Clipping coupons

couponsDo you clip coupons?  The reason I ask this is because I became aware that one of my sister in laws saved $175.00, yes, you read that right ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE dollars last week using coupons!!  What the heck???  How does one do that?

I’ve yet to talk to her so I thought I’d ask you.  I never clip anymore.  I did back in the day when the boys were young though.  I used to get a little thrill when they were double for anything under a dollar.  Or buy one, get one free.  I can remember when my mother in law would shop at three different stores a week and would only buy something at one store or the other if it was under a penny different.  No matter what, she bought the product at the cheapest price.  My husband does use coupons for my cigarettes though.  But hey, they come in the mail.  I don’t have to go on a hunt to find them. 

But that’s a lot of money.  Mind you, I would never go from store to store to store to store nor would I “look” for the coupons either.  My time is to valuable and all that jazz.  I guess you can go to websites and print them out.  Wow, I didn’t even have a computer way back when.  When things were tight and I was feeding two boys who were always hungry, I would go through the Sunday paper and clip them out for Cub and Rainbow which where I lived, were right across the road from each other and go and get the “free” thing of the week and use all the good coupons but I haven’t done that in years.  That’s as far as I went.

I’ve also seen women like this on Good Morning America and shows of the like and it seems to me they spend all their time looking for these coupons and then going from store to store.  I would never have wanted to do that.

Do you do this??  Do you know anyone like this??

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12 Responses to Clipping coupons

  1. Tosha says:

    I don’t clip coupons anymore.. If i come across one i’m likely to use i’ll grab it but otherwise i don’t worry bout it!

  2. SKL says:

    I spend very little time on coupons. It is very rare that I find a coupon for something I “really” want, and I won’t buy something just because “it’s a good price.” I do live with people who do that, and the amount of unnecessary crap they accumulate is ridiculous. They think they are saving money, but really they are spending way more than they would in a world without coupons.

    I do get coupons via email for bookstores that I go to and the haircut place I go to anyway. If it’s not too much trouble and I was going to make the purchase anyway, of course I’m happy to save a buck or two.

    A couple months ago I got some coupons for Toys R Us and I decided to go buy the laundry soap they had on sale. I went there with my two tots and searched high and low for the product, but they were out of it and would not give me a rain check. Now, you know what they were hoping – that I’d get suckered into buying my kids something else as long as I had dragged them into that den of temptation. (Ha! They don’t know me.) I just don’t have that kind of time and energy to spend chasing a buck all around town.

  3. JQ says:

    I wish I were organized enough to use coupons. My dad had it down to a science. He use to save so much money!! If you go to YouTube and type in “coupon organizer” there are many “tutorials” on getting set up. I just watched a few and feel inspired to try it out. What could it hurt? Can’t hurt to save money, right??? I love this post!

  4. birdpress says:

    I have a friend who does and she says she saves a lot of money. But it is always on things like packaged foods and unhealthy crap that I don’t buy. They don’t have coupons for whole foods, like produce or meat. And I won’t buy anything just because the price is good. I just comparison shop and buy store brands when I can, or buy what is on sale.

  5. javajunkee says:

    I must not have understood the whole coupon concept. What I found was that unless you’ve got a lot of food storage or freezer space most of the times the coupons are not worth clipping. I dont’ want to buy something 3 at a time 😦 Or I don’t want to buy something I wont’ use to go with the item I did need to get .75 off. KWIM?
    Plus I’m like you..I’m not running from store to store and I know walmart used to honor all store coupons but I get my meat (dir-ty) from another store in town….I hate going from store to me then you are just spending it in gas.

  6. Just a Mom says:

    I am a coupon clipper. I only clip the ones for stuff I already use. I don’t buy stuff just because I have a coupon. I usually save about $20 to $30 a week.
    The store I shop at sends me coupons in the mail based on what I normally buy. They track this by me using their card.

  7. starlaschat says:

    Well, I have a little resistance I use a coupon occasionally. But honestly it’s not my favorite way to save money. I have spent too much time with people who agonize over the price of things, I don’t really like to agonies. I would rather have less. It is amazing how much money some people save on the whole coupon thing. I suppose I am open minded. One thing I don’t like is getting tricked you get to the register and some kind of problem or it’s a product they want to get rid of. Anyway keep us posted on this, I’m not completely closed minded to this.

  8. The only coupons I ever saw my mom use were these Enterprise ones for when we had to rent a car in LA. I think coupons are awesome if you can use them to save money, but I agree with you Joy, I would never look for them and go from store to store to store just to save the money that I’m probably wasting in gas if I do that.

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