3 Grandma’s


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12 Responses to 3 Grandma’s

  1. pammy wammy says:

    Cheers to the old ladies for pulling off a good one on a elderly Gentlemen. 🙂

  2. javajunkee says:


    OH my gosh! And years YEARS from now I know who the 3 women will be….JOY,NIKKI and SUE!

  3. Joy says:

    VERY FUNNY jj!!!!!

  4. Sue says:

    Even old ladies are smarter than men!

  5. starlaschat says:

    LOL I bet they all had a good laugh at this one. I sure did.

  6. nikki says:


  7. birdpress says:

    That was so cute! 😆

  8. Gary says:


    That’s GREAT!! You gotta love dirty old ladies! LOL

  9. San says:

    Needed this laugh and boy did I laugh out loud, have orange juice dribbling down my chin!!!

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