Friday, March 13, 1913

Friday the 13th has never seemed like a bad luck day to me.  Especially when it’s Friday March 13.  Today was my grandma’s birthday.  She was born on Friday the 13th, 1913.  So 13 has always been my lucky number.

We occasionally bring my grandma up on here.  Pam, Karen and Darryl are the only ones who make comments but I know many more that come on and read.  So to us, this is a special day.  I won’t get long winded and I’ll keep it brief.

gg-with-jdMy grandma, Darryl and I.

She was a very unique woman and human being.  She raised 5 boys in an old farmhouse with no running water.  I suppose she was no different from anyone else back in those times but I only knew her.  She had 12 grandchildren.  I’ll bet you could ask each of the 12 grandchildren who her favorite was and they’d say they were.  She had the ability to love each of us as though she loved us more than anything or anyone else.  I don’t know many people like that.  None of us could do any wrong in her eyes.  Her love was unconditional.  For myself, I’m not sure what I’d have turned out like without her.

I have many, many memories of her but this one is right up there and one of the ones I think of often.  Her apron!  She could fix anything just using the “tools” she had on her aprons.  She had safety pins, some with a little thread on it.  Rubber bands which she called “elastics” and I swear, she was a walking “fix it machine.”  But it was the pockets of the aprons.  She always had treats in those pockets.  You could give her a candy or piece of gum or a rock you found and she’d put it in her pocket.  She would NEVER eat the treat but she’d share it with someone else and you very well could have gotten it back a day or two later.  She shared everything she had.  Even though at times, that wasn’t much but she was always thinking of others.  More often than not, we would end up giving the treat back to her because we knew what she did and maybe that was what we loved about it.

I never heard her swear or gossip.  She never hurried and she never said “later” or “in a minute.”  She always made time for us.  I don’t ever remember her raising her voice to anyone.  I’m sure she did it in her head but she never lost her cool.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA.  I think of you every single day of my life.  I talk to you every single day and I love you like you were still here with me.  And now I’m crying like a fool.  My best hope is I can be half the grandma you were.  It’s hard to top perfection.


This is from Pam(my)My tribute to Grandma 

  Grandma was the greatest .If you took all the hallmark cards about what a grandma was,that was her.
   I can see her smile if I close my eyes.Always warm,always sweet,grandmas smile cant ever be beat.She had a mile of smiles,an armful of hugs and a cupful of kisses.She always had a smile as you walked up to her,her doors were always opened to all.
   If I can be half of the grandma she was,my grandchildren will be blessed
   Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her,wishing I could go back in time and spend more time with her.
   I always felt loved by her,unconditionally.She always had time for her grandchildren.
   I can still remember walking down the mud road after a rain barefoot.We would laugh as the mud popped out between our toes.Grandmas hair blowing in the breeze.She looked down at me and smiled with such love in her eyes.She made life fun and full of wonder.Being with her as a child,you forgot all your little childhood worries.
   March 13th was the day to celebrate the day she was born.And the day she was born  the world became a better place.
   Grandma I MISS YOU.You always knew how to make my heart smile.Today I Celebrate You Grandma!!!!Grandma you were a gift from heaven,whom I cherished,So from my heart to yours,I CELEBRATE OUR LOVE.
    Always in my heart,always remembered 
     Your loving granddaughter Pamela Ann  a.k.a Pammy.


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25 Responses to Friday, March 13, 1913

  1. starlaschat says:

    Boy, I new I was in trouble when I read the first few lines. Grandma, That was very, very sweet. It’s hard not to just let loose and have a real good cry, I miss my Grandma too. ;+) How nice to remember and honor her Birthday. Those memory’s can be so dear. I think Friday the 13 is a fine day. I think it is a good thing to think of it as a Lucky day rather then a unlucky one. Nice post, now I think I will go and finish my cry. ;+)

  2. San says:

    One of the most beautiful tributes to what sounds like one incredible human being, one that still touches many through her grandkids 🙂

    It warmed me to the deepest parts of my heart reading this, you are all truly blessed to have known your grandmother. Truly.

  3. pammy says:

    Loved the pictures Joy.It made my heart cry reading this.
    You talked of many memories,and there are many.
    Like,grandma letting us dress up in all her clothes,our christmas plays directed and written by you,us having tea parties in the cellar of their old house,sleeping in her bed and her having to sleep against the wall cause of the hole.So many more,but left ya a few.
    This is a day to celebrate.It is the day she was born,And the world became a better place.
    Hapy birthday dear sweet Grandma,you will always be in my heart.

  4. pammy says:

    How do you spell
    LOVE ?
    Happy Birthday

  5. Your memories of her are beautiful. She sounds like an incredible lady – one who really had patience for things and for people, and it sounds as if her love for you was endless. It is incredible that you can see her so vividly and keep on remembering her as you always have – I’m glad you can cherish those memories, and they must bring back some incredible times.
    I had an incredible grandmother as well, and I know how it feels to miss someone like that.
    To the grandmothers of the world: you are wondrous.

  6. Morocco says:

    How sweet! It makes me teary-eyed as I think of my own late grandmother. Grandmothers make the world go round!

  7. Doraz says:

    Joy, your Grandma is smiling! Happy Birthday to your Grandma!!! She knew what it took to be an A+++++ in your eyes!! I hope one day I will have the same qualities she had! 😉

  8. nikki says:

    Grandma’s are special!!! I love the pictures….the one with you and Darryl is such a great thing to have. I wish I had pictures like this.
    Happy Birthday to your Grandma…wish I could have met her! She sounds like one of a kind!!!

  9. Gary says:

    Grandma’s are AWESOME! I miss mine very much too! Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful person Joy.

    Happy Birthday to your grandmother!!

  10. nikki says:

    Oh and by the way…you are a terrific grandma!!!! I thank my lucky stars for you, you have no idea!


  12. tessa says:

    Very Sweet. Cute pictures. Sounds like a wonderful Grandma and you learned lots of love from her.

  13. mssc54 says:

    That is a nice tribute to you Grandma. The world needs more Grandmas like her.

    You were blessed to have such a Matriarch.

  14. darryl says:

    Happy birthday grandma! She was the greatest person I’v ever known. Her whole life was always about everyone else. I have nothing but great memories of her and being on the farm.She never raised her voice ever. I remember the old house if you dropped something on the floor it would roll under the counter because the floor was slanted LOL. What a great human being, she raised 5 great sons also. I think of you often.

  15. Sue says:

    Happy birthday, Grandma. I never knew you, but the way Joy and Darryl talk about you I know I would have loved you! You sound like a great woman who did a wonderful job with her family. You are truly missed.

    Nice post you two! I love looking at old (Ha ha) picutres. It just seems like a simpler time. Thinking of all of you today:)

  16. kweenmama says:

    Your grandma sounds like a dear. I laughed when I read that she called rubber bands elastics. That’s what we called them when we were growing up. Brought back memories.

  17. Karen Joy says:

    Oh how I loved Gramma!!Great job Joy,I had forgotten about her apron.I remember the hair pins she kept in it,hair net too.Must be the hairdresser in me even back then.I have tried to describe her to Wes(as I do my Mom)wanting these people in my life who never knew them to REALLY get how unigue they were.Gramma was one of a kind…soooo truelly sweet and kind…to her core.I believe she played a big role in all her grandchildrens lives….showing us such inconditional love.
    Thanx for remembering her!
    Karen Joy.

  18. Pippa says:

    Hi from a stranger. =)
    Your grandma and my nan (great-grandmother) share the same birthdate.
    I actually came across this page searching for events/trivia from her birthdate to put on the invitations to her birthday party I’m making. She’ll be turning 98, and still going very strong considering. I almost can’t really believe it.

    Your grandma-grandchildren bond sounds like it was so beautifully close and strong.
    I’m closer with my grandma than my nan. But they both love all their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (and now a great-great grandbaby to my nan) so much, and are constantly proud of us beyond reason.

    “None of us could do any wrong in her eyes. Her love was unconditional.”

    Your grandma reminds me of my nan, in that she sounds graceful, softspoken and ladylike.
    She sounds like a wonderful, inspirational woman. =)

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