This is just down right aggravating!!

dish_network_logo_colorIf people what to work in customer service they should speak clear English, the lovely people who hire for Dish Network obviously don’t make that a requirement. SO I was a little irked to begin with. I called the beloved Dish Network today to see how much a HD box would be. We are getting a HDTV and you need a special box to preview the channels in HD. Well that sounds like the stupidest thing ever!!! If you have an HDTV why do you need an HD box and better yet why do you need to pay  extra every month to view them!!?? It’s just an added expense I see unnecessary but whatever! I don’t have a huge problem with having to buy this box, if it’s needed!!!

What I do have a problem with is by purchasing this box and signing up for the HD package I have to renew my contact. The problem with that you ask…I want to switch to Direct TV. I have a friend who works for Direct TV and she can get me on her “friends and family” plan. A LOT cheaper plus a lot more channels like the movie ones we like. SO…now I have to renew my contract JUST to add something on to my bill??? WTF is that?? That’s how they get you! They do it because they CAN. Sprint used to be like that and they have stopped because it’s ridiculous, every time you make an upgrade or any changes you have to renew your contract!!??!! I’m not very pleased to say the least! Now I have to buy this box or what’s the point. I have 10 months left on my contract so it’s not like Jason would be willing to wait it out, I don’t want to either. I ended up telling the nice lady whom I barley understood that it’s not fair that they SUCK us in like this and they might as well be leaches and nicely hung up.

I doubt she understood a word I said and I got nothing accomplished besides getting my blood pressure soaring through the roof! It’s not like I can show them and cancel my account, it’d cost me $200+ just to do that plus whatever it cost to join Direct TV. I haven’t even told Jason any of this so I’m sure he’ll be thrilled!! Nothing like having someone I can barely understand tell me what I have to do and there’s nothing I can do about it!!!!!!

Okay I’m done….I feel a little better!

Oh wait…that feeling….there it goes..right out the door!!

First let me explain I’m in a MAJOR saving money mode right now. The future of our country has done this to me. This box is $150 plus $10 a month more.  I am hoarding every little penny I can and when I have to spend that penny, I’m not too happy about it. So here I am dreading the conversation with the hubs about how much money this will cost and how much money I want to save by switching to Direct TV, and the fact that they are making me renew my contract. To my surprise he isn’t upset one bit. As a matter of fact he says, “SO…what’s the big deal?” OF COURSE…now I get it…MEN and their TV’s!!!!! I wonder how he’d feel if I upgraded my bath tub to a really nice jacuzzi tub?? I mean come on what’s the big deal right???


So apparently this TV he bought on his way home from work has a HD box built in it, so I don’t have to buy one. What I do have to buy is a card that goes into the back. Now if that little piece of shit card causes me to have to renew my contract I will be very upset! This whole HD, LCD, ATV crap has got me all messed up! Now I get to call tomorrow and if all goes as I plan I will get someone who I can understand and tell me I don’t have to renew my contract and this little card is free. Wish me luck!

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14 Responses to This is just down right aggravating!!

  1. Sue says:

    Aloha!!!!! You must have read my mind recently about satellite TV problems!!!!!! If I were you, I wouldn’t go with DirecTV either! They just billed us for 3 movies from 4 YEARS AGO!!!!!! 4 YEARS!!!! I called and complained and do you know what the nice lady said to me??? “Well, I’m sorry ma’am, but it shows here that you purchased these movies and no one has access to your card so you must have purchased them back in ’05 and when you upgraded to DVR, we took the old box back and read the info off the card and it showed that you ordered these 3 movies but were not billed for them”. I said, how can that be??? If I ordered the movies and you allowed me to view them, you obviously got the info that I requested the movies!!!!! So, don’t feed me that line! And isn’t it convenient(?) that I can’t view my statements online to look and see for myself?!!! I have to sign up for paperless billing and auto payment for that! I said, I Don’t think so! I’ve tried that before and all you guys did was fuck it up! Pardon my French, but at this point I”m ready to say F**k you DirecTV, but I can’t because, like you said NIkki, they make you pay the termination fee!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THEM AT THIS POINT!!!!!!

    I feel your pain. Maybe I’m a little cranky since it’s been a REALLy long day and it’s only 8:20pm here, but my body says it’s 12:30 back home:) Miss you all and if I have any mistakes I”m sorry! I’m using the laptop that has a broken screen so I don’t see all that well!

  2. Joy says:

    Aloha Sue. I was glad to see you were online. I know your there. Hope all is well. Will comment on the post in the morning. Aloha 🙂

    PS..YOU GUYS SUCK!! WE GOT 8 INCHES OF SNOW TODAY!!!!! Your a couple of BUMS!!

  3. SKL says:

    I just had a run in with a consumer company last week. Isn’t it amazing how much effect they can have on your mood?

    I paid a bill one day late due to an oversight. I NEVER pay late! Seriously, it has been over a decade since my previous late payment on any bill. You’d think I’d be a prized customer. Well, circumstances occurred and here I am looking at my account online and they already charged me a late fee on the day it was due (yesterday). So I call up and give my sob story to try to get it waived. I mean, I have friends who have managed to get these fees waived numerous times. Me, no luck. First I get a guy who doesn’t speak proper English, and when I ask whom I need to speak to to get some consideration for being a great long-term customer, he sends me back into the “press this button” automated system. So about 20 buttons later I get another guy who does speak English and tells me that he just isn’t feeling charitable today so I’m out of luck. OK, I realize this problem is of MY making, but boy was I steamed. Maybe it was because of the BS lines they read you about how sorry they are and how much they want you to be a happy customer and why don’t you set up autopay. I mean, why not tell it like it is – we don’t care about you, we just want your money – and we’ll take it any way we can get it. So then you wish you could stop giving them business all together, but that isn’t practical, so in the end you suck it up.

    Speaking of the language issue. I have a friend who, upon arriving in the US from India, was convinced that her English was way better than ours because she spoke the “Qveen’s English” in her opinion. Well, whatever you want to believe about your superior roots, if you can’t make yourself understood by your audience, you may as well be a goat.

  4. pammy says:

    Joy you sound life you got alot of snow,yikes!!!!!Snow go away.I hope sue,that you guys have a blast in the sun.Nikki,for the sattelite tv companies,I think they are money suckers.Even up here.You start at a certain price,but every month they slowly add it up to be more.Thats totally unfair.You get use to all your channels and like them.I started paying $90.00 a month,including 3 recievers.Now in just 2 years its over $110.00.You have no say.And they charge you for everything.They no we are in a bind and dont care. 😦 I wish you luck today and dont give yourself a headache over this.

  5. Laura (LS) says:

    Companies know that they have us. Heck, EVERYONE knows that they ‘have’ us.

    I live Rural, so services to us are slow in coming, if ever. Even high-speed internet is hard to come by. Our area is served by one company, Qwest, which is the phone service company, and they have a monopoly because of the way that the districts are drawn. There’s some cockamamie rule out here that says that phone companies can only work within their own geographical districts. Why? No idea. So when I was researching the possibility of getting high speed out here, I was thwarted at nearly every turn. (and p*ed off by the fact that the neighboring “district”, which was local, and offered DSL, ENDED AT MY BACK FENCE.)

    Now, to illustrate how bad this problem was, I was running dial-up, at 24 kbps. And that was on a GOOD day – one that was sunny, dry, in the 50’s, and with no rain. Any other weather? I dropped to 19. And during the winter, I had to deal with the incessant click, click, click, from the myriad electrical fences that ground into the wires around here. Knocked me off every 30 seconds. So high-speed was pretty much a necessity out here.

    And when I called Qwest – and now we get to the point of this rant – and asked, “why is it that you can provide high-speed in town and down the main roads, but you can’t provide for people who are between those main roads, which are only a couple miles apart?”

    The answer, and I kid you not, came from a guy named “Ben”… “Listen lady, you obviously have NO CLUE about how this works. If we WANTED to provide you high-speed service, we’d have to put up another switching station. So if you want to dig into your pocket and fork over the $200K to fund that tower, we’ll get right on that. Otherwise, you’ll just have to be happy with what you have.”

    I was absolutely flabbergasted. Floored. How DARE someone speak to a customer like that? When I asked for a supervisor, I got the usual, “I AM a Supervisor.” I asked for the boss, “I have no boss” sure, whatever. I was so angry. I wrote letters to the company, from our local outlet, all the way up to corporate. I have no idea what happened to “Ben”, but Qwest STILL doesn’t offer high-speed out here. We got a coalition of neighbors together, and petitioned the neighboring company to extend their district, which they did (no idea how that works, seriously), and now we have DSL.

    But it will just keep going on like this, until we start canceling our services. But none of us are willing to go without cable, or digital, or high-speed, or cell phones, or whatever, so they know they have us over a barrel, and they can lead us by that little ring in our noses, anywhere they want to take us. (How’s that for mixed metaphors???)

  6. Joy says:

    You know Nikki, this is so aggravating. It happens to all of us ALL THE TIME and Laura is right, they have us over a barrel. God knows we can’t live without our Direct TV. What about watching every single football game the NFL is showing every Sunday!!!

    We also live in the middle of nowhere and could only buy a dish, there is no cable. When we moved here, from the city, we had cable and out here, we were lucky to get 2 channels. It was very hard to go from all to nothing but we did it for two years before we gave in the the dish. Lisa also has that dial up problem where she lives. Her next door neighbor has it but if she wants it, she has to dip into her pocket for the tower at the same price of $2000. Who can afford that?? It stinks!

    Direct TV, Sprint and Dell in my opinion are the worst. I had so many “customer service” problems with Dell for my computer that I got rid of it rather than go through the BS to fix it and now go only through Best Buy. Best Buy has been pretty good to me. Only one problem in all these years. I’ve also ran into that problem with Sprint that when you need a new phone or add one thing, your contract starts over. I hate that and it doesn’t seem right since you are adding something, not taking anything away.

    I don’t begrudge anyone learning English, nor do I “hate” them for it but some people act like you are doing them such a favor by calling them and half the time it sounds like they are just reading company policy from a print out and ignoring your problem. “I’m sorry Mam, that’s our policy.” Hello, that’s not what I’m asking you!! Arrrgggghhhhhhh

    Men and their TV’s, don’t even get me started! I could easily live without TV even though I like “certain shows,” I don’t have to have it on for “company” when I’m not watching it. I have silence most of the day around here and HATE it on if we aren’t watching anything. If something isn’t on that I like, it’s OFF.

  7. nikki says:

    I don’t have one problem with the people who don’t speak clear English..I do however have problem when they act like it’s my fault I don’t understand them. I don’t want anyone thinking I am discriminating against them for there poor English, just don’t be caddy about it. She had a nice tone but her whole demeanor was caddy.

  8. Joy says:

    Yes Nikki, like “you” have the problem!! I hate that too.

  9. Gary says:

    A lot of companies are now outsourcing their call centers to other companies that are ONLY call centers. They don’t have to worry about setting up their own call center, maintaing it, staffing it, purchansing equipment, etc etc.

    I used to be a Network Administrator for the largest call center in North America. MOST of the time when you call a company with a problem or question about billing or whatever, you are actually speaking to someone in a call center that has been contracted to take care of these calls. So the next time you pick up the phone to order something over the telephone from J.C. Penney’s or to complain about your bill, you are most likely talking to someone that has been contracted by J.C. Penney’s to be their call center.

    Unfortunately, MANY of these call centers are located in India, Pakistan, Mexico and various other places. They obviously speak english, but usually not well. I KNOW that when you call HP (Hewlitt Packard), you are talking to someone in India.

    This is also another reason why you get a lot of bull$hit excuses and answers when you call a company that contracts to call centers. The person you are talking works for the call center and NOT the company you think you are speakig with. These companies would rather pay a pimple faced teenager in Pakistan a dollar an hour U.S. than to have good customer service. It’s really a shame!

    On that note, I have DirecTV and have really not had any problems. I suppose I should consider myself lucky? 🙂

    Nikki, take a deep breath and a valum! Now repeat after me…..GOOOOOOS-FAH-BAH…..GOOOOOOS-FAH-BAH. It’s gonna be OK Nikki! 🙂

  10. Gary says:

    I just noticed I had a few mistakes with my spelling and grammer. Sorry about that. Now GET OVER IT! LOL

  11. shanef says:

    I just bought a HDTV also Nikki and I was interested in getting a box to veiw HD channels. I think with direct tv it’s $8.00 more a month for the box plus you have to pay extra if you want a better selection of HD channels. The only difference between the boxes is one has a HDMI output. I think it would be worth the price to watch sports in HD. As far as the english barrier I get so pissed off when you call a company for support and you can’t understand one thing that comes out of there mouth. It’s all about money, they can pay someone $2.50/hr in a 3rd world country compared to $9.00/hr here LOL. Everytime I call sprint I have a really hard time understanding them.

  12. Joy says:

    My biggest peeve with all this is when you have to keep explaining your entire life story to each person they “pass” you to. Why can’t they send what they have on the computer to the next person. Once I spent almost 2 days with Sprint trying to fix a problem they created and all I did was get Paul a new phone. They billed someone else for the phone so I couldn’t activate it and they kept acting like I did something wrong. After explaining and explaining, I knew what they were going to ask and answered before they even asked me any questions. They finally had to send me a new phone un-activated and we had to start all over. I was peeved to say the least. But there again, like Laura said, I’m over a barrel since Sprint is the only company with towers close enough to me for it to work where I need to go.

  13. joanharvest says:

    I have been on the phone with our cable company for weeks trying to get our service straightened out after we moved. Everything they could have done wrong went wrong. Then I had to open an account with the local bank here. The branch lost my new debit card. it took two months to take care of that problem. Everything was done by phone and everything got totally screwed up.

    Many people were involved who barely spoke English. I’m thinking that some day I will have to learn Spanish or some other language just so I can keep on living in this country.

    Buenas noches niña!

  14. mssc54 says:

    I miss the good ole days of buying a one time cheater box. lol

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