GERMAN POTATO SALAD from Laura’s mom


This is from Laura’s mom.

This is my mom’s recipe for German Potato Salad.  She makes it the way her dad, who was born in Germany and came here during The War, made it.  My dad’s mom also made hers the same way, and Grandma was raised in New Ulm, MN… so you know she was very German, too!  This is sent to you, copied exactly from the e-mail she sent me…

I don’t have a recipe.  You just make it.

Here goes:



Small potatoes: (Red, Gold, or your choice) as many as you think will be eaten
Eggs, 2 or 3, again, based on how many people are eating.
Bacon:  Depends on how many potatoes (I usually fry up 6 or 8 slices/a pan full), make a couple extra slices ’cause people are always stealing the done bacon
Onion:  Same as bacon.  Probably a small to medium size.
Sweet Pickles (I use pickles) or Pickle relish (cheater version)
Bacon drippings
Salt & Pepper

Leaving potatoes whole, boil until “almost but not quite” done  (they are easier to slice if not totally cooked).  While potatoes are cooking, fry bacon until crisp, ( DO NOT THROW BACON GREASE AWAY).  Put eggs into water to boil with the potatoes, so they come out hard-boiled.

While bacon is cooking, chop up some of the pickles into itty-bitty pieces.

Drain bacon on paper towel.  Pour some of the bacon drippings into a jar, cup, or whatever; leaving some in the pan.  Now add a little of the flour, making a paste; basically you’re making “gravy”.  Now, add the sliced onion and using pickle juice, continue adding flour and juice until you have enough “gravy” to cover the potatoes which you have (somewhere along the way) sliced.

Add potatoes to sauce along with salt and pepper (to taste), and continue cooking and stirring until
the potatoes are totally cooked. If you think there is not enough “bacon” flavor…add a bit more of the drippings.

Last, crumble bacon and add to potato salad and serve warm.


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3 Responses to GERMAN POTATO SALAD from Laura’s mom

  1. Joy says:

    I have eaten German potato salad and it’s very good. I’ve made it once but the recipe I had contained vinegar and I didn’t care much for it so I’m going to try it again with this recipe. It’s very good with ham.

  2. Laura (LS) says:

    Yeah, I’m very fussy about German Potato Salad… I keep trying it, and never like it because it’s made with vinegar. I think the vinegar with the pickles is tart enough.

    I’m going to try and press Mom for some actual amounts, here…. I just re-read the recipe with fresh eyes, and realized that you don’t really know how much to use of each ingredient.

  3. Joy says:

    That would be awesome Laura because this one looks really good.

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