the standards that Wal-Mart is often held to. Not even close.

    As far as service, in my experience, it depends on where the store is. Near my house, it doesn’t matter where I go, all the retail / restaurant workers are the same – they could care less about you – that’s just how they were raised in the area. But where I shop is farther out of the “big city” and everyone is great. I have never, ever had any bad feelings at the Wal-Mart I shop at (as far as customer service or employee morale), nor the other stores around there. The only thing I can complain about is the state of the bathrooms – but the same is true about Macy’s and several other stores. (I don’t think I’ve been in a Target bathroom.)

    As far as wages, they make a lot more money than I made (bare minimum wage) when I went to work at a unionized grocery store. Then, even though I was a part-time worker with no benefits or protections (like most workers at that level), I was going to be forced to pay the initiation fee to join the union (minimum wage x 40) and a monthly fee (minimum wage x 8) or be fired after 30 days. I worked in the deli and was (a) berated if I punched out one minute after my hours were up, (b) berated if I finished cleaning the meat-cutting machines after I clocked out, and (c) “counseled” for politely declining to cut meat for a customer who arrived at the deli just at closing time. Was I a happy worker on account of the wonderful union? Ha! I say, people who don’t want to work at Wal-Mart are free to go elsewhere. There must be some reason that Wal-Mart is, I believe, the biggest employer in the US. Oh, and it’s not because all those people would otherwise had worked at mom-and-pops and had great wages and benefits and given great service and selection. Do people really buy into that?

    I must say I don’t buy groceries at Wal-Mart, but that is because I shop at an organic food store. If Wal-Mart could cater to my food preferences, I’d buy that there too.

  15. SKL says:

    Once again I am caught by the 8) sign. That was supposed to be the number 8 followed by a ).

  16. Joy says:

    I have never had a bad experience at Walmart either. Not as far as being treated rudely or anything. I like Target and I also like Walmart. I don’t buy my groceries there simply because I’m shopping for my household stuff and that type of thing. Maybe books or music or movies. By the time I’ve wandered around there, I just don’t feel like grocery shopping. That’s the only reason. If Paul is with me and we split up, it works great. The new “SuperWalmarts” have terrific grocery departments. I also LOVE the self checkouts. Maybe that’s why I’m not treated badly by employee’s, I check out myself 99% of the time.

    My only beef with Walmart is I hate asking where things are. I find with Walmart, they put things all over the place. If there are new products or something is on sale, it’s in the middle of an aisle. When I go back to try and find that item, if I really liked it and want to buy another, it’s never where it was when I found it the first time and it leaves me wandering all over because I refuse to ask. I’m a little stubborn that way and can find it myself!!

  17. Sue says:

    I shop at both and for different reasons. Some things I need Target has and Wal Mart doesn’t and vice versa. I do most of my cleaning supplies/toiletry shopping at Wal Mart because it really is cheaper. I like Target’s quality and customer service, but I hate that most of them do not have self check out and the higher prices.

    I live within 25 min of 4 Wal Marts and the one thing I’ve found is that the prices are not the same on the same items at all the stores. That is irritating in itself because obviously I’m not driving all over the place to get the better price! I do like the Wal Mart Supercenters and buy most of our groceries there. I will buy the meat from the “name brand” people (Tyson, GoldnPlump) but not directly from their meat department. Overall I like them both. It’s fun to look at something different once in a while!

  18. joanharvest says:

    I am not a Walmart fan. I only shop there if my daughter makes me. We don’t have a Target nearby but the few times I have been there I liked it better than Walmart. On the Island where I live now there are no chain stores. They are not allowed so you have to shop at local stores which are expensive. So now I just don’t buy anything. I really need to shop so when we go off island I know I will do some big time shopping wherever my daughter will take me.

  19. Jason says:

    I got moldy hamburger from Walmart once…it kinda threw me off. I don’t know about other Walmarts but ours doesn’t have a on site butcher, it’s not fresh.

  20. I think I’ve been in a Target once in my life, and I’m not sure I’ve ever set foot in a WalMart before.
    Whenever I’m in the US, we always do our household shopping at Ralphs and Longs – not sure why, I guess it’s just my family’s tradition? Or maybe Los Angeles just has more of those…

  21. Kayla says:

    I’ve worked for Walmart for two years, while my roommate worked for Target.
    I would much prefer Target over Walmart any day.
    Target is usually cleaner, neater, and comparable in prices.
    Walmart treats their employees awful, and at my particular store, the management team was stealing freight from the store.

  22. Ahhv// says:

    There is no question about it, WalMart is cheaper.
    But at Target they really do care about how they treat their guests. I know because I work there. There is a reason they are not as cheap and it’s because shopping at any Target is a better experience all around. Most of their guests admit that they are willing to pay a little more for a whole lot better experience.
    I have never been mistreated in anyway by the management. They don’t treat me any different than they treat each other. WalMart must be cheaper because they cut ends in places that Target doesn’t. Besides Target has much higher quality items ;D.

  23. eric says:

    I hate walmart with a huge passion. I am a employee at target #0950. I used to shop at walmart till I got a job at target. I have found that targets costomer sevice is 1000% better then walmarts. walmart doesnt even have costomer service. They dont care about nobody but money. Walmart is the most filthiest place to ever shop. They hire bumbs, literatly. The employees stink. I mean i could see if the cart attendant smelled alittle off the wall cause hes out side pushing carts all day. but the employees that works inside the biulding all smell just awlfull. Walmart jack there prices down to put other stores out of business and then jack there prices back up. Yes, this is very true. target literatly puts smiles on peoples faces when they leave the store, although there may be a few people that disagrees with certian things. but not like walmart, they get cursed out everyday all day by disappointed costomers. better yet, target dont even call the customers, “customers”. we call them guest, and just like anybody in there home would treat there guest, thats how we treat ours, we are respectul at all times, positive attitude, and very greetfull every second of the day. when was the last time you were in walmart and a employee came up to you and asked, “can i help u find something?”. more then likely never. you would have to search for a employee around the store at walmart just for alittle help. and more then likely when u do find an employee, he/she wont even know what your talking about. walmart does not communicate inside the store. on the other hand, targets most important rule though-out the store is customer service. We will look for guest that even looks like they want to ask a question, we simply walk right up and ask, can i help you find something?”.So its pretty odvious that WALMART SUCKS!!!

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