May you always…..


May you always make the right moves.

may you

 May your cup runneth over with love.
may you


 may you

 May you remain good looking and looking good !

 may you


 May you find the perfect diet for your soul.
may you

May you find perfect balance in the company you keep.

may you

May you have as much fun as you can before someone makes you stop.

may you

May the worst thing that happens to you come in slobberry pink and furry TAN.
may you

May  you  manage  to  MAKE  time  for  siesta.
may you

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3 Responses to May you always…..

  1. CUTE! I love the animal theme! The first picture of the puppy with a chess piece is the best.

  2. starlaschat says:

    That’s a whole lot of cuteness! Baby puppies and the little tiny pig so cute.

  3. Doraz says:

    Same to you!

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