We love us some YooHoo!!

YooHoo had a great visit with me. It was nasty outside so we thought we’d brighten the house with some beautiful orange lilies. YooHoo kept smelling them!! I think she really like the flowers.


Felix my man cat got jealous of little YooHoo and took off with her!! I even heard him whisper to her that he never gets flowers!! Geez…boyz!!!! He’s hiding her under the coach!!


It was a constant struggle keeping YooHoo hidden from Felix the buddy napper!! But she managed to have some fun on the slide, that thing has been a big hit with these lil buddies!!

yoohoo-hitting-the-slideYooHoo told me was starting to go through internet withdraws!! I mean I can totally understand, if I was stuck in box for days I’d be a little crazy too. I can appreciate a coffee addicted internet junkie!!! 🙂


YooHoo’s final day came and she decided to get some fresh air with Mr.Viking. I was starting to get a little nervous though, they were awfully close to the edge!! One wrong move and splat..dead Lemur and Viking!! They managed just fine though, enjoying the nice weather finally!!


YooHoo headed to Joys on Friday and I’m betting she’s showing her a great time! I just hope her cats aren’t buddy snatchers!! Thanks Trisha for sending such a lovely little lady to meet everyone!!! She may need a bath when she finally gets home. Not too sure what Felix did to her!!

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7 Responses to We love us some YooHoo!!

  1. Joy says:

    She’s a real cute little bugger isn’t she? She’s soooo soft. Poor Felix. Don’t you think you should get him some MAN flowers?

  2. JavaQueen says:

    Nikki, this is so cute! I love her on the internet w/ the mouse right beside her- junkee indeed! LOL!

  3. allison says:

    She could have been swallowed whole by Felix! Yikes! I’m surprised my Doberman hasn’t taken off with Nibbles, although my new little buddy did lick her a few times. Now she’s really going to need a bath.

  4. Aw, Yoohoo seems to have had an awesome time! How fun for you guys with all these fuzzy house guests you get :P!

  5. starlaschat says:

    That was so Funny Nikki and Felix had poor little YooHoo on her side with that look. And then under the couch. My 2 cats were very interested in Nibbles, Alex the cat gave nibbles a little lick on the nose and my other cat bit Nibbles on the cheek he had a very fierce look so I was afraid to leave them alone. There could have been stuffing everywhere. I’m surprised really we haven’t had an incident, Yet.LOL

  6. javajunkee says:


    one wrong move and dead lemur and viking! Ok that was funny!

    cats are attracted to her huh?? Great I got 5 of them here I’m gonna have to watch!

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