My old books

my-booksI read a lot.  I have at least one book going at all times.  I have no idea why I love it.  I do know I’ve done it as far back as I can remember.  I can just get lost in books and really get into the characters.  I have gotten so involved before that someone can talk to me and I don’t even hear them.  I can remember not being able to wait to go to the library next.  I would plan out all the books I’d be able to check out. I can also read anywhere.  I can read in waiting rooms or on the boat. I can literally get lost in a book no matter where I am.

There are a few authors I really like.  I tended in my younger years to only read the same authors. Danielle Steel is a huge favorite of mine but I read to many of her books in a row for so many years that certain phrases she used I found annoying and she became to predictable to me.  She has so many books that once I read them all, I tried expanding my library.  So these days, I tend to buy a variety of authors.

I love Stephen King also although I can’t read all his books.  Some are just to long and some are just to weird.  Even for me “his #1 fan!!”  I have been truly scared reading his books.  For those of you who’ve only seen his books as “movies,” your not getting the book, your just getting Hollywood’s take on what will sell.  IT was one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life but that movie was so lame.  I was reading that and was afraid to do my laundry because of the drain in the middle of the floor.  I’m not even joking you here but that movie was laughable.  Then again you have The Shining with Jack Nicholson and who didn’t love him in that?  That was a really good movie.  I just really hate the way they are vastly different and some of the “reasonings” behind the “why’s and the how’s” of the book, are nowhere to be found in the movie.

Lately I’ve been re-reading all my old books.  I’ve started over.  I can’t believe how many of Danielle Steel’s books that I’ve totally forgotten the plots.  They have been like brand new stories to me and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I have hundreds of books.  I usually buy them at flea markets and try to buy used.  Some authors, as mentioned above, I have all in hardcover so I feel I need to continue that collection.  I hope someday someone will want to read some of them.  It seems such a waste.  I do try to donate all the soft cover books that I know I won’t read again to people who I hope enjoy them.

Do you read?  Who do you like to read and what kind of books do you like?  What kind of story do you like?  Do you like to be scared or do you like to cry?  Do you just like the warm fuzzy feeling a Nicholas Sparks novel gives you?  Nicholas Sparks is another great one for not staying very close to the plot in movies.  I loved Nights In Rodanthe but the main reason she told her kids the story of her love affair was never mentioned in the movie.  Man, I feel cheated when that happens.

What, if anything is on your reading list?  Would you rather read the book or see the movie?  I always read the book first but do like to see the movie.

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19 Responses to My old books

  1. Morocco says:

    I love to read–books of all kinds! I especially love literature. Reading takes me away to new heights; like you, I easily lose myself in books!

    I also like to read YA fiction so that I may recommend books to my students and talk with them about what they are reading.

  2. starlaschat says:

    I also enjoy reading I’m a little on the boring side I read a lot of non fiction I also like medical books really boring. But you asked. Ive always been a huge fan of books when others spent their money on clothes I spent mine at the book store. I have boxes of books which if I had to do all over maybe I would not bought so many. Because I have moved a lot in my life they are heavy to move but as I get older I can reread and it will be fresh and new. I agree often a book into a movie is a disappointment.

  3. nikki says:

    Ahhh books, I love the look of old books and LOVE really old big libraries. I do have a hard time reading them though because I’m weird and hate the feel of paper. I have one that I’m working one now and a normal person can get it read in 2 days. But I can’t seem to get past my dislike of paper. I tried gloves & that didn’t work. I saw my mail lady and she was wearing these cool gloves for handling mail. I’m gonna try to catch her and see where she got them. I do really love to read and the whole idea of letting your imagination do the work!!!
    Bailey got your love of reading Joy, he reads a book everyday. One a day is his goal, he did it all through spring break. He’s into the Goosebumbs books!!

  4. Doraz says:

    Fern Michaels
    Nora Robbins
    Tom Clancy
    Patricia Cornwell
    James Patterson
    Just to name a few favorites/
    I read , when I can make time.
    It is like entering another world!

  5. pammy wammy says:

    I LOVE to read.I always have.I can go into a library for hours and I feel calm and relaxed.If I have the time,I can finish a book in a couple of days.I too can get lost in the book,and feel like I am right there in the story.I also do that in movies.I like to read lots of things.I love true stories,nothing too scary.Almost anything 🙂

  6. Just a Mom says:

    I do not like to read that much. The only 2 authors I really like are John Steinback and Ray Bradbury. I tried to start reading this past year but I failed miserably! I only read 2 chapters and that was it.
    If I am going to read something I have to be able to learn something as well.
    Thankfully my oldest daughter loves to read. She reads anywhere and all the time. I think she likes to read because my mom used to read to her all the time. My youngest daughter is like me and she hates to read. This is probably my fault because I never read to her as a little kid. Oh well at least she will have something to tell her shrink when she is older! 🙂

  7. Gary says:

    I have a new found love for reading actually. I don’t really have any favorite authors yet although I REALLY like any book by Anthony Bourdain. “Kitchen Confidential” and “A Cook’s Tour” I really enjoyed.

    I have started reading some of the classics that I SHOULD have read back in school. LOL I recently finished “Lord of the Flies” and really enjoyed it.

    This reminds me….I need to go to the library and get a new book to read. 😀

  8. Sue says:

    I also love to read, but after kids there haven’t been too many books! The last author I really got into was Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and a few other ones. They are mystery/suspense and I enjoy those the most. I saw the Da Vinci Code when it became a movie, and I’m with Joy. They are just never as good as the book. Angels and Demons comes out in May so I’ll go see that. I should maybe re-read the book, it’s been awhile!

    I read a couple of Nicholas Sparks books on vacation and while I enjoyed them, they were too much the same. I can’t imagine that love stories can be all that different anyway. As a teenager, I read the Three Investigators series by Alfred Hitchcock in one summer because they were awesome! Mystery is definitely my thing!

  9. joanharvest says:

    My son-in-law went to our old house yesterday with a rented 16 foot box truck to get the rest of our stuff that we hadn’t moved to the island. Most of it was packed in the attic. To his chagrin there were about 30 large plastic totes filled with books. He came home and told me I had a problem–book addiction. I had to agree. It runs in the family. My sister is painting the upstairs in her house and when cleaning gave almost 500 books to the library and she still has tons left. My brother ended up with so many books about 20 years ago he started a used book store.

    Yes, I read books. I read a mix of fiction (my favorite genre being science fiction and fantasy) but I will read most anything and non-fiction which takes up about 70% of my collection including topics of science, history & spiritualism.

    I also love reading the classics especially the Bronte sisters, Jane Austin etc.

    I am usually reading about 5 books at a time-2 fiction and 3 non fiction. Right now I am reading Inkheart, The Golden Compass, Japanese Papercrafts, A History of Martha’s Vineyard and Knights.

    I have already bought books for my unborn granddaughter. To my son-in-law’s horror my daughter is addicted too. The rest of the bins were filled with her books.

  10. DM says:

    I’m a reader. The past year or two reading blogs has somewhat replaced the time I would spend in a book. When the kids were little and we didn’t have much $, our TV broke…didn’t have the $ to replace it for a couple of years. I went through withdrawal as real as any other addiction. later when we did have the funds to replace the “idiot box” as my dad would call it, I found I had a hard time sitting still for very long. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie, but I may go for weeks w/o plopping in front of it now. Would rather read. Authors..many and varied….I love it when I get drawn into a series (Lord of the Rings, Wind In the Willows, Love Comes Softly,etc) that hasn’t happened for a spell.

  11. Leah says:

    I love to read! 😀

    19th century literature is probably my favorite. I could read Jane Austen all day, every day. 😀 I also love Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitergerald.

  12. Tosha says:

    I read all the time. I don’t have favorite authors because I like reading many different things. My biggest problem is getting hooked in a book and unable to put it down. I start them and usually finish them the same day. As lame as it sounds I just finished reading the Twilight series because my oldest was interested in it and I figured it was too old for her so I read it first. I finished all 4 books in 4 days.

  13. kweenmama says:

    I have always loved to read. And one thing I’ve gotten into lately is reading what my teens are reading. It’s fun to discuss the book together after we are done reading it–or even WHILE we are reading it. My oldest has recently discovered Robert Cormier and is reading anything of his she can get her hands on. She went to the library yesterday and found a bunch of his books. She brought two to me and asked if I would read them so that we could discuss them after she has read them as well. I now need to decide which to read first–“Heroes” or “The Rag and Bone Shop.”

  14. Mary says:

    Joy – If you like books (Yes!), then you might like a website called GoodReads. As a reader, I’ve always wanted to keep track of the books I’ve read, which is easy enough with a journal I keep by my bed. My one problem was in keeping track of the books I still want to read. That’s where GoodReads comes in handy. You can use the site to keep track of books read, books you are currently reading (including the page number you’re on), and the books you want to read.

    Here’s the address:

    I’m currently reading Black Swan Green by David Mitchell.

  15. Archie says:

    I guess I’m not a great fan of fuzzy novels or Danielle Steele, But I have enjoyed several Stephen King (Long and not so scary anymore!!)

    I can read anywhere too!

    In the kitchen, in the loo, in a rickety old bus, on the beach you name it!

    I love to be scared, and the book that best spooked me was ‘The Exorcist’! Right now, on my table I have “Theraphy” by Jonathan Kellerman, in my bike Alex Kava’s “Exposed, bedside book for the week is “Sea of Poppies” by Amitav Ghosh.

  16. Mary is absolutely correct about Good Reads. It’s amazing the variety of books you can find that people are reading.

    As for the post, I have to tell you that it’s incredibly refreshing to see such staunch support of reading. There are a good number of Doubting Thomases in the circles I travel in who seem to think books are on the way out. I couldn’t disagree more.

    I haven’t had much time to read lately, because I’ve been writing so much (and work, too). But it does my heart good to see so many people still in love with the word.

    • Joy says:

      Thanks JW. Nothing would or could ever replace reading to me. How could it “go out?” Thank you for coming to the blog. I’ll come and visit yours.

  17. SKL says:

    Normally I would have been all over this post, but I am working some crazy hours these days! Just wanted to chime in after the fact. Right now I am reading the Three Musketeers during my bathroom breaks. I never would have believed my life would descend to this – but the way my life is right now, I can’t seem to squeeze “real reading” in any other time.

    I have always been a reader. When I was a wee kid, we went to a “rummage sale” (that’s where my mom bought most of my clothes) and Mom found this antique copy of Little House in the Big Woods and bought it for me. I wrote my name and address in the book; I wrote the “5” backwards, so I couldn’t have been older than 5; but I started reading and fell in love with that book. I can still remember the color plate at the beginning, of the snug little log cabin in the big dark woods. Anyhoo, I was hooked and never stopped reading. I hope my daughters have a similar experience.

  18. Adell says:

    I am an odd ball. I don’t like to read fiction, only ‘real’ stories. Books about halocaust survivors are probably one of my favorites. Years ago I started with “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom. I enjoy cookbooks(always looking for a new recipe)and books on health(always working on being healthy) I also like teaching books e.s. Fasting, prayer life and how to develop a closer walk with the Lord.
    My absolute favorite Book is the Living Book, The Bible. I have read it thru many times. I refer to it as the “Manufacturer’s handbook”. It gives instructions to me how to live and walk in the way that God created me. Of course it means little unless the Spirit of God is living in a person.

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