Dad makes prom dress

Dad makes prom dress out of condoms  

This is just too funny not to share!!!  

About the time you thought you had seen it all, 
here’s a ‘safe sex’ dress!

Pretty original, to say the least…..


and actually kinda cute and colorful!

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31 Responses to Dad makes prom dress


  2. pammy wammy says:

    Thats funny,yet very creative.I LOVE all the colors 🙂

  3. mssc54 says:

    He must have a very “special” relationship with his daughter.

    I think it is so very sad that some people think that sexual intercourse is EXPECTED on prom night.

    I wonder what his thought process was to go down the road of making a dress out of condoms?

    Now if it were me I would be making a suit of armor and chastity belt.

    Humor is such a personal thing, I guess.

    • Joy says:

      This is a *JOKE*

      It wasn’t meant to be serious!

      • mssc54 says:

        Yeh, I know it’s a joke but my point is, the thought process. Someone had to have the imagination to “go there.” What kinds of things do you expose yourself to in order to think something like this up? What is the next thought progression.

        • tessa says:

          I agree with mssc! I wouldn’t want even the implication of having sex on prom joked about with my teenage daughter or son. In our society, we expect our kids to be having sex and so they do!

      • Joy says:

        You know, I should probably be the “bigger adult” and keep my mouth shut but you know what, you guys don’t. I try very hard to make this blog new and fun and different each day. It’s a damn lot of work. If you don’t find humor or don’t like what’s here, nobody is twisting your arm to come. Jeesh!!

        Now do I have to screen my stupid jokes? Give me a break. If one of our people want to put something here, I stand by them. There are MANY times I don’t think things are funny but I respect the person’s blog and keep scrolling or don’t keep going back to their space but I keep my big fat trap shut.

        • mssc54 says:

          Joy I meant no disrespect toward you. I was merely stating my opinion… just as others have.

          I know you must spend an aweful amount of time, research and energy in publishing your Blog posts.

          You don’t have to screen anything but then again just because I don’t see humor in every place you do you shouldn’t become so upset.

          It’s just that I look at the last couple of decades and see that things directly at our young girls have steadily become more and more relaxed. I have determined that, at some point, someone has to say, “The King has no clothes on.”

          This is your blog. Feel free to delete any and all of the comments I make that you deem inappropriate.

        • Gary says:

          I should probably keep my big mouth shut as well but it’s just hard for me to do sometimes.

          If I see something on a blog that I don’t like I scroll by it or don’t visit that blog. A good blog is a lot of work and Joy does an AWESOME job!

          We all see humor in different ways. Differences in opinions is one of the things that makes this world interesting and life fun to live.

          I don’t see how a prom dress made of condoms is disrespecing ANYONE and I really doubt that she actually wore the dress, I mean come on. It’s a joke and nothing more.

          • Joy says:

            Thanks Gary. You know the really funny (or not) thing about this is Nikki and I were just talking about this yesterday about how some people are either sarcastic or argumentative or just change the topic from what everyone else is talking about and there you both were! I just lost it. I’m sorry.

            It’s not about disrespecting me or not agreeing with me. Some jokes aren’t funny to some people just like not all politics or religions have equal views but we all have a right to our own opinions. I’m not a deleter so what you say, stays. I don’t blog to be a puppet master and have say over what you all want to say but man, it gets hard at times to just sit and be nice all the time. I love a good debate but I do like it when it stays on “kind of” what the subject was about to begin with. NOBODY has to agree with me but I do expect kindness without a condescending undertone.

            Lisa also hasn’t written in a while and this was hers and I hope she won’t feel bad and not continue because quite frankly, I need help keeping this up.

            Both you and Tessa do this more often than not and it just broke me today. If you want to know exactly what I mean, go re-read this: mssc you brought up having sex with young kids and Tessa brought up how Spain was so great and puppy mills and slaughterhouses. I wanted to understand bullfighting and that’s what I got??

            It’s hard to sometimes keep my mouth shut because unlike some, I hate to argue and most times I vent with Nikki or Sue but I usually try and keep it to myself. The longer I have the blog, the harder that gets.

            • nikki says:

              If I’m not mistaken you have put something on our blog that I did not agree with but you did and I respect you as I respect the person you got it I kept my mouth shut! I could have been rude about it but I wasn’t. It’s one thing to disagree or even debate over something but when things are blown out of proportion and made in into something it’s not it’s gone too far. The way I see it for me is..if I don’t have something nice to say I don’t say anything..I carry that into blogging. It’s worked for me quite well.

        • tessa says:

          Joy, I didn’t know you only wanted comments from people who agree with your ideas or posts. I know you did not make the joke, and was not intending to offend you or upset you. Only stating my opinion on the dress/joke, so please see that. I thought you wanted peoples comments.

          • nikki says:

            That’s not what she was saying. She was saying that some people turn little things into HUGE things and it’s never meant to be that way. Sometimes it tends to take the fun out of things. Pretty sure that’s what she meant.

          • Joy says:

            Tessa, I’m asking you very nicely, if you only want to argue and act perfect all the time, find another blog to go to. Are you trying to tell me that you “saved yourself” for marriage? You forget that we know you.

            This was a damn joke. If you don’t like the joke, don’t comment. It’s not like a serious post. Jokes are meant to be funny and to each of us, it’s different. Do you really think someone would give this dress to their daughter????? JOKE!!!!! IT’S A JOKE!!!

            You do also constantly change the course of the subject. ALL THE TIME and don’t even try to say you don’t. I’m sorry but we are all tired of it. We work hard to keep this blog alive and it’s very trying to see something we work hard on taking hits like this and causing uncomfortable feelings.

            If you don’t like it here and only want to argue and change the subject, please, please, for all of us, as well as other readers, please, PLEASE…find somewhere else to kill all your free time because I am tired of this with you.

            • tessa says:

              That is being nice? I hope you find peace within one day. I will not come here anymore. I do not need drama and judgment placed upon me as you seem to need.

  4. Laura (LS) says:

    MAN!! That thing has GOT to smell. All that latex? gak.

    Colorful though.

    wonder if he’s got the glow-in-the-dark ones strategically placed?

  5. javajunkee says:

    wow! I think you are either gonna love it or hate it. I’m not sure yet where I am. 🙂

    it is colorful… yeah I’m thinking that whole rubber smell would be too much.

    it’s kind of cool?

  6. starlaschat says:

    Nice and bright and colorful but ewww. LOL and if you got hot and sweaty oh maybe she didn’t really wear it just for show.

  7. nikki says:

    LOL…well she can’t have any excuse then huh???

  8. Gary says:

    HA! LOVE IT!!!

    That looks like something I would do if I had a girl. LOL

  9. Sue says:

    I was thinking at least he was taking an active part in parenting!!!!

  10. JavaQueen says:

    Next time, he needs to use the “French Tickler” so the dress appears to have more texture…. muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Funny thing, it’s actually very pretty, but EXTREMELY fucking creepy!

    • javajunkee says:

      Ok…you are so busted for making me spit coffee!!! LOL are those the ribbed ones? I mean seriously..he could have had all kinds of textures going on with this. The colors though are amazing. I had no idea (shit..sshhh) that there were that many colors of rubbers out there!

  11. JavaQueen says:

    Joy, remember when you posted the cable guy quotes and one was like, “He who laughs last is the slowest?” I thought this was a “real” post and that he actually made this dress for his daughter – it wouldn’t surprise me in this day and age… but I thought it was funny none-the-less AND I don’t read other people’s comments until after I post my own because I want mine to come from my own thoughts and feelings and not influenced by someone else. THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS! I so could have used this dress on MY prom night- ROFLMAO! Yes, I totally got laid on my prom night- whooop, there it is! I got it good!

    • nikki says:

      ROFLMFAO……WTF I didn’t get laid!!!!! I’m no angel and I don’t pretend to be one either! LMAO and btw I tend to not read other comments first too for the same reason.

    • Joy says:

      Here’s one for you…I was married and pregnant during my prom AND graduation.

    • Gary says:

      I got laid on prom night too! BOTH junior and senior prom!! LOL

      I would however like to point out that I was responsible and wore a colorful condom. Ribbed for her pleasure even which shows that I am also not a selfish lover.

      HA! I kill me!!

  12. starlaschat says:

    LOL Gary so thoughtful and Java Queen Got it Good! And Joy LOL You guys. That’s a way to end a post! A lot of drama and then bring it back home!;+) Thank God for Humor what would we do with out it?

  13. samantha says:

    omg im 15 years old and i agree with mssc54.
    FYI people can comment on there opinions on the post . or do you only want people to say ” hahaha thats funny”

    get over yourselves.

    the point of blogs are to create discussion.
    in my opinion this is not funny, its boring and same same!
    oh wait …. no im meant to say ” this is genius” well its NOT


  14. georgia says:

    this is the best dress ever made . i hope my dad makes me one . i wonder what flavors its made from …yumm..

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