Ironing, where has it gone?

ironingDoes anyone iron anymore?  Do you?  Or did you never iron in the first place?  My mother in law used to iron everything.  From towels and sheets to all five of her kids clothes! Table cloths and hankies and all her little doily thingys.  She washed on Mondays and ironed on Tuesdays. Just like clockwork.  If you forgot what day it was, you could guess it by what she was doing.  She had all her chores down to a science. She even wore aprons to match her clothes.  AND, yup, they were ironed too!

I used to iron too.  I spent hours a week doing it and I really have to admit that I enjoyed it.  I would stand and watch my soap opera’s and iron away to my hearts content.  It was very relaxing to me.  I know most people my age didn’t iron but since I enjoyed it, what the heck?

My kids used to like their clothes ironed too.  Jason used to even tell me “how” he liked his jeans ironed and if I did one of his polo shirts “wrong,” I’d be sure to hear about it!  Toby didn’t really care one way or the other about his clothes but he used the ironed a lot himself!  He ironed his money and his ski’s.  After the ski’s, I had to get a new iron.  The wax never did come off that iron!

Why did they iron back then?  Was it that they had more time? Was it because clothes were made of different things and needed to be ironed?  I never even thought about it, I just did it.  Can you even imagine that I used to iron a darned hankie?  Something that someone blew their nose in, I spent time ironing????? Eeewwww….Grosses me out now!

My husband said something to me last week about one of his shirts.  He said it would be nice if the collar laid down.  I looked at him like he had three heads and he didn’t say anything more.  I would hate to iron now.  I’ve just really gotten out of the habit and really only iron now if we have a wedding or funeral.  

What about you?  Did your moms iron?  Do you?  What?

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26 Responses to Ironing, where has it gone?

  1. SKL says:

    I iron the first time I wear cotton “business casual” pants after a wash. That’s pretty much it.

    My mom is addicted to ironing. I find it rather weird.

    Another thing from her generation – bleaching. Like, bleaching diapers so they would be blazing white. Why? I told my mom I’d never bleach diapers, and she looked at me as if I’d said I’d never bathe my kids. For that matter, I very rarely bleach anything (maybe I did twice in the past 10 years), and I don’t even separate my kids’ darks and lights. Nothing fits them long enough to get that dingy. I’m sure it’s mostly because of improvements in colorfastness and such. But my mom will still wash six separate loads by color and fabric every week.

  2. shane says:

    I think I saw a Iron at a antique store once. How do they work?? LOL, Seriously I’ve never Ironed anything, I don’t even know how they work or how to use one. Besides I’m not a girlyman!!

  3. darryl says:

    I never iron anything first off I have to wear something nice enough to have to iron. One time I tried bleach on my socks and I got a rash on my legs so enough of that. Im really not a slob but if I wear anything for a very special occasion I just take it the dry cleanig store.

  4. holeycheese says:

    I don’t iron.. I just shake everything very well before hanging, and hang everything in my special ironing-free way.. and then it’s not so much needed. Only shirts with collars, and some of the girls’ dresses etc we iron – if needed! But since it is mainly my husband’s shirts he gets to do it himself.
    I prefer to always do the laundry myself.. because I know that if somebody else do it I might have to iron it after.. it is just such a waste of time.

    My mother used to iron everything.. towels etc too. Nowadays less..

  5. Morocco says:

    My mom did not iron. I always iron my son’s school uniforms as they look nicer that way. For myself, I iron anything that is wrinkled. However, I draw the line at sheets (unless they are terribly wrinkled), though I will do the pillowcases!

  6. mssc54 says:

    My mom used to iron. She used Niagra starch in a Cocola bottle with a metal fitting on the top.

    Me and my Mrs. BOTH iron.

    During WWII my dad was in the army. He would make extra money by ironing other guys uniforms.

  7. San says:

    I don’t question it … the mere mention of an iron brings about a wave of shivers down my back and a wealth of fear in my belly. Irons a) attack me via burns or b) burn my clothes… seriously.

    These days I always buy iron proof clothing to the point that sometimes I go as far as scruntching up the clothes in the shop just to make doubly sure (sad I know…) – In Africa some parts have to use an iron though to the point that they even iron underwear and socks, it was like that for us in Kenya – they have bugs that will lay under your skin if you dont yurgh

  8. pammy says:

    Joy,many moons ago I ironed like you.I would watch my soaps and iron.I also found it relaxing.The last time I ironed was for Jeremys wedding last sept.,it had been years before that.I got out of it.Now when I shop i check labels and if it says to iron,I usually dont purchase it.Unless I just love it.

  9. nikki says:

    I really like this post. I’ve seen so many pictures of the “Tonkawood” house that I can see you standing in it ironing watching soap opera’s. Nice image in my mind!
    I only iron if it needs to be ironed. I’ve been really good at getting clothes put away and not letting them wrinkle up in the basket. Most of Bailey’s school shirts are collared and he hates it when they flip up. Really other than that and special occasions I don’t iron. If I had the whole set up, ironing board, TV I can see that being relaxing. I have to iron on my bathroom counter, with is plenty big enough just not convenient.
    Kate sounds perfect!!! I love the look of a women in an apron ironing away..taking care of all the household chores. Did she wear heels too?? Like Joan Clever? I’ve never met anyone close to that…I can’t imagine!! I’m old fashion like that to a point but I’m not donning dresses and heels to clean! 🙂 Jason would love that though!!

    • mssc54 says:

      “Kate sounds perfect!!! I love the look of a women in an apron ironing away..taking care of all the household chores. Did she wear heels too???”


  10. Laura (LS) says:

    Three words: Downy Wrinkle Releaser!!! I have a bottle of it in my cabinet, right next to my cordless iron. Guess which one is collecting dust?

    One thing I will iron is a tablecloth, if we’re doing a fancy dinner, like Easter or something, I’ll iron the table cloth, because it’s too big to spray with my Downy (it’d take the entire bottle).

  11. Doraz says:

    I pretty much iron only when the outfit I want to wear looks REALLY bad! That goes for all items of clothing in the house, regardless of whose they are! Most of the time we use the quick method….throw it for a few minutes in the dryer. Works like a charm!!

  12. Just a Mom says:

    My youngest daughter actually asked me about a month ago what the thing in my closet was. It was the ironing board! I then took her out to the laundry room and showed her the iron and she said she always wondered what that was too! Smart Alec Kid!

    Joy ~ I used to iron my dad’s hankies!

    Hmmm, maybe I should start ironing again so I don’t feel so guilty watching my soaps! 🙂

  13. starlaschat says:

    I use to love to iron my Dads shirts ,when I was a kid. It allowed me to stand in front of the TV and watch TV without guilt. The funny thing is as one of my odd jobs that I have had a collection of, I was a Laundress for a Billionaire. I actually really enjoyed the job. He paid me very well, because each shirt I took my time with , it was as if it were an Art project,LOL and he appreciated the Heavy starch no wrinkles. At home I’m not much of an iron er now, i feel a little bad about that. My grandma used to iron my grandpas underwear, I remember my Mom laughing about that one I guess she didn’t want to iron my dad’s shorts.

  14. Sue says:

    I only iron when needed. If the item is really wrinkled or we’re going to a wedding. My mom ironed a lot also, but I can’t remember everything she did iron. Towels may have been on the list. She would stand in the kitchen and do it b/c she’d use the table to fold the clothes on. I have a little table top ironing board, but I sure do wish I had a big one that stands on it’s own legs….I’d actually be able to fit an artical of clothing on it!

  15. tessa says:

    Eric irons his uniform every week, and my shirts when I ask him 🙂 He’s a pro! The Navy actually changed the uniforms and he will not have to iron anymore! It’s sad, the cute white ones are going away 😦 My mom and grandma ironed while I was growing up. I iron when I really need too and Eric is not around!

    I use to iron Eric’s uniform when he was in training because he had to study so much and sleep so little. I don’t remember how though! I cannot believe that was almost 3 years ago!

  16. Gary says:

    My mom used to iron a lot when I was a kid. Not so much anymore. Ironing has pretty much become a thing of the past. I will iron a shirt from time to time but that’s about it and it’s pretty rare.

    When I worked in the corporate world and had to wear a suit to work every day, I would ALWAYS iron my shirts after they were washed. This is just another reason I’m glad I don’t work in the corporate world anymore. 😀

  17. sunnymom says:

    I don’t even own an iron neither does my parents. My theory is if it is still wrinkled out of the dryer or from being hung up to dry then it was meant to be wrinkly. I think the only time I even ironed in my life was a skirt I went to court in and that was only cuz I wanted to look extra good in front of my ex-husband so he could see what he gave up. Love the site

  18. G-Ma says:

    My mom irons faithfully every week, and her appearance always shows it. I don’t know how someone can iron so perfectly–her stuff comes out really crisp. My stuff comes out looking like I never even touched it with the iron. Oh, and I’ve tried. Steam, starch, sprinkling, etc. I just don’t have the touch. Therefore, in self preservation of my sanity due to yet another item I cannot do perfectly, I decline to iron.

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