Do you cry at movies??

the-notebookI am the biggest cry baby when it comes to movies. I’m just a very sensitive person. I even cry at Hallmark commercials! I was over on Facebook the other day and saw a “quiz” that asked for the top 5 movies that make you cry. I had such a hard time. Not because I couldn’t think of any but because I had so many to pick from. So I thought it would be fun for all you you to do the same. Tell me your top 5 movies that make you cry like a little baby! Or maybe you don’t cry. I know some people who don’t shed a tear when in my opinion, how could you not? Some people just don’t or they know they will so they refuse to watch a “chick flick” or a sappy old love story! Here are my top 5…have fun!

1. The Notebook~~ I don’t know one women or man that has watched this movie and not cried. Even the biggest, burliest macho man I know cried at this movie! For those men how refuse to watch it, it’s okay don’t be afraid to let it all out! LOL

2. The Lion King~~ It’s so sad when Simba’s dad dies…I cry every single time!!! We took the kids to Disney on Ice recently and they did a small skit from The Lion King. When the song “Circle of Life” came on I got tears in my eyes!

3. Reign Over Me~~ if you haven’t seen this go watch it now. I wouldn’t even consider this a chick flick. It’s just a great powerful movie!!! Adam Sandler is incredible in it and he’s not your typical funny man in this one.

4. Beaches~~ this is an oldie but newie for me. I just recently watched this movie for the first time because my best friend from high school insisted on me watching it. I’m glad I did and some parts I see a reflection of our own relationship. Mine and hers. I’m sure most women have seen this one!

5. The Green Mile~~ based on a Steven King novel, how could it not be great! Michael Clarke Duncan was amazing and really makes you believe that miracles do come true…a real tearjerker!!!

So there are mine…now tell me what yours are!!!

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30 Responses to Do you cry at movies??

  1. Joy says:

    I cry very easily by “seeing” it. I very rarely cry reading a book but seeing the same movie of a book I didn’t cry during, I’ll cry at the movie.

    1~Brian’s Song

    2~Love Story

    3~Bridges of Madison County. When she sees him standing in the rain and she’s clutching the door handle about does me in. I feel the pain in my heart and when she goes home and is with her family and goes in the pantry to cry in private, it breaks my heart. I did cry while reading this book too.

    4~Beaches for me as well. When Bette Midler says to Barbara Hershey after they hadn’t seen each other for all that time and says to her “you took our friendship away without even asking me,” is one of my favorite movie lines.

    5~Terms of Endearment

    I can also cry during most of the Little House programs. Whether out of emotional happiness or sadness, that show gets to me.

  2. megan says:

    I had a difficult time thinking of movies that make me cry. I don’t tend to gravitate towards movies that keep me crying throughout – it’s usually just during a scene or two. So, this list is just some I can think of that I remember crying during some point. There are definitely more, but these were the first that came mind – I’m sure I’ll get some strange looks for some of them.

    1. Gran Torino – the end
    2. The Land Before Time – when Littlefoot is reunited with his grandparents
    3. An American Tail – when Fivel is separated from his family, and again when they are reunited
    4. Star Trek: Nemesis – the end
    5. Anna and the King – the execution scene

  3. candi says:

    Can I ask what are movies? I never get time to watch movies, or I rather be doing other things. Movies like the ones that are based on a true story, like the ones on lifetime, exspecailly if its about children. I tend to take the whole at heart and the think about forever.. I watched the notebook (by the nicole did jared give that back to you he was suppose to at bowling), That was a great movie, I did cry… Very good!!!!!! I can relate to the beaches movies, they are some parts that would make a tear.. Like I said, I never watch movies and or T.V. If it was up to me, i would get rid of the salitte.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Have you seen the HBO movie “TAKING CHANCE”?

    I needed tissue for that one. 😦

    • nikki says:

      I’ve never seen that but I will look into that! I believe everyone should slow down once in awhile for some good R&R…and a great movie!

  5. SKL says:

    I won’t be able to list five. I almost never cried at movies before I had kids. Something about being a mom made me more of a softie – but I haven’t seen many movies since then.

    Marley and Me – first one I took my kids to – even my almost-2-year-old cried. So did everyone else in the place. I didn’t need a tissue but cried maybe half a tear. (Yeah, I’m tough.)

    Slumdog millionaire – some aspect of the abuse of the children made me think about how that could have been my daughters were they not adopted.

    Some that haven’t been mentioned above: Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias. Ladies, if you haven’t seen these, you really should.

    • nikki says:

      Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies and should be on my list too, I have so many!
      Marley & Me…yea I heard that is not a “happy ending” movie!!

      • Joy says:

        I also loved Steel Magnolia’s but I could only list 5. I could have listed more.

        I’m waiting for Marley and Me to come on pay preview. I don’t want to buy it because I know I’ll only watch it once. I’ll put it on a tape so you can see it Nikki. There is nothing that gets to me like a sad dog movie. Old Yeller really got to me and 8 Below make me feel sad for hours afterward. I think it’s called 8 Below. The one where the sled dogs get left behind.

        • nikki says:

          OMG 8 Below!!! DO NOT let your kids watch that! Bailey cried and it actually scared him! Animals always make me cry, sometime worse than people!

  6. Laura (LS) says:

    I don’t cry much at movies…. it’s music that gets me. And man! does it get me bad, especially patriotic songs.

    I read Marley and Me – haven’t seen the movie yet, although I want to (on the Netflix queue). But I bawled like a baby when I read the book. And I knew that Marley’s time had come. I worked in a vet clinic, I have my own pets, I understand these things. And still, I cried.

    Then again, I also cried when Hedwig died….

    But movies? Not really so much. Unless it’s crying from laughter…. and there are too many for me to list here!

  7. tessa says:

    Yes, great movies! I think most woman are so sensitive to movies! When it comes to drama’s our chick flicks. I am VERY sensitive too and cry at commercials even LOL. Some favorites of mine that I cry, cry, laugh, laugh at:

    Steel Magnolis
    My Best Friend’s Wedding
    The Family Guy (Nicholas Cage)
    Nine Months
    The Freedom Writers (True Story, so good)
    Somethings Gotta Give
    Sweet Home Alabama
    The Horse Whisperer
    Dirty Dancing (My FAVorite)
    Ghost (Eric’s favorite)
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- (Love it)

  8. javajunkee says:

    I haven’t cried at a movie for a long time.

    I can remember back when Love Story first came out. GADS..and can anybody find that to rent? I want my kids to see it. I can’t find it anywhere 😦

    I won’t see Marley and me just because of the state of mind I’m in right now. And maybe it would make me cry and maybe that would be a good thing but I can’t chance it.

    I can feel tears when I watch some movies but they just stop short of really falling.

  9. javajunkee says:

    I’m more of a comedy movie kind of gal. I figure life sucks enough already why watch movies that make it suck even more 😉

    My favorite laugh movies…in no particular order

    Barbershop 1 and 2
    Beauty Shop
    Mr. Deeds
    Happy Gilmore
    Big Daddy

    also those movies that border on good comedy and some other factor that I LOVE

    Some Kind of Wonderful
    Practical Magic (my I think all time favorite movie)

    of course now Twilight

    Lost Boys

    oh crap I could go on and on!

  10. Gary says:

    About the only movie I can remember needing a tissue while watching is Titanic. I needed a tissue at the end when “I can’t remember his name” let go of what he was holding onto in the water and slowly sank into the cold water.

  11. starlaschat says:

    Hey Nikki!!! Fun post, I love movies and I probably cry a fair amount but to be honest I’m not sure which ones. I would say probably if it’s a good tear jerker I probably cried. I did take a few notes from people movie picks. Hope your worlds well Nikki and your ready for a fun Spring. I also agree RR time is super important. I’m ready for some movie time.

  12. Just a Mom says:

    1. Marley & Me ~ This is a great movie! You laugh your butt off through all of it until the very end. I took my 9 year old to see it, at the end we both had tears coming down our cheeks.
    2. Beaches
    3. Steel Magnolis
    4. Where the Red Fern Grows
    5. Dying Young

  13. Sue says:

    I’m a big crier at movies, TV shows and books. I read The Notebook on the way to Hawaii and got teary eyed on the plane! Thankfully I was by the window so I did my best to hide my eyes, but it was a great book. As far as movies go, hmmm…

    The Lion King and Finding Nemo for sure, but any Disney movie is sure to make me cry.

    Bridge to TeraBithia….BAWLED like a baby.

    Titanic always gets me and in so many parts!

    Sweet Home Alabama. That man is so cute and it breaks my heart when she doesn’t go on the plane with him!

    • Just a Mom says:

      Have you ever noticed that in the Disney animated movies they always kill the mother!
      Bambi, Lilo and Stitch, Finding Nemo, Tarzan, Brother Bear, The Fox and The Hound the mother’s all died!

      • Joy says:

        Yes, why do you suppose that is? Better plot line or what?

      • SKL says:

        I’ve also noticed that in many popular kids’ movies and books, an orphan is the main character. Think about it. Heidi, Oliver Twist, Harry Potter, Great Expectations, Wizard of Oz, Jane Eyre, the Little Princess, Huckleberry Finn, Anne of Green Gables, Cinderella … I could go on all day. I started to notice this when my kids (who were “orphans” in a sense) started being cognizant of story lines.

        I guess a hero/heroine gets more empathy if he/she has had that kind of struggle to deal with as a child.

    • nikki says:

      You didn’t like the movie Sue??????? The Notebook?

  14. nikki says:

    That picture of The Notebook gives me the chills!! They literally couldn’t live without each other!!!!! Uhhhhhhh

  15. Tosha says:

    I don’t tend to cry when i watch movies.. I can’t recall one I cried during at the moment. Thats probably b/c it takes alot to hold my attention for long and many movies can’t hold my attention. I prefer flicks with alot of action. Hard to find those that keep me watching for long. fast cars things being blown up..LOL My kinda movie..

  16. Tosha says:

    Yes I loved transformers!

  17. pammy wammy says:

    I cry easy at movies.
    Lion King-when Simbas dad died,I cried it was so sad.My daughter was young and did not like that part.We always had to fast forward it for her.
    BEACHES–My favorite.I love that song Bette Midler sings,I cry every time 😦
    Dying Young
    Titanic,so sad
    Sweet Home Alabama

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