My little pony from Karen

Toy horses are usually pink and plastic – and aimed at young girls.

But, this little pony is 100 per cent natural – and ready to make friends with anyone her size.


Born ten days earlier at a stud in the southern state of Victoria, Australia, the 15 in. miniature horse – which is yet to be named – had already formed a bond with Sam Leith, 12.pony

Going for a walk: Sam leads the way, followed by Bliss and her tiny new daughter.


Silver dun tovero in colour, she was given a clean bill of health – and should reach 24in when grown.

The birth has generated such excitement in the community that local people are entering a competition to give the horse a name in time for Christmas.  Owner Lee Scown said she wanted a name that reflected the tiny, unique nature of the horse.  ‘It’s the smallest horse I’ve ever had and she’s so gorgeous,’ Ms Scown said.pony-and-momma

The miniature horse snuggles up to mummy as local people try to come up with a name for her.

The horse, currently only a little taller than this book, is expected to grow to about 24 inches.

‘It’s amazing to see a horse so tiny, and she’s about the size of a week-old lamb.’
The horse is the smallest born at Riverdance, and its arrival surprised even its breeder.

‘We got told the mare wasn’t due for another four weeks, but on Sunday morning I walked outside and called her, and out ran the little foal behind her.

the-two-of-themTight squeeze: The horse is so small it can fit underneath her mother.

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9 Responses to My little pony from Karen

  1. Joy says:

    This is adorable Karen. Thanks for sending it.

  2. JQ says:

    *raises her hand* OH, I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE OF THOSE PLEASE!

  3. Laura (LS) says:

    Mini’s are such a riot. I’m lucky enough to live across the street from a family who runs a dairy farm. Their son breeds minis as a hobby, and often brings his small herd (around 10 horses) to live in my pastures over the summers.

    They run anywhere from 32″ (this is at the whithers, which is the top of the shoulder, or the ‘hump’ at the base of the neck, where the mane ends) on up to about 13 hands (erm… lemme do the math…. 52″).

    Cookie, one of “our” smallest minis, at 32″, had a baby last summer. Her feet were SO TINY! I put a quarter in her hoofprint, and it COVERED IT!!!

    I wouldn’t go so far as some people do, and recommend them as indoor pets, or guide animals, but they’re awesome outdoor companions, excellent for driving, and good for kids to learn with.

  4. Doraz says:

    Too cute!

  5. Gary says:

    A REAL “My Little Pony”! LOL

  6. Sue says:

    They are so cute!

  7. starlaschat says:

    Wow isn’t that amazing! What a cute little pony.

  8. javajunkee says:

    yeah me too…I want one!

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