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teapotWhat is something you have that is of sentimental value?

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14 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Tony says:

    Most definitely my wife Michelle.
    Also I have emailed Flat Tony to you

  2. mssc54 says:

    Wierd maybe but I have a “rock collection.” I have a rock from when our good friend got married in the mounts of NC. I have a rock from when I had to drive my Mrs. to NC to take her National Teachers Boards. I have a rock from MS when me and another business owner went to the Gulf Coast to cut trees off of people’s homes after Hurricane Katrina. I have a rock that was thown through the back window of my daughter and son-in-law’s Blazer when they left it over night on a highway in OK. I have many more rocks. They all hold special memories.

  3. Doraz says:

    This is a loaded question for me.
    I am a very sentimental person.
    I cherish too many things that hold many fond memories.
    I cherish photos,
    I cherish family things from my ancestors.
    I cherish my family.
    I could go on…so, I will stop here~~~~~

  4. nikki says:

    I have these two horses, one mom & one baby. They are made out of walnut shells and they were my Grandma’s. When I was very young I’d go to stay with my grandma and she’d let me play, very nicely of course, with them. She didn’t let anyone else though. ONLY ME! When I was there, CA, visiting about 4 years ago she asked me what I wanted when THAT time came. I couldn’t answer that because the thought kills me! She knew though, she went back to her room and brought those horses out. She said I could have them now. They mean a lot to me and I would be devastated if something happened to them.
    I also have a candle I burned the day my Dad died, if I lost that I’d be very sad! My sisters all got one too, but I am the only one that still has mine!

  5. joanharvest says:

    Every present my son or daughter has ever given me is sentimental to me. There are a lot of presents. As I look around my room it is filled with there presents. I honestly don’t know if I have one special one. I’ll have to give it some thought.

  6. SKL says:

    I honestly can’t think of much in that category. Probably the closest to “sentimental” would be my violin. My parents bought me a 3/4 size violin when I was 9, and it was a real sacrifice for them. I never became a concert violinist, but I still have that violin; and having lent it over the years to my sister, brother, nephew, and niece, I am now introducing it to my kids. (None of us can play worth a darn, unfortunately.)

  7. Sue says:

    My pictures and my wedding ring. I know people that have “traded up” their wedding rings for a bigger and better one, but I never really saw why. Toby searched long and hard (I think!) for mine and I can’t imagine saying to him, go trade this ring and get me a bigger one! He also gave me my one and only birthstone ring and it was way back in high school. I’ll never forget that day! Everyone kept saying, is it a promise ring? Are you engaged?? Ha, I laughed and thought NWIH!!!

  8. Joy says:

    I have a lot of things that mean a lot to me too. I save so many odd things but I do have a tea pot of my grandma’s that she used to keep all her precious things in. I loved looking in there when I was little and I have that now and I kept everything she had in it, in it. There are old wedding napkins and hat pins and stuff like that in there. It means a lot to me.

  9. pammywammy says:

    I keep everythimg too.I have two shirts of my grandpa Frooms.I have a tea cup I cherish of my Grandmas.She gave it as a gift.I have my moms family ring,I cherish that too.My dads gift i gave him for his last Fathers day i cherish.Friends and family gave me aweome gifts over the years that I cherish.My most favorite tokens I cherish from my children are all the special cards they made me in there early years.I keep all my cards too.And letters.Once in awhile I go threw all the stuff and it brings sad and happy tears to my eyes.

  10. Karen Joy says:

    I treasure a quilt my Mom made me.When I think of her I often picture her hard working hands so to know she made this quilt with those hands..very dear to me.
    I have my Dads watch and bday gift he gave me(I think it was the first gift he ever went shopping for on his own for )so that means alot.
    A chest(Hope chest I quess)of my Grammas,I believe it was her Mothers.We used to sit and look through all the goddies inside of it when I was small.She knew I loved it and one day she unexpectedly gave it to me to take home.Well,I was sooo thrilled!

  11. starlaschat says:

    I wish I wasn’t so sentimental. The first thing that came to my mind, probably because the picture on your post is of a tea pot. A friend I use to work with years ago, gave me a blue Betty tea pot. I thought is was so sweet and unexpected it is Dark Blue and I still have it.

    The second thing, boy I could write a long list of things, but I’ll only list two OK three. the second is something I put in the video I made you Joy. It’s a pastel painting of hummingbirds that my great grand mother did. I knew nothing about my great grand mother so I was surprised to learn she was an artist, she also loved birds. I received this a couple of Birthdays ago, it was a nice surprise.

    Third would be a necklace my Dad had made for me, he knows I like hearts so he had a friend of his make me a necklace with a tanzanite stone in the middle with a heart design that I drew. Very sweet and of course super sentimental
    As you can see by the long post I’m a bit sentimental. I could really go on and on but I won’t LOL:+)

    The order is random and not by favorites.

  12. Tosha says:

    I’m not so sentimental. I’m probably the least sentimental person you’d ever meet. But since having a hurricane flatten most of my house and losing so much of our stuff I really don’t have anything i’m sentimental about. I can get emotional over my computer..LOL..I’m a total tech nerd. I dont wear any jewelry. I don’t have collectibles. The only thing I have that i’ve had for 11 years now is a glass bear that hubs bought me the very first time we went to the mall when we were dating. it has my birthstone in it. Wyatt has laid claim to it and won’t leave it alone. Other than that all my pics i’ve taken over the years are on external hard drives and on my pc.. LOL if I lost my pc i’d cry..

  13. Morocco says:

    My mother’s purse, photos, old letters and cards…

  14. Just a Mom says:

    I have a bunch! My doll collection, my dad brought me a doll back from every country that he went to. I have jewerly that has been passed down on my mom’s side going back 5 generations now. My kids stuff that they make for mother’s day and my birthday.

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