Kreativ blog award from JavaQueen


In order to receive this award I have to list 7 things I love then pass it on to 7 blogs I love. But guess what, we hate to follow the rule so if you are here reading this, consider yourself “tagged!” Ha, ha, your it!!!! Thank you JavaQueen for this award. It means a whole lot to us.

Joy will go first. I’m not including “people” in this because they all know who they are and know I love them 😉

1. Funny thing, I love the number 7. John Elway elway-7, Doug Flutiedougflutie-buffalo-bills1…..Need I say more??

2. The smell of brand new color crayons.

3. I love to be up late at night knowing everyone I love is sound asleep in bed and safe.

4. I love sitting out on my deck in the mornings and evenings. I miss it like crazy when winter comes.


6. I love when my brother comes out and Jason, Nikki, Bailey, Toby, Sue, Trinity and Christopher are all here and we play guitar hero.

7. I love the Vikings.


1. Sand…sandboxes, sand castles….I love playing in the sand with the kids!! Making motes and castles and littles towns.

2. Children of course…I LOVE them, even on my worst day the smile or giggle of any child will brighten my day.

3. Lip gloss and sunglasses. These are 2 things I can’t live without.

4. Planet Earth…the show. I check my guide often and if it’s on, I watch it!! It mesmerizes me to no end. It truly is the best “nature” show ever!!!

5.Mowing my lawn! I love the smell, the satisfaction of the way it looks when I’m done. I try to make it look like a baseball field in the back yard for Bailey…which brings me to #6.

6. Baseball!!  I LOVE watching baseball, particularly the Twins but I just love the game!!!! I’m stoked for our new field set to open next season. I will be there!!!!!

7. Last but certainly not least…I love to be loved. I yearn for it and need it. I love to cuddle and to be told that I’m loved!! That may in fact be my favorite thing ever!!


Well, thank you very much javaqueen for this great award!  Let me see if I can narrow it down to just 7 things!

1.  I love my kids.  I know, I know, everybody does, but just thinking of them can tear me up!  They are cute, loveable, crazy, mischievous and just plain mine 🙂

2.  I love going for runs by myself.  Even if I don’t feel like running, it’s still my time to think about anything I want without interruption or not think at all and just go. 

3.  I love getting a good deal while shopping!  The best is when you get to the register and it’s cheaper than you thought it would be!

4.  I love sitting on my deck on a warm summer day listening to the wind, the birds and feeling the sun on my face.  To me, having some sort of white noise is more peaceful then pure silence.  While on vacation I fell in love with the ocean sounds and am REALLY  missing it. 

5.  For the most part, I love family cook outs.  It brings back so many great memories from my childhood when we were all together and laughing and having a good time.  Lately, they have brought more drama than I remember!

6.  I love my job!  Not necessarily all aspects of it, but being right in there, right next to the action…..LOVE IT!!!!!!! 

7.  I love a good home cooked meal.  Yum yum.  I love steak and ribs and all things meaty 😉  I would not survive on a vegetarian diet easily!

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5 Responses to Kreativ blog award from JavaQueen

  1. Sue says:

    Joy, you and your crayons! I think that is so funny! Remember the night we all sat around the table coloring?? I think you have a picture! I’m so glad you saved Maddie b/c I wouldn’t have been able to. You were able to be with her 24/7 and I just couldn’t. She’s awfully cute, good job!

    Nikki, I love mowing the lawn too! It is great to look out over a freshly mowed lawn and smell the grass. It just screams SUMMER!

  2. Gary says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Joy, Nikki and Sue and this WELL deserved award!!! 😉

  3. joanharvest says:

    Joy, I too, love staying up late knowing that the kids are safe and sleeping and not bothering me. Oh, did I write that? Strike the last three words. 😉

    I also can’t wait for the good weather so I can spend my days on the deck and not in the house.

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