Our little buddies adventure



Okay, you can call us nuts if you want but we are going to have a little fun here.  A group of us from over at javajunkee’s are sending off dear little “buddies” of ours and they are taking a trip.  Each one will stay with a foster family for a few days and take in the sights. Some of you may get bored but you know what they say, scroll on down and skip these little updates!!

We needed a little fun for very long winter days.  So, she came  up with “scathingly brilliant” idea and of course, we were all game.  So here’s to our little guys.  Hope they all travel well and bring home souvenirs of their fun little adventure.

For two cents, if I could fit, I’d climb in that box and go with.

Have fun all.  Let the games begin.

My *Philip the Flamingo* gets to go to Nikki’s first!  A whopping 25 miles away!!  





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16 Responses to Our little buddies adventure

  1. Gary says:

    This is a GREAT idea! LOL

    I can’t wait to see the photos from Phillip’s adventure! It looks like Nikki is taking pretty good care of him so far!

    This looks like a lot of fun! 😀

  2. JavaQueen says:

    Hi, my name is Anne and I’m also participating in the buddy program. I cannot wait to meet Phillip! This will be so fun!! I love how you’ve tucked him into the box, he looks comfy!

  3. nikki says:

    LOL…this is a great idea and Miss Posey is stoked to get outa the house!!! I wish I could go along too. I will take good care of Phillip and all the other buddies. Who came up with that name? Posey will start her trip today as well!!! She gets to visit Trisha first!! 🙂

  4. Doraz says:

    I remember the kids did this at the elementary school I helped at! They took the class stuffed animal home and had to take it where ever they went. They also had to write about it in a journal. Joy, did you ever do this with your class? I think it is a wonderful idea! You guys are going to be sharing a lot of fun stuff with us! Can’t wait! *)*

  5. nikki says:

    Phillip just arrived!!! He will be helping me clean today but he may go to work with Jason tomorrow. He wants to take him for a semi ride!!!

    OH YEA!!! Joy…I didn’t know I was getting one of Winston’s off springs!!! I’m SO excited!!!! Her name is Penelope. 🙂 Thank you!!! She will have fun with Phillip during his visit!

  6. javajunkee says:

    ROFLMAO…Ok..we’ve got our first visitor arriving at the first destination…a semi ride??? How friggin cool is that??

  7. nikki says:

    The best thing about Phillip is that he and his blanket smell like you mamma!!!! That is a good thing contrary to what some think!! 😉 ROFLMAO

  8. Joy says:

    Okay. His name! That was quite an ordeal! Of course Trinity was here and HAD to be involved. I think “my” little buddies will be going to Kimball Elementary school for a day! She was so excited about this. Trinity said “Philip” was a girl so I said okay, fine, whatever….try and think up a name but I got all the “Pinky” and “Fluffy” names. Besides, even though he didn’t have a name, to me he was a he. He used to ride in the rear window of my Cougar and has been many places with me and come on, he’s a HE! So, Philip the Flamingo just sounded good.

    Winston’s off-spring. I got all three of us one but asked DM not to tell. I wanted to surprise you guys. Trinity has also been taking care of theirs and theirs is a boy and his name is Wilbur. He sleeps with Trin at night and eats out of a bottle. I haven’t named mine yet but mine is a “girl.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me about Jason! How in the name of all things holy, did you talk him into taking these things to work?? I am LMAO!!! Paul will take them for a tour of Buffalo Veneer and Plywood and have Wally take cute pics of them all day!!!!!!!!!! I’m killing myself!!!!!

    Okay, does Philips blankets smell like smoke or Downy??

  9. nikki says:

    DOWNY first of all!!! AND OMG I’m LMAO ROFLMAO!!! Can you see Wally carrying around a little stuffed animal?? OMG!!!!
    Although Jason thinks (knows) we’re nuts he does think it’s a neat idea. 🙂 I’m quite surprised myself!!

  10. Joy says:

    Maybe we can get a group photo with Paul, Lester, Wally, Kevin, Bryan and Toby all smiling holding the critters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t you just see it now??? ROFLMAO at the thought of it!!!!!

  11. starlaschat says:

    OH HYSTERICAL!!! So cute I can’t wait to get company, and I do wish that each of your were in the boxes too. So funny and so cute!!!

  12. Laura (LS) says:

    This is a VERY cute idea…. and I’m jealous that I’m not involved!!

    If one of them wants, I’m heading to AK this summer, and I’ll probably have a little room in my carry-on bag. That is, if that individual is brave enough to face down 17 Siberian Huskies and a Belgian Malanois!!

  13. Joy says:

    I wish you’d have known about this Laura. I should have told you. I knew you’d like it and now I could kick myself in the butt!!! Maybe if it goes over well, we can do it again.

  14. kweenmama says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun! And the flamingo looks so comfy tucked away in his box.

    My kids used to do this at their old Elementary school. I let my one of my older daughters kidnap the stuffed animal and hold it for ransom. Oh you should have seen the reaction of the Elementary kids! 🙂

  15. mssc54 says:

    Does the Roaming Gnoam know you guys are stalking him?

  16. nikki says:

    NO and don’t tell him!!!!!!!!!!!

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