Happy 29th Birthday Toby



It seems like only yesterday


When we brought you home.

tobys-info-001You were so cute.

scan0007You were ALWAYS getting into things.





You’ve grown up now (kind of) with a very nice wife.





You still like to be the life of the party.


You don’t care what you look like when you go to a Vikings game.


And now you have a family of your own.





FINALLY….Tickle Time With Daddy.

wrestling-011So everyone help yourself to a piece of cake.


I love you honey.  Happy birthday.


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29 Responses to Happy 29th Birthday Toby

  1. Doraz says:

    Toby, Happy Birthday! Make it fun! *)*

  2. paul says:

    Happy birthday and have one for me .

  3. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday Papa!!!! It’s great having you all to myself on your birthday;) We’ll have such a great time today and I promise everyone, I’ll be able to share the pic’s with you!

  4. Sue says:

    Oh, I forgot to add…Mum, why did you pick that pick of us 2 from high school?????? Ugh….I mean, Toby’s a hottie, but that chic he’s with…IDK about her!

  5. fibi says:

    This was so sweet Joy…

  6. joanharvest says:

    Happy Birthday to your son.. What adorable baby pictures. He turned out to be a handsome young man. He’s also got a gorgeous wife and beautiful kids. I hope he has a great birthday!!

  7. Happy birthday, Toby! Your pictures are amazing – kudos Joy for taking pictures all through Toby’s life, they’re great memories :).

  8. pammy says:

    Happy Birthday Toby.Now those little pictures of you is how I remember you.You have such a good looking family.And Sue you look beautiful in all the pictures.Have an awesome birthday on our holidays.Be happy and enjoy your life.

  9. Joy says:

    Happy Birthday Daddy. You look cute in the pic of when you got in the beer.

    Love Trinity

  10. Joy says:

    ] t,tb0-iym0ihkokhl; ksohki’othkisiophos

    That’s from Christopher. I guess it says happy birthday in a 4 year olds language 🙂

  11. San says:

    Hippy Happy birthday old man! (have to say that because am feeling old now) Hope you have the most fantabulous of days!!!

  12. Karen Joy says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Great pics. Joy.Thats how I remember you ,as that little guy(though I’m not tooo much older than you)You have a wonderful looking family,I hope you feel blessed today and through out the coming year!Have a good one!

  13. Joy says:

    From Fana,

    Happy Birthday Toby.

    I asked my mother for fifty cents.
    To see the elephant jump the fence.
    He jumped so high he touched the sky and didn’t come down till the fourth of July!

    I used to say this to you and you would really laugh. Hope you are having a fun trip and you and Sue have a really good day today.

  14. mssc54 says:

    Wow, Hawai on the 29th birthday!? I bet Toby can’t wait to see what he gets for the big 3 – 0! lol

  15. starlaschat says:

    Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed the pictures. Looks like such a wonderful family. funny post above me. Hope you guys are having a great time in Hawaii!

  16. nikki says:

    WOW that’s the nicest “Happy Birthday” I’ve seen on here yet!
    Happy Birthday Tob!!!! We all love you and hope you have a terrific day!!! We’ll go out soon and celebrate again!!!

  17. nikki says:

    This is from your sick nephew….HAPPY BIRTHDAY *cough* UNCLE TOBY!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 He thinks it’s pretty cool that his Auntie and Uncle Toby are on an island right now!!!

  18. Just a Mom says:

    What a great Birthday tribute!

    Happy Birthday

  19. Gary says:

    Happy Birthday Toby!

    What better way to spend your birthday than in Hawaii with your wife. GOOD FOR YOU!!

    Joy, you are a lucky lucky lady! You have two great boys, two great daughter-in-laws and beautiful grandchildren!! What more could you ask for??

  20. Happy Birthday, Toby! Your mom totally rocks!

  21. Amy Hunter says:

    Happy Birthday, Toby!

    What a cool “birthday card,” Joy!

  22. kweenmama says:

    NICE looking family! Happy birthday!

  23. Sue says:

    Thank you very much everybody, this is Toby. Today was awsome so far, its only 3:oo here so lot’s of time left. This morning we went on a snorkeling cruise. We saw a bunch of turtles and all kinds of fish. All the fish are so colorful, it feels like swimming in an aquarium! After snorkeling we ate lunch and cruised around watching the whales. I’m sure you will all see the pics. That’s all for now, thanks again everybody.

  24. Jason says:

    Happy birthday fucker. I’m usually the first to call you at work every morning but this years different huh. I hope your stung by a jelly fish or something. In case your wondering it’s still colder than toby’s ass outside. Don’t get caught smuggling coke inside the airport again. hahahahah see ya

  25. Gary says:

    Oh wow Jason! You two sound like my two oldest boys OR one of them and ME! LOL That’s funny as hell!

  26. Joy says:

    There’s nothing like brotherly love is there??? ROFLMAO!! I know I shouldn’t laugh but, I can’t help it.

  27. tessa says:

    Joy, this is soo sweet!! I love seeing the progression! Sue and Toby looked so, so young when they were in high school! It is amazing the changes. Sue and Toby are in the lucky few that get better looking with age!!

  28. tessa says:


  29. tessa says:

    Eric wants to snorkel or scuba dive so bad!! I am too scared for that I think! If we move down there, he might drag me, but I don’t think I could scuba! Did you both Toby?

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