Has everyone heard about Susan Boyle by now?

I know you’ve all probably heard of this woman by now but her singing makes the hair on my arms stand straight up.  I hope she’ll put out something because her voice is out of this world and I need to hear more of her.

I think one of the best parts is the way everyone laughed at her UNTIL she started singing.  Goes to show us doesn’t it?  Watch the judges faces.  I have never seen Simon with a look like that on his face and I thought the lady was going to cry.  This is the BEST.

You tube has it embedded and won’t let me put it here but this link takes you there.  Watch it.  It will amaze you.

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26 Responses to Has everyone heard about Susan Boyle by now?

  1. avomnia says:

    Joy, I’ve seen this posted in a couple places, and hadn’t taken the time to watch it. I knew, though, given your passionate description of it, I had to watch it.

    You have an earlier post about the Notebook, and yes, I cried. I didn’t bawl, but I shed tears.

    Ms. Boyle’s performance was not only courageous, but beautiful. A woman achieves her dreams before our very eyes, despite our own misgivings and pre-judgements.

    That small, two-dimensional video reached inside me and managed to bring tears to my eyes. That is the best of humanity for all to see :^)

  2. goldenamber says:

    Joy, I just had a look at the video. I had heard so much about it. To be quite honest, she isn’t that brilliant vocally. However, I think she shocked everyone just with her confidence and being way better than the outside package would show.

    It warms my heart that someone like her would be given a chance…. makes us all hold on to our dreams just a little tighter.

    Lovely post… I hope she goes all the way.

  3. mssc54 says:

    She is definately beautiful on the inside.

  4. Tony says:

    I saw her on TV last night, she has the voice of an angel. An incredibly talented lady

  5. pammy wammy says:

    I dont always watch this show.But I just watched it from beginning to end.It was not what I expected.It gave me the chills,she was awesome.By the end of the video I was crying.Not to many songs or the singer have affected me the way she did.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. trishatruly says:

    Yep. That was the best video EVER!

    *pass the tissues, please*

  7. Laura (LS) says:

    I, too, watched it for the first time today. And just so you know where I’m coming from, I have a B.A. in music, and Simon is my hero! He’s the only one who consistently isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. So I knew what that smile on his face meant, about halfway through (at 3:06 in the link below)…. “FINALLY!!! THIS is why I listen to all of those dorks for hours, days, weeks and years on end.” (and the initial look, when she first started singing, was priceless: “Holy CRAP!!”)

    I don’t see her as a rock star, which is why a lot of people go on these shows. I see her on stage, on Broadway. With a little training, in both acting and yes, vocal (a musician can *always* improve on her art), she will knock ’em dead on two continents.

  8. starlaschat says:

    Thanks for posting this Joy. I had heard about that story but had not seen the video. The look on Simon’s face is priceless. What a wonderful story! I listened to another song she did cry me a river, which was also wonderful. Good lesson on judging the outsides first. We have so much to learn but this is a good start. I hope she does well.

  9. SKL says:

    Man, if only I had sound on my computer. I love stories like this.

  10. Karen Joy says:

    Awesome!I watched it now for the first time and was so thrilled by her voice.Yes I cried!Gosh,I am so excited for her,youd think I was on that stage!Way to show them Susan!!!!!!!

  11. kweenmama says:

    I saw it on tv and was truly amazed. She is definitely talented!

  12. Doraz says:

    This is a woman who believes in herself.
    She maintains her dignity.
    She maintains her self-respect.
    She maintains her honor.
    And she has a great sense of humor!
    She is wonderful.
    She is talented.
    She is unstoppable!

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I loved it!

  13. Gary says:

    You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!! She is absolutely FAN-TASTIC!!!

  14. Laura (LS) says:

    I Dreamed A Dream, from Les Miserables

    There was a time when men were kind,
    And their voices were soft,
    And their words inviting.
    There was a time when love was blind,
    And the world was a song,
    And the song was exciting.
    There was a time when it all went wrong…

    I dreamed a dream in time gone by,
    When hope was high and life, worth living.
    I dreamed that love would never die,
    I dreamed that God would be forgiving.
    Then I was young and unafraid,
    And dreams were made and used and wasted.
    There was no ransom to be paid,
    No song unsung, no wine, untasted.

    But the tigers come at night,
    With their voices soft as thunder,
    As they tear your hope apart,
    And they turn your dream to shame.

    He slept a summer by my side,
    He filled my days with endless wonder…
    He took my childhood in his stride,
    But he was gone when autumn came!

    And still I dream he’ll come to me,
    That we will live the years together,
    But there are dreams that cannot be,
    And there are storms we cannot weather!

    I had a dream my life would be
    So different from this hell I’m living,
    So different now from what it seemed…
    Now life has killed the dream I dreamed…


    I think her dream has new life.

  15. nikki says:

    WOW….that was amazing!!!!! This is the first time hearing her or even hearing of her. I don’t watch TV at all anymore! It was nice to see Simon smile!!

  16. shane says:

    That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Good for her. What made it so great is what they all thought of her at first, then after the first line that all changed. She has a very good voice!!

  17. javajunkee says:

    that was so cool. Do you think until that first judge told her everybody was laughing at her she even realized that it was laughing at her in a mean way? She might have just thought they were laughing with her.

    You weren’t kidding either. The hairs were standing up on my arms !!! And I had chills down my spine. That was nothing short of amazing!

  18. Sue says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! Way to go Susan, that’ll show ’em! I hope this show helps her dream come true because she should be singing on the stage somewhere.

  19. SanityFound says:

    Someone just emailed me the link and its awesome, I like this womans spunk and guts, the way the crowd wrote her off and how they all got a little slap over the head when she opened her mouth… lessons for all 🙂

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