Honest crap!


Thanks to javajunkee over at Just for the ell of it for this cool award.   Now I have to think of 10 honest things to tell you about me.

1. I don’t like chocolate.

2.  I don’t really hate the Packers.  Please don’t tell a soul.

3.  I save some pretty off the wall things.  I have all my kids teeth although I don’t know whose teeth are whose anymore.  I have Jason’s braces and Toby’s circumcision ring and a lock of their hair and a lock of my dad’s hair.  I have the kleenix I held during my grandma’s funeral and I save little rocks and twigs or “things” from places I’ve been and they are on my dresser and I know where they all came from.  I also have Paul, Jason, Toby’s and my drivers license tests and I have every drivers license that I’ve ever gotten.

4.  I could easily not leave my home for a month and be perfectly happy.  I love to be home.

5.  I am deathly afraid of snakes and there were so many in our yard two years after we moved out here and I quit going outside for the rest of the summer.

6.  I hate candy and fruit but I think it’s pretty and I buy it.

7.  I hang most of my laundry out on a clothesline year round.  

8.  I have only been “online” for 12 years and everything I know about computers has been self taught.

9.  I talk to myself constantly.  Even when I’m not alone and I’ve been caught doing it.

10.  My dream car is a Mustang Convertible.

If you’re on my blogroll you know the drill!  Take the award and post it on your blog with 10 honest and random things about you.

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16 Responses to Honest crap!

  1. Doraz says:

    Joy, do I have to, huh….huh….??????? 🙂
    I am not as interesting as you!!!
    Love all that information.
    How could you not like chocolate????? LOL

    • Joy says:

      No, of course you don’t “have to.” It was a lot harder to do this than I thought it would be. You are too interesting!!!

      Besides, I know you want to add this to your “awards.” 😉

  2. JavaQueen says:

    omg, the circumcision ring- ROFLMAO! Teee-heeeee! I could also not leave home, I’m in shock that you don’t like chocolate (you are the first person I’ve heard say that, ever!). I LOVE the smell of anything hung out on the clothesline- especially bedding- the sheets and comforters. It’s rare in our area to hang clothes out, but I do the bedding because it smells heavenly. Friends think I’m weird for doing it, but they don’t know what they are missing! Awesome list!

  3. Gary says:

    I love the smell of clothes that have been dried on a clothes line. I ESPECIALLY love the smell of sheets that have been dried that way. Nothing better!!

  4. javajunkee says:

    no chocolate?? Oh lucky you!!! I wish I didn’t.

    I too have what’s left of my mini’s teeth (hope they don’t read this or the whole tooth fairy theory is shot to hell)…I have them all in little baggies in my dresser drawers..I’m pretty sure they are pretty much dust by now beings they are 17 and 21 now.

  5. Sue says:

    I have my daughter’s teeth, too. Circ ring, um NO!!!! That is just weird mum!!!! Just curious, did you blow your nose into that kleenex from grammies funeral??

  6. starlaschat says:

    Joy I must be getting to know you pretty well;+). When I saw your number one pick I was not surprised!!! And I know you don’t like sweets but I do know you like ice cream which you may have twice a year. OK I didn’t mean to freak you out. I just have a funny memory for certain facts. Also medical facts if any ones tell me anything medical I will remember it and all the details for way longer then it’s reasonable. Love your List. I’ll send you some small rock from Montana would you put them on your dresser?

  7. trishatruly says:

    What a great list! See? I learned so much about you from this one!!

    I happen to love snakes but my mother and grandmother were terrified of them. I used to torment my mother by catching garden snakes, draping them around my neck and walking into the house past her. BWAAHA!!! She would grab whatever heavy object that was lying nearby and throw it at me, screaming the whole time for me to GET OUT!!!
    She was a miserable old b*tch. It felt wonderful! 👿

  8. Just a Mom says:

    Great Crap Joy!
    My mom kept all of our teeth and it totally freaked me out when I found them in her jewelry box after she passed away!

  9. nikki says:

    #3 explains Jason! Everything else I kinda knew already. Jason has always told me that he always wanted to marry a women like his mom. He says quite often how much I am like you, that is a great compliment! He even has a picture of you that he swears looks like me. IDK!! HOWEVER….I wouldn’t think to keep half the stuff you have. I should though, my mom doesn’t have anything like that, not even cute stories about me. 😦
    This was SO much tamer than Gary’s!!!! LMAO!! What?? You don’t want everyone to know about your bowel movements!!
    Oh yea…I think it is so sweet that you held on to that Kleenex you cried on. Something so simple can flood your mind with great memories!!!

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  12. tessa says:

    I like this! Those are some weird things to save!! Wow! Must run in the family, cuz Eric talks to himself too! I catch him all the time~! I wish I had a clothes line!

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