scattagoriesThe rules:

The first word of your answer must begin with the letter of your first or last name but you have to pick one or the other for all your answers BEFORE you read the questions.  I’m leaving you on your honor! 

The words “A,” “An” and “The” cannot be used for the key word. Example, the movie The Shining would be the letter S and not T.

You cannot use the same word twice.

When using a proper name, you can use either first or last name for your key word.  Example, Elvis Presley can either be a E or P.

Kinds of dances-

Dairy products-

World records-

Articles of clothing-

Car parts-

Things found on a map-

Items in a refrigerator-

Street names-

Things at the beach-




Items in a catalog-

Television Stars-


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12 Responses to SCATTERGORIES

  1. SKL says:

    Kinds of dances- salsa

    Dairy products- shake

    World records- smallest man

    Articles of clothing- slacks

    Car parts- screws

    Things found on a map- south

    Items in a refrigerator- soda

    Street names- Sunset Blvd

    Things at the beach- sand

    Tools- saw

    Colors- scarlet

    Sandwiches- steakburger

    Items in a catalog- shoes

    Television Stars- Susan Lucci

    Fish- salmon

  2. Laura (LS) says:

    ok, this one is hard… may have to work on it for a while…

  3. Laura (LS) says:

    Kinds of dances – Lindy

    Dairy products – Limburger cheese

    World records – Luge (86 mph)

    Articles of clothing – lingerie

    Car parts – license plate

    Things found on a map – Limerick (It was a map of Ireland)

    Items in a refrigerator – Leeks

    Street names – Lombard St. (San Francisco)

    Things at the beach – ladies

    Tools – lathe

    Colors – lavender

    Sandwiches – “Lawbreaker” (meatball sandwich found at Felony Franks in Chicago)

    Items in a catalog – lipstick

    Television Stars – Laura Linney (double credit, ’cause it’s TWO “Ls”)

    Fish – Large Mouth Bass (yummmm)

  4. Gary says:

    Kinds of dances – Macarena

    Dairy products – Milk

    World records – Mountain Climbing

    Articles of clothing – Doc Marten’s

    Car parts – Mufflers

    Things found on a map – Mountains

    Items in a refrigerator – Mayonaise

    Street names – Main

    Things at the beach – Men

    Tools – Mallet

    Colors – Magenta

    Sandwiches – Meatball

    Items in a catalog – Lawn Mowers

    Television Stars – Howie Mandel

    Fish – Mahi Mahi

  5. pammy wammy says:

    Kinds of dances-POLKA
    Dairy products-Parmesan cheese

    World records-Peoples weight

    Articles of clothing-Parka

    Car parts-Piston

    Things found on a map-Paper

    Items in a refrigerator-Pineapple

    Street names-Pamela Street(There is one in Vancouver,BC)

    Things at the beach-Pail



    Sandwiches-Pigs Blanket

    Items in a catalog-Purses

    Television Stars-Penelope Cruz


  6. Doraz says:

    Kinds of dances- Disco

    Dairy products- D vitamin

    World records- Diving

    Articles of clothing- dress

    Car parts- Door

    Things found on a map- Driveway

    Items in a refrigerator- Donut

    Street names- Drive

    Things at the beach- Duck

    Tools- dagger

    Colors- diamond

    Sandwiches- deer

    Items in a catalog- dishes

    Television Stars- Dustin Hoffman

    Fish- diamond tetra

  7. Joy says:

    Kinds of dances-Jig

    Dairy products-Jalepeno pepper cheese

    World records-Jumping

    Articles of clothing-Jeans

    Car parts-Jack

    Things found on a map-Junctions

    Items in a refrigerator-Jello

    Street names-Jackson St.

    Things at the beach-Juice boxes


    Colors-Jade green


    Items in a catalog-Jumper

    Television Stars-Joy Behar


  8. Just a Mom says:

    Kinds of dances-Hop

    Dairy products- Hefer’s juice

    World records- Hula hooping

    Articles of clothing- House coat

    Car parts- Horn

    Things found on a map- House

    Items in a refrigerator- Hero sandwiches

    Street names- Hogans Alley

    Things at the beach- Hard ons (Sorry I couldn’t help it) 🙂

    Tools- Hammer

    Colors-Heather Gray

    Sandwiches- Hero

    Items in a catalog- House paint

    Television Stars- Heather Locklear

    Fish- Hammerhead Shark

  9. javajunkee says:

    Kinds of dances- lindy

    Dairy products- Low-fat yogurt

    World records- landspeed

    Articles of clothing- leg-warmers

    Car parts- lights

    Things found on a map- latitude

    Items in a refrigerator- leftovers

    Street names- lakeside drive

    Things at the beach- lifeguard

    Tools- lug wrench

    Colors- lavendar

    Sandwiches- liverwurst (no.I.don’t.) 😉

    Items in a catalog- living room curtains

    Television Stars- Luke Perry

    Fish- Lophiobagrus Typus (catfish to us hicks)

  10. Morocco says:

    Kinds of dances-Can-Can

    Dairy products-Cream

    World records-Cycling

    Articles of clothing-Capri’s

    Car parts-Carburetor

    Things found on a map-Compass

    Items in a refrigerator-Celery

    Street names-Central

    Things at the beach-Cans of soda




    Items in a catalog-Clothes

    Television Stars- Calista Flockheart


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