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lia sophiaI’m almost not sure how to begin this post because I sure don’t want to offend anyone but this has always bothered me. Well, not bothered me but left me wondering. Lia Sophia, Tupperware, Pampered Chef and many other home parties people have. I wonder why people have them. Do they have them just for something to do and a way of just getting together with friends? Or do they have them to get free stuff or a big discount on stuff they want to buy?

Whether you believe this or not, I’ve never, not once had a home party like this. I also remember “back in the day” when there were an awful lot of Mary Kay parties. I went to one once and I told the lady that I had extremely sensitive skin and could only use certain things and she “assured” me that NOBODY breaks out from Mary Kay. I’ll give you two guess’s and the first two don’t count, what happened. I broke out in a bright red very irritated face. My sister in law started laughing at the way I was starting to look. I could feel it slightly burning and ran to that bathroom to wash off whatever it was that she had us put on our face. I was so embarrassed and so was that lady. So what did I do, I bought some eye shadow!! I felt like I “had” to buy something. How dumb is that?

tupperwareTupperware parties were also really big back then. I still really like Tupperware and would gladly go to one of those. It’s something you can always use and yes, initially it is expensive but I’ve had bowls for 30 years and I still use them. But nobody seems to have these kind anymore.  Pampered Chef is the same way but I found with this, once you have what you really want, anything else is just to expensive to buy just to buy “something” because you are invited to a party.

The newest rage around these parts lately is the Lia Sophia jewelry parties. First of all, I don’t wear a whole lot of jewelry and secondly, I feel the prices are way to high for “costume” jewelry that I don’t really want. These parties, I won’t go to even if invited. I have gone to a couple and will always be willing to look at a book to see if I like something but really, I just don’t wear jewelry like this. Younger people maybe or people who go outside the home to work everyday and have to look nice but me, it’s just not me. Come on people, if you know me, you know this is true.

Now that “your friend” has had one of these parties, she’s after you to have one so thenpampered chef she gets even more money off what she wants to buy and she promises to come to yours. And her friend and her friend so if you go to all these parties and are spending money, are you really getting something for nothing? So now it’s a vicious circle of who’s having all these same parties. How much of this stuff do people think the average Joe like me needs to have?

So let me ask you dear people. Do you have these parties and what is the reason you have them? I love to go for the social aspect but really feel put on the spot to buy something whether I want anything or not. Often times I’ll pick up gifts but I wonder, are people having them just to gather with friends or do people have them because they “think” they are getting a good deal? Because if two of your friends are having a party so you can get a deal and you have to go to theirs since they came to yours, do you still think you are getting a deal?

Do you have a lot of these types of parties? Do you go to a lot of them and how do you decide how much you’ll spend if you really don’t want anything?

Oh the things that bump around in this little head of mine.

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34 Responses to Home parties

  1. javajunkee says:

    I used to be a tupperware rep. I made ok money at it but that was back when there wasn’t the crap you can buy at walmart that works just as well and is like 1/2 the price. I don’t know how anybody can still be selling tupperware. Same thing with pampered chef…they even sell the stones now.

    never did buy the mary kay and won’t go to the jewelry parties.

    I think these things are going to die out unless somebody comes up with a new fad that walmart can’t reproduce…and by walmart I mean gladware or whoever is making the cheap stuff.

    btw…I do still have a lot of my tupperware that came in my kit. I still use it. Most of my stuff stained which it wasn’t supposed to. My rock and serve lids melted which they weren’t supposed to.
    ….and don’t try backing a van over it…cuz the shit will smash just like the cheap ass shit at walmart!

  2. Karen Joy says:

    Oh my gosh..I so don’t go to these parties anymore.They are so expensive and I do not like feeling obligated to buy something I really don’t need or want and thats what I have done on occasion.So now I opt to ask for a cataloge when someone invites me and say I will call them with an order IF I decide to buy.Much less pressure that way.I actually just bought a vegie peeler from Tupperware that way,I really like theirs,but thats it.I only buy what I’ll use.

  3. Adell says:

    Interesting post Joy…hey have you ever watched how Tupperware got it’s start? That is very interesting! I too have lots of tupperware that is 30-40 years old and still use it. Years ago we went to more parties and I was a sucker and did my part for my friends. I had a friend that did very well with Pampered Chef. My daughter and I have many products from Pamered Chef and use them all. Of course I do love kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier.
    I even had a “Weekenders” clothing party…all cotton knit clothes. Then there came a time about fifteen years ago I made it known that I would not have any more parties. That worked well! I noticed that Tupperware sometimes has a kiosk in a mall, so does Watkins. By the way I sold Watkins(mostly to myself) for years! I like their products for cooking. Down here I am not invited to parties as I don’t know that many people, although about a year ago I went to an Arbonne party. Kind of like Mary Kay, but more natural. There doesn’t seem to be as much pressure to sign up as there was years ago. I hate to pay those marked up prices!

  4. mssc54 says:

    My Mrs. used to go to those Tupperware parties. I think we had every plastic cup (with lid of course) and bowl Tupperware ever made!

    I’m just thinking… what would the man version of these parties be?

  5. SKL says:

    Ah, Tupperware. My mom still has Tupperware that she bought over 30 years ago – that they use regularly – so I guess some of it was worth the price.

    I don’t go to these types of “parties” and I would never throw one. To me, there is something sick about guilting your “friends” into earning you profit. People have to know that folks will feel obligated whether they want anything or not. I recall a “party” I was invited to involving clothing when I was a teen / young adult college student. I was taken aback at the priciness of everything (everyone in the group was small-town “humble”). The only thing that even came close to something I’d use was a $20 pair of “jeans,” made with thin cloth that would surely wear out quickly. That was over 20 years ago, when $20 could buy a lot (on my budget, at least). I was so guilty that I came really close to buying them, but ultimately reason won out and I had to go home feeling like a schmuck. Why would people do that to folks they care about?

    I could see it if it involved a lot of really great bargains and the only invitees were people who were known to love the product line. But even then, I would feel icky if the profit were going to one person. Maybe if it went into the group’s pizza fund or whatever.

    My nanny sells Mary Kay and every once in a while she tries to talk me into trying it. I never wear make-up but I do use carefully-selected moisturizers and zit stuff. I can’t fool around with my skin. I’ve been assured that Mary Kay is just wonderful for my type of skin, but I’m not falling for it.

    Actually it’s the whole marketing strategy of “personalized selling” that gets to me – “go to your family and friends” – obviously people who will feel awkward saying no to you. If Mary Kay is so wonderful, why don’t they open up a shop next to Bath and Body Works, where people can come and go anonymously?

  6. Hi again Joy,

    I went to one of those before, when I was a little girl. My parents were the ones invited. It was about kitchen utilities. I played around with the other kids and we had free dinner too. But at the end of the day, they asked my parents to buy some freaking pan and stuffs that cost so much, that my parents insisted that we had to leave early.

  7. Just a Mom says:

    I hate these “partys”! I never go and I would never have one.
    I don’t mind looking at a catalog but I hate the whole guilt about buying something.

  8. nikki says:

    I have only had one of these and it was a Party Lite party. I did it because I felt obligated to. I hate doing stuff like that, I don’t like that many people in my house and I HATE making people feel like they have to buy something. Although I did really like their products!!!! 🙂 I have never been to one of those jewelery parties and was supposed to be at one on Saturday for the girl I do daycare for. I’m broke and I’m not going to go just because, sorry! The most fun I have had at a home party though is one of those sex parties!! I mean NO SEX just fun stuff and girl talk, it was with some of my best girlfriends so it was a lot of fun!!! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry myself so spending money on something I will only wear out once in awhile to me is a waste. I’d rather go buy something at Target for less than half the price!
    I went to a purse party once too and that was fun, I think it depends on what is being sold and who will be there. I won’t ever have another in my home though, I didn’t like that!

  9. sparkling74 says:

    I am a lia sophia consultant and I have to say that I get most annoyed at the people who buy something just because they feel they have to! They buy the cheapest thing in the catalog and I know they have no intention of wearing it. I want people to WANT to buy the jewelry. I am not a high pressure salesperson. I like it when someone is so excited about a deal, buy 3 and your most expensive is half price that they have to take things OFF their list in order to stay in their budget. My sales to people who like the jewelry and are going to wear it are the most productive because they will continue to buy later. Those who buy that one thing they feel they should buy end up leaving upset because they feel like they spent money they didn’t want to spend.

    I say stop doing that! When I go to a party of any kind, if I don’t see something I like, I don’t buy! Ever! If the hostess is going to be mad at her friends for not buying the right stuff, then is she really their friend?

    By the way, does anyone know that lia sophia jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee that they actually stand by? A few years down the road, they will give you a credit for a piece of jewelry if something happens to it! That might just be my favorite part of the entire company!

    • Joy says:

      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. I think most of us feel like we have to buy something or we wouldn’t have been invited. That’s why the person is having the party. I also do like Lia Sophia, I just don’t go out enough to buy 3 things. It’s not just that either but you know if you get invited to one, there will be more coming because one or two of your other friends who are there will have one and you’ll have to go to theirs too. That’s kind of the go around I’m talking about. I have some of this jewelry I’ve gotten that I’ve honestly never worn and it’s not cheap. I guess I also feel with something like Pampered Chef or Tupperware, I’ll at least use that more often in my home. This is NOT a slam against these parties, just an observation.

      I’m also wondering if people just do this for fun. If it’s more the younger people. Maybe they do it to get together with friends under the guise of home party. Which is also fine.

      Also, Pampered Chef also has a lifetime guarantee but with that you need a receipt. Who in the name of heaven keeps all their receipts? I couldn’t find a receipt from yesterday. Tupperware also will replace and you don’t need the receipt for that. Just the item is good enough. I’m not sure what you need for LS.

      • Kimmie says:

        Actually with my Pampered Chef consultant, I don;t need a receipt to retrun somthing… I broke my oval stone casserole dish twice and twice she and Pampered Chef) replaced it with out even taking the old one back, let alone a receipt.

        I have a few of these parties, for both reasons, to get my friends together, and to get a deasl on things that I want. if I can get 20% then why not. For someone that has these parties and makes it absolutely CLEAR that my guesst are under NO oibligation to purchase and if they still feel like they have to purchase then that is their issue.
        What I despise as someone who has these pearties is people who either don;t respond or respond no without being honest! if younever have any intention of attending a party I host be honest and tell me so I don’t keep inviting you!! it is called common curteousy. And, if you ever have a party and invite me if you’ve never come to one of mine don’t expect me to be there!

        Interestingly enough, I am having a Arbonne party tonight, it is my launch party as I am starting an Arbonne business (on a party in a bag/book party system and repeat customers because I don’t want to actually do home parties but throughly believe in the product), for my launch I have invited about 80 people that I know, because I want to get the word out there! do you know that ONE person responded yes, and only 5 responded that they couldn’t make it, but wished me luck in my business…. personally I don’t care what kind of event it is not responding is bad etiquette!

        Just my 2 cents.

    • Sue says:

      I’m glad we got a consultant to comment! Of the Lia Sophia parties I’ve been to, none of the consultants were pushy or made you feel like you had to get something. If anything, they were like you and said if you can’t decide or don’t want anything don’t get something “just because”. In my opinion, any salesperson should be like that! From furniture to clothes to a car, they should be there to help you make an informed decision and if that means you walk away empty handed, then at least you have more info than when you came. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. megan says:

    I am invited so rarely to parties, so it’s pretty easy to sniff out when someone is trying to sell me something – one of my least favorite pastimes. So, I make up an excuse and avoid it all together. In these cases I prefer being a party pooper.

  11. Doraz says:

    Well, it all depends who asks. If it is someone I really do not know…I will pass on it. If it is a very good friend who is trying to make money and needs my support..I will go and buy something. 🙂

  12. I have never even heard of this sort of thing! I don’t get it – the company pays people to throw a party and sell their wares? Or people do it and then get big discounts from the company? How does this work?

    • Joy says:

      Ilana, people have a “jewelry” party for example. Someone has this “party” in their home and invites her friends and they are shown this stuff and buy it. Depending on how much is sold, the person having the party gets more money off the things she wants to buy. If someone else “books” a party to have in their home, that’s even more of a deal the first person gets. But then you usually have to go to that person’s party too. So to me, it gets really worn out when all your friends are having the same types of parties.

  13. starlaschat says:

    Joy, I like the stuff that bumps around in your head. LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these things. I have been invited to a few of these parties and yes I do feel obligated to buy at least one thing. The garlic press I bought from the pampered chef party I love that and use it a lot. The last party I went to was a jewelery party and the person who invited me knows I rarely wear jewelry. I have never had one of these parties to be honest I don’t like the idea of people feeling obligated to buy something. If I have a party I would like to just have people over and have fun without an obligation. Sometimes it feels like they are being nice to you, have another cookie and some more tea, because the end results is a purchase. I don’t like how that feels.

  14. DCD Sweetie says:

    Hi Joy,

    Very interesting blog post – thank you!

    I work with Dove Chocolate Discoveries (DCD), the first direct selling premium chocolate company in the US.

    At Dove Chocolate Discoveries’ parties, people gather not only to socialize, but also to learn about chocolate, watch Chocolatier create decadent desserts and fancy homemade chocolate candies, taste chocolate, and share this experience with others.

    Let’s face it: most people like chocolate, and treat themselves to a little chocolate every once in a while. With that said, a lot of us simply LOVE it – and cannot spend a day without a piece.

    So, if you have a passion for chocolate and are planning a party for your friends or family – why not make it special (or just a little different!) and throw a chocolate tasting party?

    All you need to do is to invite your local DCD Chocolatier, and it’s free. Of course, you might not want go to these parties many times, but this is a unique experience – and a lot of people get interested.

    DCD Sweetie

  15. Sue says:

    Well, I guess I’ll be the one to go against the grain! I have had only 2 parties. Pampered Chef and Lia Sophia. The Pampered Chef party was for my bridal shower and quite frankly, was the best damn idea anybody had! I didn’t have to go to the store, wonder around for hours beeping things, bring my scanner back blah blah blah. Everyone got together at my house and we had a really good time. (I thought!) I ended up with all kinds of kitchen things that I needed and some that I haven’t used, but overall it was fun.

    The Lia Sophia party I had, I did have so that my girlfriend could get a better deal at her party. It was the first party I’d been to like that and wasn’t sure what to expect. When people say costume jewelry, I think of stuff from the 70’s that turns funky colors and was meant for playing dress up. Anyway, I really liked some of the jewelry so decided to try a party. I ended up with a lot of cute stuff for cheap! It has now been a long time since I’ve been to a party and it’s kind of run its course in our neck of the woods.

    Now that I’ve said I like the stuff, I should add that I HATED having the actual party! You’re all worried about who’s gonna show up, if those people want to be there and if anyone is going to want anything. When I go to parties, if I don’t want anything I don’t get anything. Plain and simple. I have a budget and I stick to it. It was more fun getting together with everyone and seeing people that maybe you haven’t seen in awhile then actually buying something. Sometimes you get good deals, but it’s catching up with friends that I like to do.

  16. joanharvest says:

    I think I might have gone to a tupperware party about 35 years ago. About 15 years ago my sister and I got roped into going to a basket party by a neighbor of our Dad’s. We only went because of him. We ended up each buying the cheapest basket she had for sale. I guess we felt like we should. The baskets were ridiculously expensive. That was the last one I ever went to and the last one I will ever go to. I never gave a party and I probably never will.

  17. I’m sure that wasn’t a very pleasant Mary Kay party. I can’t believe you bought something but I see why. I can’t believe more over that the person sold you it even after seeing that the makeup had a negative effect.

  18. DM says:

    As we’ve gotten older we’ve gotten better at just politely saying “thanks but no thanks”..why’d we go? peer pressure Can still remember the time we were invited to someone’s home we thought was for dinner, turned out to be a sales pitch for Amway. (back in the early 80’s). i felt tricked/ trapped, and used. then there was the time my employee said any time I needed something he could order it, so I wouldn’t have to join…bla bla bla…me being the nice guy I am, said, OK..well, do you have those legal size tablets? I use them regularly for my business…ordered a pack of 6 tablets…w/o asking how much..I about gagged when I got a bill for almost $20.00 for six legal size tablets I could have picked up @ wally world for 4.00 @ the time.
    no more parties for me. period. nope, nada, no-way. I will get my social needs met elsewhere.

  19. birdpress says:

    Parties + Shopping = Birdpress’s personal Hell.

  20. Tosha says:

    I don’t go to those parties.. Never have and probably never will.. If I want to buy something i’ll contact the rep myself and buy..

    I have friends who host the parties occasionally and they do it mostly for the gathering of friends than anything. They have a blast when they all get together and there is usually alcohol involved. She is thrilled if people buy but if not she doesnt care that much. She only has a party when she knows some of her friends WANT to come and like i said.. Alcohol is involved..LOL

  21. I have something for you on my blog.

  22. javajunkee says:

    oh who the hell had to bring up Amway? I wasted a good 6 months of my life with that. And some guy in a suit telling me how rich I could be! OH BULLSHIT!

    I’m done now 🙂

    • SKL says:

      My mom tried selling Amway when I was 13. She had my sister and me go door to door. After a hard day, I had sold one bar of soap ($1 30 years ago!). My sister did much better – she sold a $10 fire extinguisher. I don’t think we ever sold anything else. Since we had to buy the starter kit, that was a lot of money down the drain. But, luckily that experience made me wise to later pitches.

  23. javajunkee says:

    OH you want to know the worst we got the bait and hook. We were all invited to a steak dinner..nobody knew why. Right before dessert we found out it was somebody selling EXPENSIVE fire alarms! When we found out a bunch of us went crazy with the jokes and crap and then found out which couple was responsible…so then of course I gotta start giving them shit right then and there…and when we were finally released..I mean let out I made sure to scream over to them….”Hey if you have a tornado warning alarm party or something make sure you send us an invitation!”

    the fire alarms they were selling would have ripped the studs right out of the walls in a trailer. WTH? Anyhow we got dupped that time.

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