Dog poop!!!!

dogpoopOkay, laugh if you will but this is serious!  When I got my haircut the other day some pretty important stuff got talked about!  We were talking about the rain and I’d mentioned that the really heavy rain and the strong winds had pretty much gotten rid of all those “land mines” I usually have to deal with in the spring.  The strong rain this year has pretty much disintegrated all the crap in my yard.  Which made me very happy.

My wonderful “hair lady” has a neighbor dilemma.  She used to have a lab but he died this past winter and only has a Jack Russell now.  But she has neighbors renting the house next door and they have 2 big lab type dogs.  They are pooping in her yard.  The neighbors know this and even watch them sometimes.  They come running through a hedge of lilac bushes and do their business and run back home leaving their “deposits” in her yard.

She asked me what I’d do.  My first reaction was how could those people not go pick it up??  When we lived in Minnetonka, we owned 4 acres but we subdivided it at one point and had a house right next door to us but our dog didn’t know she couldn’t go there anymore but I went and always picked it up. Or I made Jason.  The dogs really were his but either he would go do it or I would.  Usually whoever was out with her did it.  It wasn’t a “it’s your turn” kind of thing.  If it needed to be done, whoever was there did it.  They had a little girl playing there so how could I leave dog crap in their yard? So I didn’t really get that someone would really do that.

I told her if it were me that I’d try talking to them first and see if she got anywhere.  If that didn’t work, what I’d do is I’d pick it up and put it back in their yard.  Maybe if the dogs saw it or smelled it on the other side of the lilac hedge, they might start to go there. She thought about that but the thought of picking up their dogs crap, freaked her out and she wasn’t wild on doing that.  I then told her to try and find out who owned the house.  Apparently whoever owns this house has never lived there and she has only”kind of” known the renters.  She never really get so know or develop friendships with the renters as they come and go so frequently.

So, I told her I’d ask on here and see what you all had as suggestions.  Just keep in mind that she won’t do anything mean like write with the dog poop on the windows or anything.  She’s not that type and she doesn’t want to be mean about it but she’s to the point now that it’s irritating her to the point that she’s angry and sick of it.  I mean she’s only got to pick up after a Jack Russell now and Labs poop is NOTHING like theirs.

I told her I’d let her know the day I posted this so dear friends, what would you do if your neighbors dogs were pooping in your yard?

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18 Responses to Dog poop!!!!

  1. SKL says:

    I think I’d make a loud ruckus hollering at their dogs when they crossed my property line, so the neighbors couldn’t help but notice it. “Hey you, don’t you go pooping in my yard again, go back to your own yard and poop!” I don’t know if that would be too “mean” for her or not. I mean, I holler at the raccoons when they start trying to crawl into my basement, and I don’t feel mean at all. Skunks, that’s a different story, but I diverge . . . .

    If the dogs are reasonably friendly I might take them by the collar(s) and lead them back and pleasantly say something passive-aggressive like, “Goldie here seems to have forgotten where her poopy place is, I’m sure she’ll get used to pooping in the right place soon.”

    Or how about buying a pooper scooper and leaving it on their porch with a pretty bow on it?

  2. JavaQueen says:

    I’d pick up the poo, put it in a paper bag. Then I’d set it on fire at their doorstep, ring the bell and run – tee-hee!

    That’s a load of crap- pardon the pun. That’s so inconsiderate. I know I would not be nice about it- and we have laws about picking up after our dogs- so I’d call the po-po! (police)

  3. San says:

    In all honesty I’d go over and knock on their door then proceed to ask them if they had noticed their dogs being at all constipated due to lack of evidential poop. If they say they hadn’t noticed then I’d respond by telling them that they should really look in to it and if all else fails come and pick it up in my yard. Then I’d end the conversation with the statement that it borders on tresspassing and that I really don’t want them to get in to trouble for something as simple as sh*t, leave it there and then go home.

    Ooo or better yet after asking about the dogs being constipated and them answering that they weren’t aware I’d hand them a dog poop scoop and tell them that its the cheapest and fastest way to solve the problem and point them in the right direction…

  4. starlaschat says:

    Let see, I’ll put on my Ask Starla Hat…..The put the poop in a paper bag and ring the bell and run answer taken, great minds think a like Javaqueen. My thoughts are problems of any sort with neighbors is tough. If they are renters they may be moving some time soon. But in the case they don’t I would probably have a friendly chat a heart to heart with a little humor, but let them know that you need their help with this problem because your a bit beside yourself and you would hate to call the poop patrol. Ive seen no pooping signs in peoples yards and that conveys a message. Don’t poop in my yard this means you! Tell her best of Luck.

  5. mssc54 says:


    1. Do not use a flat-nosed shovel to catapult the poo onto the side of the neighbors’ house.

    2. Do not use a flat-nosed shovel to deposit the poo onto the neighbors’ car windshield.

    3. Do not feed the neighbors’ dogs anything that will give them diareah.

    4. Do not collect the dog poo in a bag for a week.

    5. If you do collect the dog poo in a bag for a week, do not set it on fire in their front yard.


    **After collecting the dog poo for a week place it into a beautiful gift bag. Use that gift paper to stick out the top and write a nice card that says: “REGIFTING TO YOU!”

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I bet that will take care of it. C’mon, do it! Chicken! bwak-bwak-bwak DO IT! DOO-DOO IT!!

  6. javajunkee says:

    wait till dark….dump the bag out on their porch or front steps!

  7. Sue says:

    I’d start with talking to the neighbors about it and then go to the owner of the house. I would also yell at the dogs when I saw them in my yard. That’s not being mean, that’s keeping unwanted animals out. She could put up chicken wire on her side of the hedges and then when the dogs come running through they’d be stopped in their tracks! Oh, that would be funny to see. I like the idea of collecting it for a week and leaving it on their doorstep!

    • tessa says:

      chicken wire would NOT keep dogs out, they can jump like bunnies if they want to.

      • Sue says:

        No, it wouldn’t keep them out, but they wouldn’t see it when they were running through the hedge until they ran into it and then maybe they’d turn around.

        • Joy says:

          Labs aren’t really “jumpers” either so I think if they were smelling along and needing to go, they’d walk/run into that and stay on the other side. I was thinking this was a good idea. It also wouldn’t show in Linda’s yard because that hedge is huge.

  8. Morocco says:

    I would speak to them first. I wonder if you could file a complaint with the Board of Health or the city for this sort of thing?

  9. Doraz says:

    If it were a continual problem after I made every attempt to solve it, I would call the city officials and have them get involved. I have done this before! Good Luck! Poor dogs, it is not their fault they have stupid owners!

  10. tessa says:

    Mssc-crack me up!!!

    I have 2 dogs, and a neighborhood full of dogs-us military folks love dogs.

    I would leave a note on their front door, talk to them in person, then call the owner of the house and dog control from in town. Then, do what mssc suggests if all else fails!

  11. Gary says:

    Wow, this would REALLY tork me off! I would start by knocking on their door and having a nice little “chat” with them. Nicely ask them to keep a better eye on their dogs. I would document the conversation well for future reference if needed. If the “chat” didn’t help, I would contact the county or city for help and use the documented conversation as ammunition. 😀

  12. nikki says:

    Our old neighbors had this problem and what they did was pick it all up and put it back in their yard. I wouldn’t really recommend doing that unless she didn’t care about having a good relationship with her neighbors. COMMUNICATION would be my 1st step. It’s amazing what kind of problems can be solved with just talking to someone.
    I have this itty bitty rat looking dog that comes into my yard and annoys the crap out of my dog, and he poops in my yard sometimes BUT this dog is old and can’t hear or hardly see so I do let it slide. We have a good relationship with our backyard neighbors also.
    If nothing seems to work with these people I would get a hold of the owners and have them deal with it.

  13. I think she should start by really just talking to them, and if she has to, she can just tell them off with firm language. Because they’re being incredibly rude, irresponsible, un-neighborly and plain obtuse, especially if they just watch their dogs going over and ignore it.
    If all that doesn’t work, could she maybe get some of that cheep fencing stuff and put it behind her bushes in their yard? That could prevent the dogs from jumping over at the very least!

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