Mom, there’s Life on my foot

life cereal“Mom, there’s Life on my foot!” That’s what my 4 year old said to me this morning! I said, what are you gonna do about it? His reply? “No, what are you going to do about it?” I giggled to myself b/c it was so cute coming from a 4 year old. I said, let’s wipe it off, it’ll be ok. So, there he stands on his chair with one foot in the air while I wipe off the Life that was now smooshed to the bottom of his foot. “Oh wait, mom. You missed some. Right here.” Thanks for the direction!

His was Life cereal that missed his mouth at breakfast and landed on his chair only to find him again when he used the chair to get a snack out of the cupboard. (No, I didn’t check the chair after I cleaned up the table!) But, it struck me as very pertanent right now. What do you do when life gets sticky and clings to your shoes? Do you ignore it? Brush it off without a second thought? Worry too much about what might happen if you brush it off?

The funny thing about life is that it always works out. I believe that if things were meant to be, they will be. Everything happens for a reason. There’s always sticky situations in life and it’s how you deal with them and what you get out of them that’s the true lesson. Yeah, it may suck along the way, but no one ever said life was easy. I don’t think it’s suppose to be.

For everyone out there right now that has something sticky on their shoe, take a step back and try and see why it’s there. Now, what are you gonna do about it?

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26 Responses to Mom, there’s Life on my foot

  1. SKL says:

    Funny thing about kids and life. It does seem we grownups may be taking it too seriously.

    Today our TV quit working for no apparent reason. My 2-year-old daughter: “It’s broken. . . . It died.” Not sure where she got the idea that TVs can “die,” but OK.

    Later, while stalling at bedtime, “I fell out of bed.” “Well, you seem OK now. What do you want to do about it? … Should I call the doctor?” [simulated call to doctor who orders “no more monkeys falling out of bed] “Now, stay in your bed. Good night.” “I’m dead. Call the doctor again.” “Doctors don’t help dead people. So, what do you want to do about it?” “I need to get up and go potty.”

    • Sue says:

      I love to say to my kids when they pretend to be hurt, but obviously aren’t, “should we take you to the ER? Do you need surgery?” They HATE it, but majically they are all bet within a matter of seconds!

  2. Mark says:

    Sounds like you either have a philosopher or a lawyer on your hands. That rebuttal to your question shows a sharpness of mind that could lead to the the darkside! (Lawyer).

    I would get him on a strict reading diet of classic philosophy, and make sure that he is not exposed to any re-runs of Ironside or LA Law. He should be fine!

    Thanks for this!

    • Sue says:

      Thanks for stopping by Mark! He says some of the funniest things and that day he was on a roll. Hmmm, we do watch Law and Order, but he’s usually in bed. Maybe the TV is too loud and he can hear it in his sleep so his subconcious is getting messed up. Oh Lord, I don’t want that to happen! Anything but a lawyer!!!

      • Mark says:

        Yeah – you got to watch out for the subconscious televsion watching. I once fell asleep watching a cookery show – next day went to make myself a slice toast and came out of the kitchen with a baked alaska. No idea how it happened!

  3. JavaQUEEN says:

    I think trying to enjoy the simple things in life is a great escape from sticky life situations. Your son sounds like such a sweet little character! I have life on my foot! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    • Sue says:

      As soon as he said it, I just giggled! He was so serious and the look on his face… priceless, but then again, mushy cereal is no fun no matter where it’s at!

  4. Sue says:

    My son couldn’t have said this at a better time last week. I kept this part out b/c I didn’t want the post to get REALLY long, but my sister and her fiance are moving in NEXT door to us. Now, for those who live in town/city, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. We live in the country. Toby moved out of the city and hated it at first, but now loves it here. Well, he did love it! When you think of country, you don’t think of neighbors being able to see in your windows when they drive up the driveway. You don’t think of being able to hear your neighbors every time they sneeze outside. I think I’d feel better if they were complete strangers.

    My sister is kinda crazy and I’m not caring too much for her fiance right now. My sister has already said that in bad weather they will be coming to our house to use the basement. (They didn’t put one in) She also has a crazier ex that I want no where near my house when he comes to pick up his daughter for visits. Someone cut down trees near our electrical box thinking that we’d say, oh no big deal, go ahead and use the box. My husband is ready to move and I was too, but now I’m just trying to see the big picture and figure out what I’m suppose to learn from this lesson. Life can be sticky sometimes!

    • javajunkee says:

      could so not deal with that kind of neighboring. NO NO NO!! I’d find a new classroom cuz that’s a lesson I would be failing. Either that or I’d be putting up a locked gated fence. A tall one. Maybe as a house warming gift you could leave her a map to the nearest storm shelter.

      Unless target shooting with a magnum is on the lesson planner. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sue says:

        Toby is already finding ways he can piss them off when they move in. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll notice!

    • Joy says:

      I feel so bad for you guys. If there was something I could do, I would in a second. I do have to wonder though, who’s ex is crazier. His or hers! There are a lot of “at leasts” though. At least the house isn’t sitting right next to yours and at least she works all day and he works all night but that damn driveway with lights zooming right into your windows every time they pull in and running right next to your bedroom…man, I’d hate that. That’s why I wanted to live where I do so I wasn’t right on top of someone else.

  5. javajunkee says:

    so can I say my life is more like when you step on a piece of bubble gum that has been lying in the hot sun for like 4 hours? The more I pull the more of a mess I make. But also if I just stand there it’s not going to come off on it’s own. So I get a stick and I try to pry it off only to smear it around.

    So what is the moral of my story? Watch where you walk? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m only on my second cup of coffee so I’m still in rambling mode. But seriously that was a great question and love the kids analogy of life cereal on his foot. I guess I want it washed off. I need organization and to have things messed up makes me crazy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. nikki says:

    I get myself in sticky messes all the time! The problem I have though instead of dealing with that mess I change shoes, forget about it and end up stepping into another one. So I now have messy situations all over that I really want to to just walk away from. I’m learning to stick with one mess until I clean it up. My motto now is don’t make another mess until I get this one cleaned up! I also need to stop cleaning other people’s crap up too! It’s their mess, let them clean it up! I tend to do that with my sisters, I’m in a mess right now with one because she has this new boyfriend who has money and she’s suddenly all high and mighty and treating her family like 2nd class citizens! Not my mess but for some reason I feel I need to clean it up! For my other sisters sake…how dumb is that!? They don’t clean my messes up, in fact they cause most my messes! UGH I’m ranting sorry! SO I guess I am learning to keep to my own messes and actually cleaning them up! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderful post Sue!!!!

    • Sue says:

      It’s hard to let family deal with their own messes. My sister has done it plenty of times to us and I just finally said, don’t tell me any more unless you REALLy want help!

  7. Joy says:

    Kids really do say cute and funny things and Christopher takes the cake and really makes me laugh a lot. Bailey and Trinity used to too but as they get older, this cute stuff disappears for more serious talk.

    I used to try and clean up the life on my foot but it’s hard to get it all off. But if it’s still there a little bit, it still bothered me. I’d still think about it so now I just get out the power washer and say BE DONE WITH IT. Getting it all off is the only way to get over it. I’m getting way better now of dealing with things that irritate me. I still have a ways to go but at least I’m moving uphill.

    PS…there should be a law against making me think this hard this early in the morning! Good post Sue.

  8. starlaschat says:

    That was a really great post Sue! I think you really said it all, short and sweet. I think even the worst stuff is really grist for the mill and something good can be gained. I think Life is a cornucopia of everything under the sun. And that Life is fragile and that we are lucky to even be here to have stuff to complain about. I lost a friend and her son in a car accident not too long ago and in some way I feel they can’t be here but maybe I can make a little extra effort to get out and enjoy life a little more in their honor and memory. It’s got me off the couch more.:+)

  9. That is a GREAT thing to say! I love the things little kids can say without realizing the double meaning of it. I wish life was as easy to wipe off your foot as cereal is…

  10. Just a Mom says:

    Kids are so cute when they are little!

    I tend to ignore the sticky stuff if I have no control over it. If I do have control over it I brush it off and move on to the next thing.

  11. mssc54 says:

    That’s just too cute!

  12. DM says:

    Right this moment (knock on wood) there is nothing stuck on my shoe..but having just navigated through the teen years w/ our 4 kids, I cherish each day there isn’t some major drama going on.

    Joy can probably attest to this herself, but after the kids move out, it feels like you’ve just spent the past 25 years trying to blaze a trail through a jungle..I love my kids, get along w/ them great, but also ENJOY the peace and quiet. great post

  13. LOL. That’s funny. At least he has life under his foot and life doesn’t have him under foot. Wouldn’t we all like to have life under our feet at least metiforically, the life cereal under the foot is a bit more gooey. Funny but gooey.

  14. The lessons that we learn from our kids, and their mishaps, or not, and their cereal even!!!!

    Life does land on our shoes on occasion, and sometimes, we even step full in it…….. good thing he has a mom on the spot like yourself. But, sometimes, I just pick up life that lands on me and spread it all over like rain………

    I LOVE this……

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