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vintage-stoves1What do you prefer, gas or electric?

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16 Responses to Question of the day

  1. holeycheese says:

    I have years of experience from both…
    and I prefer gas!!

  2. javajunkee says:

    I used to never want a gas stove. Now after having one for years I am not sure I’d want to go back.

  3. Doraz says:

    I like the gas stoves better, also!

  4. mssc54 says:

    Gas, that’s why we eat mexican a lot.

  5. Just a Mom says:

    I grew up with electric but after having had a gas stove for the past 10 years I would never want to go back to electric. When cooking with gas it just cooks more evenly in my opinion.

  6. starlaschat says:

    I like cooking with a gas stove.

  7. Joy says:

    All my life I had electric and liked it okay. For the last 15 years I’ve had gas and I hated it. Then one day my oven quit working and I had a guy come out to fix it and I said to him “I’d be happy if you can’t fix this oven” and he looked at me and said “don’t you like to cook” and I told him that it’s to hot and everything burns! When I had my stove installed, they didn’t adjust the burners right. Man!!! I like it now quite a bit.

    The only thing I hate is I’d like a flat surface stove. Without those “things” you have to pick up to wipe the top off. I live with someone who butters, eats and does everything over the stove. Even though there’s a counter AND A BREADBOARD to use and I’m constantly having to wipe it off and it’d be nice to have one of those flat ones.

  8. nikki says:

    I had a very nice flat surface electric stove in our house we had 2 years ago. I MISS it!!! It was so easy to clean. I have elecrtic now too but with those coil burners and hate it and when we do buy our next house I will have another glass top stove. I’m always forgetting stuff on the stove and then it over flows and goes under the burners, smells and makes the worst mess! I hate it!

  9. SKL says:

    I have used both kinds, and to be honest I really don’t have a preference as far as performance goes. That said, I am not much of a cook.

    The one thing about gas is that it makes me nervous safety-wise. I grew up with electric and my mom told me that gas stoves can leak gas if the pilot goes out, and also little kids can turn the knobs (assuming they are on the front) and there are all sorts of risks. Maybe that’s overblown and old-fashioned, I don’t know. There was an electric stove in our house when we bought it, and we are still using it 14 years later, so I never had to make a gas/electric purchase decision. (Though if you are including furnace / water heater, we prefer gas for the cost saving. I think my dryer is gas too, but I’m not sure . . . .)

  10. Gary says:

    I prefer cooking on a gas stove.

  11. Joy says:

    As far as “cooking only,”I prefer gas. It’s on right now and off right now. There’s no waiting for either and I do like cooking on it. But for cleaning the surface, I hate cleaning those things that sit on them.

    Also, like SKL mentioned, my knobs have turned just enough a few times that gas was leaking out. We as a family, for whatever reason, have a tendency to lean up against the stove while talking to each other. .

    I wouldn’t have wanted gas when my boys were small.

    • nikki says:

      I do like that about gas stoves. Once they’re off they’re OFF. With electric you have to wait for them to cool down. I REALLY like the style of the picture you have up there, old school yet classy. I like!

  12. holeycheese says:

    Joy.. I couldn’t agree more. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they aren’t flat. Soo hard to keep clean!

  13. G-Ma says:

    Gas because it’s so much easier to moderate the heat. We have one of those new types that allows us to disable the gas cook top with the touch of a button. So, even if my little guy decides to go postal on us by turning on all the burners–he get’s nothing. Considering his recent tendencies to get into absolutely everything, see G-Ma wipe the sweat off her brow…

  14. Sue says:

    Gas. I grew up with it so it’s not a big deal to me. One family I babysat for had a flat top stove and it was nice, but I never knew quite where the burner was and if it had cooled off. Didn’t like that so much.

  15. Laura (LS) says:

    How ’bout campfire? Do campfires count?

    If not… I prefer gas. I have an electric, ceramic cooktop, and I live with it, but would much rather have gas.

    And here’s a twist…. that ceramic cooktop – it’s one of those nice smooth “easy clean” jobbies… you can’t see, or feel, the burners. And my blind husband has a very interesting time trying to keep his pans on the burner!!

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