When to let go?


lettersSo,  I find a box of old letters from ex girlfriends from over 10 years ago.  Why do I keep them?  I don’t know…I can’t throw them away…Can I?

They don’t mean anything to me now except memories of a different time.  Good memories to bad.  Should I let go and throw them out or keep them to remind me of certain times in my life? 

Should it bother my wife if I keep them and would it bother me if she had notes from guys before me?

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29 Responses to When to let go?

  1. Joy says:

    It would be my advice to keep them but not out in the open. Maybe in your basement or attic. Someone “made” me throw out a bunch of old pictures once and to this day it really bothers me that I did it. There was a picture of my dad and I that I would kill to have now.

    As far as it bothering your wife. It might. It might have bothered me too once upon a time but I think as you age, things like this don’t bother you so much. Throwing something away that you have obviously given a lot of thought to, might always haunt you and you’ll regret it someday. If it bothers your wife a lot, maybe put them at your mom and dad’s!!! You don’t want her to have hurt feelings. But throwing away is so final.

  2. fibi says:

    I know I keep mine..

    I want to keep them for when I’m really really old – just in case I lose my memory! They would remind me that once upon a time I was loved!!!

    Also for my great great granchildren to find – to know that the old lady shoved away was once young and vibrant, and inspired letters of love.. 🙂

  3. Morocco says:

    I keep mine but they are tucked away in a tote bin in the garage. My husband didn’t seem to mind because I rarely spoke of them or reminisced about them.

  4. nikki says:

    🙂 ……Jason you keep old shoes from high school how could I expect you to throw away old letters. I don’t care, it’s not like you even see any of those old girlfriends anyways. I trust Jason 110% so I don’t care that he keeps old letters. The only old letters I have though are from Jason and old friends. There are a ton of things I wished I would have hung on to but when you’re living god knows where each night those things don’t seem important.
    Cute little post Jason!!! 😉

  5. Doraz says:

    I kept all of my letters and cards. Even little gifts! I think it is fine. You need those memories to help you in “tough” times! They are a quick “boost” to your ego, when you need it!!!

  6. Sue says:

    Like you said, they are memories of a different time and if you’re not ready to part with them who cares? Some things are just worth holding on to.

  7. tessa says:

    I agree with Doraz, good ego boosts! When I am feeling down, I look back in my journals and old letters and cards and things people wrote in my yearbooks. It always makes me smile the nice things said or to see how much I’ve grown.

  8. pammy says:

    I dont have any old letters or pictures of my exe’s.When we broke up I threw all out,I wanted no memory of them at that time,cause they were usually bad break-up.I have been married twice.My 1st husband I threw away everything.My mom hid her pictures of us from me.She and my dad passed away,a few years ago I was going threw stuff of theres and found my wedding pictures.The boys were so xcited,they want the pictures of there mom and dad.I am way older now and thats ok with me now.Now I am glad my mom hid them from me.My 1st husband and i get along now,hes remarried and I even get along with her.Now its funny to look at me as a very youg bride in 1976.I think i look funny,the boys love those times of me.I dont no why?Its a history of there moms life I guess.

  9. mssc54 says:

    I still have ribbons I won in track meets from high school in 1972.

    I never got any letters from girlfriends. Jason must have been doing something right.

  10. starlaschat says:

    I am very sentimental and keep a lot of stuff. In fact I will be working on cleaning out my storage unit in the next couple of weeks. The box of old pictures and letters, I will probably open look at for a moment and then put more duck tape on the box and put the box on the bottom under the other boxes. So I say keep, but just duck tape the box. You might want to have something to look at say when your 96.

  11. Gary says:

    I still have some letters from old girlfriends and some birthday cards. My wife still has some of those things as well. Neither one of us care much about it. We were honest and up front about them to one another. I think if you are honest about it you aren’t hiding anything so I don’t see a problem with keeping them.

  12. Just a Mom says:

    I would keep them for sure. They are part of what made you who you are today.
    I have kept just about everything from when I was a kid. Unfortunatley they were all lost in a flooded storage room thanks to Tropical Storm Allison. I miss looking back on some of that stuff.

  13. DM says:

    the cocoa-nut conversation sounds like something I might here between my sisters…you guys made me chuckle

  14. I say keep them, but like Joy said – not out in the open. Believe me, your kids will be curious about them in 20 years or so, and they’ll love to read about a different time in their dad’s life [if you let them that is].

  15. tessa says:

    Sue and Nikki, that is so funny you got coconut bra’s! That will be a fun photo shoot for the hubbies and you guys!

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