Does anyone buy CD’s anymore?


Do you buy CD’s anymore?  I really want to say “albums” but I know they are long gone so CD’s will have to do.  The reason I ask this is I’ve been guilty lately of just buying a song.  If I’m not familiar with an artist, I’ll just go to and buy the song I like.  If it’s a musician that I like, I buy the CD and would never buy just one song, but someone I don’t know well, I will just buy that song.

I recently bought two CD’s and liked other songs more than the song I bought it for.  It’s so sad to me that anyone would miss hearing those songs if they’d only bought the song they originally liked.

I can remember when I was a kid and I’d get my allowance and I’d run to Woolworth’s to buy my latest “favorite” 45, which for those of you who don’t know what they are, were small records with one song on each side.  Sometimes the flip side to the record, I liked more than the one I bought it for. 

I feel sad for today’s musicians as well younger people who don’t listen to anything but what they hear on the radio and skip fast forward to only that one song.  I could name many instances where I liked songs that were never even on the radio and had I not gotten the “album,” I’d have missed out on some of my favorite songs.  One in particular is Carly Simon’s “No Secrets.”  The Carter Family is one of my all time favorite songs and I’ve never once heard it anywhere but on my stereo.

Does anyone else feel this way or given this any thought?  Does anyone buy whole CD’s anymore??

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22 Responses to Does anyone buy CD’s anymore?

  1. javajunkee says:

    yeah we still buy cd’s. I do like Itunes to burn ..but it’s just not the same without the cover and stuff that comes with a cd.

  2. bronsonfive says:

    I buy CDs all the time because I am old school and feel that songs were meant to be heard as part of a collective unit. They make so much more sense that way. CDs/albums are awesome and it makes me sad that they are going away.

  3. SKL says:

    I buy CDs. Too many of them, actually!

  4. I buy CDs of bands I really admire and like to support them. I even buy albums actually – we still have a record player at home and all my parents’ old albums, and MAN, does music sound good on that thing.

  5. Lyla says:

    I buy CDs… cos I am really into a certain band and I like some other stuff, though… But some rarer ones that come as b-sides I get on iTunes cos the A-Side of the single I probably already have on an album =D

  6. cre8tivegang says:

    Yes…I still buy CD’s and have found a great way to recycle or trade the one’s I no longer use…I still have vinyl records and a turntable to boot. It’s tough to give up the artwork on the covers:)

    • Joy says:

      I agree, albums “looked” so good back then when they were so much bigger and could be so creative. Do you remember “Picture disks?” Where the album had the same design as the album cover?? Those were so awesome. I had a bunch of Beatles ones that I’d kill to have back.

  7. javajunkee says:

    I lived in the same lucky generation of 45’s. I remember Musicland would get the new songs and there would be people hurting each other to get the select few they got in. And lucking out to get a B side song you actually liked. I can remember 1 45 that had a good A and B song (for me) Was Vicki Lawrence (yeah I know…javajunkee did NOT listen to Vicki Lawrence)…yes..because I loved her rendition of Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia ( does that sound more like javajunkee?…a song about a prick being shot! YES!?)…anyho……the song on the other side was called Dime a Dance and I thought it was pretty sweet too.

    • Joy says:

      java….you know I have to say this….Baaahaaaahaaaa….Vicki Lawrence???? I never would have pegged you for that regardless of the shooting!! I find out new things about you every day!!!

      Remember, I’m laughing WITH you and not AT you 🙂

      You had me laughing so hard there….*wiping brow* 45’s were the best. My mom worked for Musicland and I was pretty lucky that way. Sometimes she could get things the day they were released. I can remember many day a though standing in line and praying I’d be able to get the one I wanted. It was a Saturday thing and we’d all go to the mall. Oh, times were good.

  8. Laura (LS) says:

    I do still buy the “album” (my latest is a Kenny Chesney Live CD), although, like you, Joy, I am considering using an iTunes gift card that we have laying around here to create my very own album. There are so many singles that I really enjoy, but they are by varied artists and genres. To buy each one of those cd’s would cost WAY too much at this point in time, so the next best thing, for me, is to buy the single. Because I absolutely cannot “steal” the song from one of my friends. If I have a song on a mix tape (remember those?), I HAVE to have purchased it. All that copyright stuff bouncing around in my head, dontcha know.

    • Joy says:

      Tapes!! I still have tapes but nothing to play them on. It’s hard to find anything with a tape player built into it anymore. I have a whole “tape case” full of them in my closet. What a drag. I made them all off the original albums. I do have many of them now on CD’s.

      I do have an iPod but I’ve used it under a few times. I kind of feel like it’s a pain in the ass. The earphones bother me. I always “think” all these songs are great but hardly ever listen to them like that in a playlist, if you will, but instead, I want to listen to the whole album/CD. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you or not. I “expect” certain songs to come on after certain songs. I grew up and got used to listening to songs in a certain order and now I’ve come to find that soothing.

      Am I making any sense????

  9. mssc54 says:

    I do when I get gift cards.

  10. Gary says:

    I can’t remember the last time I purchased a CD? It’s been a LOOOOOONG time. Sometimes I listen to music using my PC and I also have an Ipod and my cell phone plays digital music as well. I download all my music now.

    I also remember 45’s! My favorite 45 was “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen!! LOL

  11. Tosha says:

    I usually go listen to the album somewhere before I buy it unless its a band I really like. I usually find a few songs off the albums that I like.

  12. Doraz says:

    I am one of those crazy people who have MP3 players in their ears…all the time. I just download songs or albums I like…and I listen to whatever I am in the mood for…Country,Rock,Pop,Rap,Italian music, Spanish music, …the list goes on! I love music and I love to express it in dance!!!!

  13. Joy says:

    I wish I could listen to my iPod but those earphones make my ears itch. Isn’t that awfully weird??

  14. Doraz says:

    You can use some of the “old fashioned” ones on some of them, Joy. I found some for me!! Makes it much easier, you are right!!! LOL Itching, huh…do not know about that one! LOL *(*

  15. nikki says:

    I couldn’t tell you the last CD I bought. Jason probably could but it’s been a very long time. Jason had quite the collection of CD’s when we met. Every genre you can think of. Bailey goes through them now and he loves good old rock & roll! Guitar Hero and Rockband have brought all those old bands back too. Bailey would never know who The Who were or The Ramones if it weren’t for those games.

  16. tessa says:

    Yes! Only for my favs

  17. Chris says:

    I hadn’t really bought any cd’s since back when Napster came along, and then when Napster went down and was replaced with less useful software my music acquisition slowed to a trickle. This past month though I looked at my shabby cd collection (most of the cd’s I liked from the 90s were stolen years and years ago), and I decided that I wanted all my old nostalgic cd’s back, so through craigslist, ebay, and the occasional sale I’ve reacquired about 35 cd’s in the past month (including some new ones), and got rid of the crap. I have to say, although I have since figured out that I can acquire full albums off newsgroups, I don’t know if I will. There’s something about having the cover, the liner notes, and the fact that with a freshly unwrapped cd you’re more likely to just let it play rather than skipping to the ‘hit’ you know you like, (of course with vinyl that’s even more the case), and that experience of listening to an album from front to back for the first time is really unmatched. I agree with the author as well, sometimes you may get a cd for the easily accessible radio hits, but being that they’re like the candy on the album you may tend to tire of them fairly quickly, whereas some less accessible but perhaps more involved tracks end up being your faves over time.

  18. lindsay scott says:

    yes i buy 2 or 3 a month,they are really cheap.i refuse to pay £6.99 to buy a file for my p.c-i like to look at the covers and read the booklets as i listen.i do have an mp3 player but i just rip tracks from cds to my p.c and put them on it.i have bought a small number of songs from and but it just isn’t the same and anyone that says it is is just trying to convince themself that they are not being ripped off!

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