My interview with Joan Harvest

I was interviewed by Joan Harvest over at Whatever I think.  I like to consider Joan a really good friend of mine.  I love her blog and the way she gives all the dumbass’s a run for their money.  She’s honest and she’s real and that’s why I love her.  

Well Joy, here are your five questions.


1.  How do you manage to get along so well with your daughters-in-law?  (just checking for future reference)


I’m not sure why we all get along so well.  It’s not always been smooth sailing.  We’ve had our “squabbles” like everyone else but I genuinely like both of my daughter in laws.  I also believe a lot of things we learn and I had the best mother in law who taught me by her example of how to be a good one.  I’ve tried to follow her lead. The one thing I can honestly say is I let them live their own lives. I let them vent and I listen to them without offering my two cents worth.  UNLESS I’m asked a specific question, I keep my big fat nose out of their business.  I don’t tell them what to do or what I did unless they ask me and I think that is key.  They are also the mothers of my grandchildren and I love them for that and I also love them like I love my own sons.  I don’t love them because they are married to my boys, I love them because I love them.  I also feel we’ve become friends after all these years as well as being their husbands mom.  

If you don’t like your son’s wives, you’ll lose your sons.  I’ve always kept that in mind.  

2.  If you could eat anything in the world and not get fat from it what would it be?

I have a terrible weakness for potato chips.  I could eat them everyday.


3.  What’s your favorite thing to do with your grandchildren?  (again, I may need to know this soon)

This is going to sound really stupid but I like doing “nothing” with them more than anything.  I like hanging out with them and talking and just doing little things.  Watching them play in the sand box or playing the Wii.  It sometimes seems when you “plan” things, they aren’t as fun as the things you don’t plan.  I also love listening to their laughter when they are out on the big hill and I can’t see them but just sit and listen to the antics of the three of them.


4. What is the best present you ever got and what made it so special?

This has been the hardest question for me to answer.  I love all the gifts I get.  Always.  I will pick my favorite, or what comes to mind right now from each person.  From Paul I have to say I love my mother’s ring.  He and Jason picked it out for me right after Toby was born and I do really love it.  I tried taking a pic but it’s not turning out.  Just trust me, it’s nice.  Paul also gave me a blue topaz ring years ago that I really like and it’s one ring I wear often. I was totally surprised and this ring is also very old.  

This is going to sound very silly but Jason and Nikki got me the first season of Little House On The Prairie on DVD.  I want to say 4 or 5 years ago and if you know me, you know I LOVE THAT show. Jason knew I’d love that and it showed me he put a lot of thinking into it. Of course I had to go out and buy all the other season’s and I now have all of them.  I could watch them over and over and have done that.  A lot of those shows mean a lot to me because we watched them all the time when the boys were growing up and it brings back good memories.

Toby and Sue gave me the best bird feeder that I’ve ever seen.  My birds just love it.  It’s hard to explain and I keep meaning to take a pic of it and keep forgetting so there isn’t one.  It’s built like a house but has open sides and it has a screened bottom on it and the birds that don’t like feeders with perches, can sit right inside. Blue Jays and birds that like eating off the ground love it.  I put cut up bread in it.  I can’t put it on the ground or my PIGS dogs eat it. It’s the neatest thing I’ve ever seen and one day I will put a pic of it on here. 
5.  If you could go back in time WHEN would you like to live and why?

I’m going to “assume” that this means a different time period and not a time period of my own life.  I would love to have lived during the Little House On The Prairie times.  Things seemed so much simpler back then.  I’m sure for them living then, it didn’t seem like it but people also seemed much kinder to one another.  Yes, there will always be the Mrs. Olson’s of the world but in general, people just seemed to care more about the world around them and not just about themselves.


Now, if you would like ME to interview YOU, here’s what to do:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will email you 5 questions.
3. You answer the questions on your blog.

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13 Responses to My interview with Joan Harvest

  1. fibi says:

    How cool.. It was nice to get to know you just that little bit more..

  2. Gary says:

    I’m with fibi, it was great to get to know you a little better!! This is an awesome idea! 😀

    Interview Me! 😀

  3. nikki says:

    I’m gonna try this again!!
    This is great interview! You are a wonderful loving and accepting grandmother and mother. I am lucky to have you because I hear others talk about their “monster in laws’ and couldn’t imagine that! We’ve had our squabbles as you said but who doesn’t!? I consider you one of my best friends, I trust you and feel I can talk to you about anything. I don’t have that with too many people. I don’t even really consider you my “mother in law”, I think we’re so far past that, you are just my mom.

    Seriously…look at my hand, I KNOW I’m holding a brownie or something!!! Looks like I’m hoarding some in my cheeks too!!! lmao…wow, good thing for ellipticals!!

  4. Doraz says:

    Very interesting and informative segment on this channel! LOL Thanks for sharing!

  5. starlaschat says:

    That was really fun, and I agree with Doraz interesting and informative. The one thing that stood out to my that I have already noticed or thought about you Joy before reading this interview. Was your authentic care and Love for your daughter in Laws it comes across in what you say and I think it is like Gold.

  6. Just a Mom says:

    Good interview. I love Little House on the Prairie too! I used to get soo mad because when I was little my Girl Scout meetings were on the same night that Little House on the Prairie! We actually convinced our leader to change our meeting night because of it!

  7. San says:

    Awwws you are the bestest seriously! How cool is this, am scared to say Interview Me for the questions you might ask… lol … want a fresh un black cookie?

  8. San says:

    Oh man I need sleep please delete up top comment by strange person, I used the wrong browser 😦

    Oks why not 🙂 just don’t go mentioning them cookies cause it was not me *points at um the moon* <– tis me

  9. joanharvest says:

    I definitely consider you a great friend. I also enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for answering my questions with so much honesty. You are right about the last question. You answered it perfectly. If I flip stations and there is an episode of “Little House” on I always watch it. I always liked “The Waltons” too for the same reasons. I just love those wholesome shows. I watch “Anne of Green Gables” over and over again.

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