Treasure City

treasure-chest_I know I’ve talked about Jason Davis on here before because Paul and I just love his show On The Road Again.  It’s on every Sunday night and I tape it and we watch it when nothing is on. When this came on last week, if I had false teeth, they would have fallen out.  I LOVED stopping at this place when I was a kid on the way to Canada to visit grandma and grandpa.  Treasure City.

My poor dad.  He hated stopping here.  He’d try and bribe us with anything so we wouldn’t have to stop.  As an adult, I understand this but back then, we loved going inside and looking at all that junk.  I’d kind of forgotten it.  We stopped going to Canada that way when #94 came to be and we bypassed it.  So when this came on, I was happily put back at that time.  It was really neat but boy, has it ever changed.

It used to be mainly outside and they had all the goodies in wooden like trough’s.  Now it’s a great big junk store all inside.  Man, I’m gonna go there.  Anyone want to go with??  It’s not very far from here. If you know me in real life, you know I LOVE JUNK.  It doesn’t matter where I travel or where I go, I love to stop at these kind of tourist traps.  You should have seen me at Wall Drug!!!  They couldn’t drag me out of there.  Again, all JUNK.  When we were at the Wisconsin Dells a few years ago, I was in tourist trap glee.

What really stuck me funny was in the video when the little old lady who’s the owners mother in law said she can’t believe the stuff people will buy and they bring their loot to the cashier, they laugh at them when they leave!!  That is so funny but I’m one of the people they laugh at.  It’s just an uncontrollable urge I have for junk.  I get some of this stuff home and wonder what in the world I was thinking.  When Darryl and I went on our road trip to WA, we stopped at all kinds of goofy places like this and we had so many laughs.

So I’m wondering, what were some of your favorite places to stop as a child and if you are a junk lover?  I mean, we know Sue got Nikki a coconut bra in Hawaii but how many of you have a pink flamingo magnet with Wisconsin Dells on it???

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25 Responses to Treasure City

  1. shane says:

    I love treasure city!! I don’t go in there and buy half the store or anything but they are very cool stores. I can’t beleive grandpa didn’t like stopping at them, he loves antique shops. That’s mostly junk also. LOL

  2. LOL – I love that you can laugh at yourself about this, Joy ^_^. I love junk, but I never end up buying it. I do love and adore spending time is tourist-trap shops just for the fun of laughing about the merchandise though!
    Isn’t it fun to hear about places that remind you of your childhood though?

  3. pammy says:

    I love those places.AWWWWWWWWW.I love looking threw junk,cause I always find a treasure.Most people i have travelled with dont,I should do a road trip on my own,on a nice summer day and stop at EVERY one I see.AWWWWWWWW,that would be heaven

  4. nikki says:

    **RAISING HAND** I wanna go!!! I kinda feel like Starla’s dog….Ya Wanna go to treasure city?? YEA YEA!!!!! Jumping up and down.
    I LOVE those kind of stores!! I am very picky of what I buy though. Sometimes you really gotta rummage through stuff to find something real good!! More times than not though what you’ll find is one of a kind!! I love going to our swappers meet. That’s where I got my good luck poker dude…cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz. He has his badge of courage though so that’s why I got him. He’s only 3 inches tall.
    Okay so….when we goin?????

  5. SKL says:

    I used to be such a junkaholic when I was younger. Nowadays, we have too much stuff in our house and all I want to do is get rid of stuff. Maybe I should start up a Junk Heaven here?

    When I was a wee little girl, I used to get 25 cents for allowance and we’d all walk a few blocks to the stores in our neighborhood. There was this little store called “Grandma’s Attic” and I used to love going in there, even though I didn’t always feel welcome. They had a couple of old dolls that I could never hope to afford, but I would go in there and dream anyway. Sometimes I’d have enough money for one or two tiny trinkets and I’d be so happy. I guess that’s where the mania all began.

    When I was 12 we moved to a rural town, where people had a lot of garage/yard sales and sold a lot of really good stuff for low prices. Heaven multiplied! I loved to buy stuff for my little sister. She must have had 12 pairs of shoes at any given time, all of them second-hand.

    Eventually I developed a particular obsession for old children’s books, and I have hundreds in my basement at this moment.

  6. Sue says:

    I like craft shows not antique stores/junk marts. I do pass it though on the way to the craft show every fall! I would go with just because it’d be a fun road trip with you guys:)

  7. Doraz says:

    Though I have never heard of this store, I would love to give it a go. It sounds like it sells many unusual things I might like! Maybe one day, in my travels, I will have the chance. Thanks for the heads up! Happy shopping!

  8. mssc54 says:

    We don’t have that particular store here we have “Trader Joe’s”. Living in one of the most (if not THE most) historical cities in the country people come from around the world to visit.

    Now if you like junk you should plan a trip to the SC coast and help me clean out my garage! 🙂

  9. starlaschat says:

    Aaawww, I want to go! Wooo Hooo Road Trip with the Girls.;+) Sounds Fun to me. In all honesty Ive been to one too many Garage Sales, and have the storage unit to prove it. Rats I’m a bit cut off from buying, till I clean the darn thing out. It’s a wondrous Treasure city.I should just put a sign out above the door. Treasure Ciy Welcome.And sit there with a cash box. Hmmm. I like that Nikki jumping around, dancing like Starla’s dog. You got just the picture, Doing the wild and crazy Happy Dance!!!

  10. Gary says:

    I love these JUNK stores like this. I remember stopping at Wall Drug when I was a kid and on our way to Mount Rushmore. Everyone loved the place except dad. We all got a bunch of “crap” and dad got to pay for it all. 😀

  11. darryl says:

    I also love junk stores one thats close to me is axman, Mostly junky stuff but I’v bought a few things there like a map of the world. I remember in WA with joy she was on a rooster theme LOL it was in Ritzville, The truck stops were cool also Wasabi funyuns ok I’ll stop now. Ok one more when Cindi and I went to two harbors we stopped at a junk place and I bought a ceramic sumbrero you could put chip dip in the top and chips around the side. Ok now done LOL.

  12. starlaschat says:

    Funny, I just watched the video that does look like a fun place. A cow you can dress up I think my Dad would like that he collects cows. And a shark in a bottle that would be a good conversation piece. Thanks for the video I feel like Ive been there.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I’m not a person that typically buys the junk in those stores, but I always have a blast looking through it.

    When I was a kid though, my favorite place to go was to the landfill with my dad. I know it sounds ridiculous and I was actually just telling hubby this story last night, but I loved it. Before everyone started recycling we had just a standard ‘dump’ in town where we went once a week. You’d enter the gates and there were miles of sand dunes full of trash, or ‘treasure’ as I liked to call it as a kid. You’d drive you car around and dump your stuff where ever you wanted. We’d drive around looking at all the junk people were throwing away, and occasionally on a good day we’d even stop and pick something up. I remember getting a tricycle one day, a baby doll, and various other big outside toys. I thought it was the greatest thing ever!

    I’m hoping I’m not the only one that’s ever had that experience?

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