Waiting for trains


I love watching trains.  I love the sound they make.  From the snort of the whistle to the hum of them going by on the tracks and feeling the earth move.  Am I alone here?  I can sometimes hear them from my house and I just stop, smile and listen.  We have tracks very near here that we have to cross quite often.  My mind often goes back to the days when people would hop on trains and get a free ride somewhere.  Then there’s always the graffiti on them that between  you and me, I kind of think is neat.  Then I see the Canadian Pacific or the Canadian National and think of that train going north of the border where all my extended family lives.  I would just let my mind wander and never understood why people hate to wait for trains.  I guess I can go into daydream mode while watching trains and don’t even realize I’m waiting.

My husband on the other hand, hates to wait for trains.  I think he may like trains but he just hates to wait for things in general.  Like waiting in line or waiting for people.  He just doesn’t like waiting.  This I can understand.  I know a lot of people are anxious and don’t like waiting.

But, often we have to wait for trains.  It’s just the way it is with having a track to cross almost everywhere we go.  My husband though will drive 10 or 15 minutes out of the way to either “beat” the train or go in the opposite direction that the train just came from.  Does this make sense?  We wait “maybe” 5 minutes so the waiting that way is shorter than driving around trying to find a way “not” to wait.  I guess if your driving, your not really waiting????? 

I’ve asked him often, what’s your hurry?  Do you have plans or a date or somewhere you have to be?  He always says “no, I guess not.”  But it’s the same every single time we come across those gates going down, he says hits the steering wheel and says “we almost beat it” and I just grin inside.

Do you hate waiting?  Why is everyone is such a big hurry?  Hurry up to do……..what?????

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10 Responses to Waiting for trains

  1. oorvi says:


    Your husband’s aversion to waiting, matches Cameo’s! (Oh well…he’s not my husband…just a friend of the human kind – the XY chromosome type.)

    He’d not wait on a crossing for the lights to change, instead he’d take a left (in my country you drive on the left side of the road,) drive for about half-a-mile, find a U-turn, and try to reach the crossing before the lights change – and he looks so smug if he beats the time by two seconds! Hmmmph!

    Nice discovering you:)

    Licks n Wags,

  2. Sue says:

    I hate waiting, but my grandpa LOVES it! He actually goes to the rail yard in the city where he lives to eat his lunch and watcht the trains. I”m not kidding! I don’t know what it is, but he’s always loved them. Me, not so much.

  3. oorvi says:

    I hate to wait:-( but unfortunately waiting is the story of my life. I spend about eight hours every day waiting for these two to come back home:-)

    There’s something romantic about railway stations though. Mercury thinks it’s got to do with the past…railways are among the few surviving symbols of the past century. Everything else seems to have changed completely – probably this is why your grandpa likes to go to the rail-yard:)

    Licks n Wags,

  4. Gary says:

    My wife and I are a lot like you and your hubby Joy. My wife is always in a big hurry for nothing and I’m never in a big hurry for anything. I’m VERY easy going and laid back and my wife…..not so much. I don’t mind waiting for trains, they don’t take THAT long to go by. My wife will HUFF if we have to wait for a train. I don’t really mind waiting for most things really. It will come, be patient. 😀

  5. pammy says:

    I live near trains.I too love the sound of them rummling by,the whistle blowing.My grandkids love them,all kids do,mine did.There is a fascinaton to them.If i have to wait,I sit back and watch as it goes by,some of the stuff painted on them is very good,some not.I get lost in time and when its gone,and I can go,I feel sad at times to leave my world.As a child I do remember taking a train to Minneapolis.I was very young,the train was very shakey,but it was so fun,I can still see it.Those were the days.I do no some who curse,slam on the brakes and drive miles out of the way to avoid waiting at the train crossing.I say nothing,cause to me it makes no sense.You have wasted time and energy on just getting frustrated.I say,stop and smell the roses,or watch a train rumble by,cause time flies by so fast,and life can get so hectic.Take time to breathe and watch. 🙂

  6. nikki says:

    I like trains, I love to see the graffiti on them. Some of it is really art! I love the sound and feel. We moved more out of town and don’t hear it as well. I love to feel the rumble underneath my feet and whistle. I don’t mind ever waiting for trains, nothing I can do about it. Jason hates it and will try to beat them….that I HATE for obvious reasons!

  7. Doraz says:

    If I do not have anything scheduled, I just take my time, whatever I might be doing. I have no problem waiting under those circumstances. Now, if I have an appointment or someone is depending on me to pick them up, that is another story!! I get “crazy!” I remember having to wait, for hours at a time when I was in high school band! The teacher would always ask me if I needed a ride after practice!!! So, I always do my best to get there on time. I am one of those people that goes and buys an ice cream cone and sits and watches planes near the airport…or trains.

  8. starlaschat says:

    I enjoy the mystery of trains. One time my Father came to visit me and he left to his next destination on a train. It was on of the saddest things watching that train pull away slowly. It was like a movie, you know how life does that sometimes. You have the feeling your standing in a movie, it was one of those moments. It’s always sad seeing my Dad leave. I don’t get to see him much he lives in Hawaii.

  9. megan says:

    I don’t usually mind waiting. Maybe this comes from my preference of being an hour early, rather than five minutes late.

    What I really can’t stand, though, is the hurry-up-and-wait wait. You know the one – like in airports, where they tell you that you have to be there four hours before your flight, just so you can wait.

    I don’t like trains. There’s something unsettling to me about the fact that there is no way to turn if something else is coming down the track right at you. Two of my ancestors had incidents with trains – one died, and the other went completely mad afterwards. But that’s another story…

  10. javajunkee says:

    did you know that the Canadian Pacific Christmas Train rolled through Iowa this past Christmas time? My minis and I dinked back and forth about going or not going since it was way below zero with the wind. We at the last minute decided we may never see it again and went and that’s something I NEVER would have wanted to miss. I made a video montage of it. I’ll have to send you the url.

    trains rock!!

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