Miss California Sparks Furor With Gay Marriage Comments

miss-usaI’m going out on a big limb with this one but it’s got nothing to do with my personal view on anything.  It’s just something that has me wondering WHAT THE HECK?

I don’t normally write stuff like this but this leaves me with a lot of questions and a feeling of yuck in my mouth.  It’s also got NOTHING to do with what or how I feel about the issue of gay marriage.  

This is what was asked of her and how she responded.

When asked by judge Perez Hilton, an openly gay gossip blogger, whether she believed in gay marriage, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, said “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”  Here’s the link to Foxnews if your interested.

Okay now first of all, Perez Hilton??  You have got to be kidding me. A man who at times dyes his hair pink, yellow, lavender and lime green??  This guy is just a nut.  No other words come to me other than nut.  He makes his living by blogging about gossip and innuendo’s.  He makes fun of people and belittles everyone. I’m not sure I could look him in the eye and even take him seriously.  Gay or not gay.  Straight or not straight.  He’s a gossip columnist and a nasty one to boot.  And he’s a “judge” in the Miss USA pageant??  WHY????  

I didn’t see this program.  I don’t care for them in general and haven’t watched a “pageant” program in years.  But some are saying the answer she gave cost her the win and title.  Others are saying she had it in the bag and should have won.  Others are saying she should lose the first runner up spot.  I can only go by what I’ve read and what I’ve watched.

My problem with this whole thing not counting Perez Hiltons involvement is why was a question like this asked?  This is an air headed competition in my opinion and I don’t feel a debated question like this should be asked.  Why not “would you have an abortion” or “should priests be allowed to get married?”  It’s an opinion question and how we feel and how we answer should be accepted. If you ask someone a question you should be prepared to hear what they have to say.  Should she have lied?  Lying would be okay and she may have won that way?  Isn’t lying = to cheating?  I feel the way this kid is being treated for being honest is appalling. Whether we agree with her or not, this is HER opinion and it was asked to her by a NUT and now the media is shredding her??? I feel this is just plain wrong. My son Toby heard him call her a dumb bitch today on the radio.  Well then why did he ask her such a volatile question??

We don’t all have the same opinions obviously so my thought is, as someone I know used to say, “if you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question.”  What do you think?  This to me isn’t about gay marriage it’s about your own freedom to feel and think what you want without being punished for it. “Especially” when you’re asked.  She didn’t volunteer this, she was asked this by Hilton and he just didn’t like her answer and that’s what I find wrong.

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25 Responses to Miss California Sparks Furor With Gay Marriage Comments

  1. tinymandolin says:

    I agree entirely with this post!!!

  2. SKL says:

    I am pretty disgusted by this. The question about gay marriage is a serious one and a moral one. No matter what side you come out on. My first reaction was, why did they ask the question? But after some thought, I feel the question itself could have been fair game, if the judges were going to judge the answer objectively. Meaning consider whether she answered clearly, intelligently, gracefully, to the point, whatever. But in this case, there was only one right answer. If your morals / religious beliefs / whatever put you on one side of the issue, you will win, if on the other side, you will lose (aka religious discrimination – unAmerican, no?). This amounted a Miss Politically Correct USA pageant. Which would have been fine if it had been stated at the outset of the competition. Then people who are true to themselves would not bother to compete.

    The thing that bugs me the most is the way they treated this woman after the decision. The organization that put her out there started trashing her like heck and basically disowned her. How dare she answer a very debatable question honestly?! It wasn’t her fault she got that question but I feel it was a sign of character to answer it honestly. I don’t expect everyone to agree on any topic, but as long as this is the USA, independent thought is supposed to be valued.

    Reading some of the fallout afterward, a lot of people were saying Miss California was out of touch with what America believes, and how could she not declare herself pro-gay-marriage when she knows there are more gays than anything else involved with the pageant. Well, I found that rather telling. The Miss USA pageant is basically a gay event? And by the way, Miss California’s views are not “out there.” The majority of Americans believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Maybe it’s the pageant that is way out of touch. And that’s what made the question so inappropriate – the context, not the content.

    And I’m also disgusted that the pageant has been used to promote the gay marriage lobby. What does one have to do with the other? Do you think any of the contestants feel a bit exploited right now?

  3. Joy says:

    Just for the record I’d like to state that I feel any two people who want to be married should be allowed to do so. I had an uncle who I loved dearly and he died a little over 2 years ago and he had been with his partner for almost 30 years. They got together the year Paul and I did. This poor man couldn’t get his body out of the morgue. So me from MN got him released in Buffalo NY and the man he’d been with for all that time had no say in anything. I do feel that’s wrong. I think if you love someone, that says it all.

    I also know many people who play the “religion” card when it suits them and don’t have a “religious” bone in their body UNTIL something like this comes along. Honestly, how can it affect me who someone else loves?

    I didn’t mean this post to turn into gay marriage laws. Just that this woman has the right to her beliefs as I do.

  4. shane says:

    ??? UMM ??? Damn I forgot what this post was about. I was to busy staring at the picture! LOL

  5. javajunkee says:

    I hate those pagents anyhow..I think they are part of the reason this country has a bunch of messed up girls with eating disorders. (that along with the trash of magazines sporting photoshopped twigs)….

    that being said ..the question never should have been asked. For the most part we are not dealing with rocket science candidates here. Ask them what they want to do when they grow up. Easy stuff like that.

    I agree with everybody else on it’s a matter of opinion and they pretty much set her up with it. Either way she would have been screwed because if she had gone the other direction somebody would have taken offense to that too.

  6. mssc54 says:

    1. The question was asked to advance a political agenda.

    2. She was asked for HER opinion, not someone else’s opinion.

    3. In one news interiew “Mr.” Perez said that he didn’t want Ms. CA to bring “her Jesus” into it. Ms. CA NEVER said “Jesus” (look back at the clips) but “Mr.” Perez heard “Jesus”. What does that tell you?

  7. Laura (LS) says:

    I’m so incredibly tired of the high school mentality that has invaded and conquered this country.

    Mr. Perez is the perfect example of the playground bully and the vapid, popular-because-i’m-rich, prima-donna that we all knew and hated in high school. She/he had the followers and hangers-on who thought everything that was said was gospel, and the rest of us were treated like lice. But the thing is, the rest of us saw “them” for what they were, and pretty much ignored them and got on with our lives, because we KNEW that when we reached adulthood, all this cliqueish crap would be done.

    Well, it got worse. Now they’re old enough to hold public office and influential jobs. And manipulate public opinion and laws to suit their fancy.

    It’s so telling that is Miss CA – an unpaid “scholarship” contestant – who is getting the bashing, and Mr. Perez, a self-serving, childish, name calling, gutter-dweller who is getting all the “good press” out of this.

    And that’s exactly what he wanted.

  8. Gary says:

    I didn’t watch the pagent but I had heard about this happening. I personally don’t think this was an appropriate question! No matter how she answered it, she was gonna piss SOMEONE off so why put her into that position??

    If the question just HAD to be asked (and apparently it did) then the judges should have kept in mind that this was HER opinion. Just because HER opinion may differ from yours doesn’t mean she should be shuned or judged lower. The judges should have focused on how intelligently she answered the question and not so much on her opinion of the subject matter.

  9. Doraz says:

    Becoming a Contestant Fast Facts:

    To compete you must

    * Be between the ages of 17 and 24.
    * Be a United States citizen.
    * Meet residency requirements for competing in a certain town or state.
    * Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization.


    * Be in reasonably good health to meet the job requirements.
    * Be able to meet the time commitment and job responsibilities as set forth by the local program in which you compete.

    • Laura (LS) says:

      just to clarify… this was the Miss U.S.A. Pageant. As far as I know, Miss America and Miss U.S.A. are two completely different organizations.

      • Joy says:

        Your right Laura. They are two separate pageants. Between the two, I can stomach Miss America but still wouldn’t watch it unless I was bored out of my mind. Which if that were the case, I’d make a bowl of popcorn and pick up a book. I just don’t care for these.

  10. Laura (LS) says:

    I do find it interesting that we’re what, almost a week after the fact? And Donald Trump hasn’t said a peep.

    Wasn’t it last year, or the year before, that he was all personally involved because Miss U.S.A. THAT year was a junkie or a porn star or something? And he stepped in to have her reinstated after the pageant bigwigs dumped her for violating the rules.

    Hmmm…. he stands up for a rule breaker, but is nowhere to be found when one of “his girls” – after all, he DOES own the show – is bashed and publicly humiliated for exercising her First Amendment Right of Free Speech.


    • SKL says:

      I heard Mr. Trump weighed in in support of the pageant (meaning against Miss California). Sad, I had a little bit of respect for him, which seems to diminish every time I hear him talk. (Not that he’s my moral guidepost or anything!)

      I heard he is in charge of Miss Universe, is he also in charge of Miss USA? Who can keep all that stuff straight?

      • SKL says:

        Now I just heard that Mr. Trump’s “official” comment was in support of Ms. Prejean. He says it wasn’t a bad answer, it was her opinion; and he thought the question was “unlucky” and the treatment she got from Hilton was unfounded.

        He did voice his support for the win of Miss North Carolina. I feel kinda bad for Miss NC here. I am not a judge, but I don’t think anyone can really say Miss NC didn’t deserve to win. Hopefully this all blows over soon so that Miss USA can enjoy the fruits of her labors.

  11. nikki says:

    First of all no one chooses to be gay. I mean I don’t choose to be straight, I just am. So because of that I am given the privilege of marrying a man. Just wanted to say that…
    The question WAS a total opinion question and crossed the line. Never should it have been asked, yet she was 100% honest. If she would have given it some thought she very well might not have been honest, which is worse? A question is asked, given the freedom of speech, and scolded for it. I guess I’m playing devils advocate here. The question should not have ever been asked, and like you said Joy, don’t want a certain answer then don’t ask! If this girl is so “dumb” as people are saying why the hell do we care what she thinks anyway. It’s her opinion which she’s entitled to which does not reflect anyone else’s opinion….so I say…..GET OVER IT!
    As for Perez Hilton….makes me sick that some one can get that famous bye simply talking trash about people…what a life! He must be very unhappy with himself!

    • SKL says:

      I read a Q&A with her and she seemed to indicate that she knew of the possibility of that question coming up while she was studying. She said she prayed she wouldn’t get that question, but when it came, she felt God was testing her integrity or something like that. So I don’t think she would have given a different answer if she had more time to think about it. But to me, that says more for her than if she would change her answer just for the sake of winning.

      Personally I don’t take sides on the moral aspects of gay marriage (or unmarried relations). It is far from “black and white” to me. I believe in legal rights (aka power of attorney) for anyone to whom an adult wants to grant them, and I don’t believe in economic marriage rights for gay couples because there is no societal benefit to offset the cost. But on the moral side, I can’t read God’s mind, so I leave it at that. I’m glad to hear that Perez Hilton considers himself my moral superior.

    • tessa says:

      Nikki, it is also a political question being asked in government offices across the country. They always ask a political question in Miss USA because the winner is a national spokesperson.
      I agree, gossip writers-those who judge others for a living-have a sad life. It will come back at them.

  12. Doraz says:

    Here is your Miss USA you are looking for…..

    Be yourself: I honestly think the best tip I could give you is to be yourself. Pageant judges and audiences want a state pageant representative or Miss USA to be someone who is genuine. Being fake or telling the judges what you think they want to hear will not ultimately help you. Let your personality shine throughout the competition instead!

    Regardless of whether or not you are selected to compete in your state pageant or the national Miss USA pageant, know that each woman, including you, is unique and beautiful.

    To me that means she is entitled to an opinion.

  13. tessa says:

    First of all, my first thought is- The USA pagant is BASED on judgment, so of coarse they are going to judge the contestant’s answers! This is the point of the competition!! IT is a SUPERFICIAL contest through and through.

    I see no problem with the question asked. Gay marriage is a HUGE topic right now and the contestants are always asked about a huge issue going on. This is the current hot issue. Especially in California.

    I agree, it is very sad she is attacked. But she must expect that being in a beauty pagant, and be strong enough-she must be strong- to make it this far, and one has to be strong to become a USA spokesperson which they do when winning this competition.

    Basically, this is the world we live in here in America. Judging people based off anything and everything. This is the basis of the competition. They aren’t strutting around in bathing suits for nothing, decked out in high heels and makeup.

    • SKL says:

      The thing is, if the judges were conservative and she’d been dinged for saying she was pro-choice, there would be a huge furor in her support. The fact that the biggest mouths in our country (media, hollywood) lean mostly liberal is why this outrageous reaction is being tolerated. I heard PH called her lots worse than a Bitch (very publicly), but I won’t repeat it here. And more and more people are attacking her every hour. That’s OK, it’s fair game because his victim is conservative.

      She’s just a young woman who answered a question honestly. She doesn’t deserve this.

      What does this tell our daughters about American values? Freedom of conscience? Freedom of speech? Honesty? Integrity? Respect? Or does none of that matter any more?

  14. Sue says:

    My 8 year old daughter saw the commercials for the pageant b/4 it was on and she said to me, “Mom, why are those girls wearing their bras and underwear on stage?” I laughed and said, “it’s their swimming suits.” “Oh” she says, “why would you wear a swimming suit at Miss USA, that’s just dumb.” Thank God she’ll never want to participate in those things is all I could think!

    Miss CA was screwed from the begining of this question. A. because it came from Perez Hilton and B. because no matter her answer she was gonna piss somebody off. How fair is that? This is a BEAUTY pageant for crying out loud! They asked her an opinion question and she answered in her opinion. WTF is Harry Penis…I mean Perez Hilton doing as a judge anyway?!!!! He’s got no taste, no tact and makes his living bashing people. How does that qualify him to evaluate human beings who are actually trying to do good in this world? The pageant should have stood behind Miss CA and banned PH from any and all involvement here and in the future.

    I’ve been thinking of what my response would have been…goes something like this…..

    Well, Mr. Hilton and the complete pannel of judges, I would like to go on record as saying I am enacting my Freedom of Speech. This means whatever I say and however I answer this question cannont in any way, shape, or form be held against me because I am exercising my rights. A right, which I should mention, you have ASKED ME to voice and whether you agree or not remember, YOU asked me. May I also remind you that you should judge my response on my poise, grace, intellect and clarity of my communication. In other words, you must judge me on the WAY I deliver my response and NOT the content of my response. Thank you very much. What was the question again?

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