Gotta Go!

milkNo, not that kind of gotta go!  Gotta go to the store kind of go!  This morning, my son wanted to eat breakfast and guess what?  No milk.  I HATE that!  It is the number one way to ruin my day and set me in a bad mood.  I don’t really know why, but it’s just annoying to not have the one staple in the house that we consume every day!

So, I ran to the store.  The mini mart actually and it’s 5 miles away.  That’s the closest store to us.  I’m not even awake yet, I have my pj’s on and there I am buying milk and bread at the mini mart.  Thank God Hollywood wasn’t doing a casting call!  I don’t care, it’s the mini mart in bum f&^% nowhere ville, but I am still irritated.  I do believe I told my  husband yesterday that we needed milk, but of course nothing was done about it yesterday. 

The bright side?  It’s a beautiful sunny morning and when I got to the mini mart milk was 2/$5!  Two gallons of milk for $5!  YIPPY!!!!  I felt like I won the lottery!   How often do you get the 2/$5 on milk?  The bread was expensive, but who cares!  I got milk 2/$5!  This is at least what I’m telling myself as I drive home still angry that we didn’t have milk to begin with!

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23 Responses to Gotta Go!

  1. Neighbor Nancy says:

    The last time my hubby “forgot” (yeah, my aunt fanny!) the milk, he got straight from the box nonfat dry milk. I made pancakes for my son a half hour later. Evil and petty, yet effective.

    My closest milk is 8 miles, where I always see some random acquaintance that does not need to see me with my pre-coffee attitude and morning psycho hair.

  2. ohhhh….water and cereal never hurt anyone. (we never have milk around here.)

    i’ve often thought about getting a cow for the yard so we’ll always have a milk-source…but i’m not such a farm girl.

  3. nikki says:

    LOL…sorry I’m laughing at you!! That is kinda funny though. Why didn’t you just make oatmeal or eggs or something???? That’s what I do!!

  4. Sue says:

    curlywurlygurly ~ I know people who eat cereal and water and the thought of that makes me want to cry! I did try it once and never again!

    Nikki~ I did think about eggs, but the kids drink milk with everything. No OJ for them in the morning, they just don’t want it. I eat oatmeal, but made with milk b/c water just doesn’t give it the same flavor! I know, picky picky picky, but I would have ended up going to the store at some point!

  5. SKL says:

    I hate having to jump out of bed and “go somewhere” in the morning – especially without prior notice and before my coffee (which I make with 50% milk)!

    When my kids first came home, I was on my own with them for 3 months (no help at all, not one moment away from the kids except for about 2 hours out of those 3 months), and it was my worst nightmare to run out of milk. Panic would set in as I watched the last milk carton trickle away during a downpour or a snowfall. I was so tired all the time (I got sick just after the girls came home) and it was a huge production to make a trip to the store, in winter weather, with two babies who couldn’t walk – especially if it was just to buy milk! Then I discovered Horizon milk drink boxes (8 oz) which don’t need to be refrigerated. I bought a case of them just for times like that. It really took a lot of pressure off.

  6. SKL says:

    I should add that the Horizon milk boxes were great for when we went out, too. No need to prepare bottles or sippy cups or whatever. Just keep a couple of milk boxes in the diaper bag at all times, and it’s ready when you are.

  7. Doraz says:

    Well, Joy…simple solution…Ready? You have lots of land, right? So, get a cow or two and when you run out of milk again, send your husband out in the freezing cold weather to milk the cow! You can bet next time you reach for that milk, it will be there! LOL-)* Have a great weekend!

  8. Sue says:

    That’s a great idea Doraz!!! That should help him remember the milk:)

    Guess what everyone? I just ran out of milk! Thankfully, breakfast is over so it’s not the end of the world. Good thing I have the day off…I can make sure to get a gallon!

  9. Joy says:

    LOL Luisa, Sue wrote this. *IF* one of my sons were here and wanted breakfast and I had no milk, which ever son it was would be the one going to the mini mart for it!! LMAO!!! No more animals for me!

    Sue, this cracks me up too because I have really been there!! Have you ever made scrambled eggs with Irish Cream dairy creamer? DON’T!!! It’s disgusting!!! Repeat, it’s only made for coffee!!

    What really is giving me laughing fits is your “Hollywood casting call” remark. I know personally that you look plenty cute in your pj’s. Look at some of the movies made here:
    North Country
    Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men
    The Mighty Ducks
    Jingle All the Way

    I can see you in any of these movies with your cute lopsided pony tail and your ability to say “ya, you betcha” 🙂

    PS…..don’t depend on the husband to remember milk. It’s best if you learn this now. Remember your post yesterday?? They just don’t listen.

  10. Joy says:

    I forgot to mention that Christopher is the biggest milk junkie I’ve ever seen. It is by far his drink of choice and when he wants some, he wants it NOW and nothing else will do. And that’s not a bad thing.

  11. pammy says:

    I use milk only for coffee,I HATE MILK,or I should say it hates me.Always has since the day I was born.But i do need a bit in my coffee.I need my coffee in the morning be4 I start my day.I always check my milk,but if i wake up and only a drop is left,not even enough for one cup of coffee.That pisses me off.Thats one of my pet peeves.I will drink it black,but not the same.

  12. nikki says:

    Irish cream in eggs??? Ewwww!!!!
    I agree Hollywood should be calling you!!!! I bet you look adorable in your pj pants and pony tail!!!! You got your audition tape for Americas Next Top Model done right??? I just finished mine up! They are going to have SUCH a hard time picking between us. You are a “bit” taller than me so you may have me beat! We’ll leave it up to the judges to decide. Good luck sister!! 😉

  13. mssc54 says:

    As a husband I found my grinning when you said you were sure you had told your husband yesterday that y’all need milk.

    Does he pass the “milk store” on his way home?

  14. Doraz says:

    Sorry Sue! I did not even look to see who wrote the article! I was not awake yet!-)* I did notice, at least…in the Question of the Day!!!!!

  15. SKL says:

    You buy a gallon at a time? That would never do around here. On my weekend shopping trip, I buy about 4 gallons. Then we need another stop sometime during the week for a couple more.

  16. Tessa says:

    I LOVE milk. I have to have it for every meal too!!

  17. kweenmama says:

    With six teens we go through about 8 or 9 gallons a week. We are ALWAYS going to the store for milk.

  18. starlaschat says:

    That picture of milk looks so good makes me want fresh hot cookies out of the oven and a big glass of milk. Yum. I notice the mini mart around here also bum f>** no where, people show up in their jammies a lot.

  19. Sue says:

    No, we buy 2 gallons at a time because that’s all that fits in the fridge and it was the 2nd gallon that had run out.

    Yes, hubby passes the milk store on the way home and he will be stopping today! He’d better remember…..

    No, Hollywood would NOT want me if they saw me in my pj’s; it’s not pretty! Who is right away in the morning?!!! Yes, Nikki, my tape is all ready to go!

  20. mssc54 says:

    Again, as a husband….

    So, Sue, how many milk stores did you pass on your way home? 🙂

  21. Joy says:

    Hey, this is Sue…I passed enough, but already talked to hubby about getting milk. He did!!!!

  22. mssc54 says:

    Wow Sue, you’re really looking more and more like Joy! 🙂

  23. Sue says:

    That’s what happens when she cooks you supper!

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