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obama_tvMost of you that read here often know that I didn’t vote for Obama. This isn’t about that at all. Not in any way. This is just something I’d like to know if it’s just me or if other people feel the same way. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of seeing this man on TV constantly for “nothing” things?

I was sitting here Monday morning and beeping comes on the TV and interrupts the last few minutes of The View and I’m thinking, what’s up. Do you know now I can’t even think of what it was he talked about because my mind now just shuts off after I know we aren’t getting bombed somewhere.

Not only that but it was an answer session too where all the reporters got to ask him questions. There wasn’t ONE serious question asked. One woman reporter asked him if he quit smoking or if he still “snuck” a few!! Can you even imagine? You can ask the president anything you want and you ask a lame question like that? Give me a break. This is interrupting television all the time.

You all must see the same thing I do so what’s the deal here? I’ve been around the block a few times but I don’t ever remember this kind of thing with any other president. Do you really think we need to know when he and his wife have a “date night?” Do we really need to know if he’s suffering from not having his Blackberry? Do we need our television interrupted to hear that the “First Family” got a puppy? Why is this president not treated like any of the other previous presidents? 

The American people voted this man into office to do a job but I didn’t agree. He’s not a celebrity so why the constant media coverage? I mean, I like to see the kids romping in the yard with the dog and I like seeing them wave from the plane but I think it’s gone way to far. Let him do his damn job. Quit treating him like he’s a movie star.

The other thing that concerns me is when he comes on all the time with that “bulletin” sound, the first thing you think is something is wrong. What I fear is someday something will be wrong and we’re just going to tune it out thinking it’s another “look at me, I’m president” again and we may not pay attention. Anyone ever hear of the little boy who cried wolf?

All of these things that they break into shows with or take an hour of our night-time viewing could be told on the World News. I’m not saying I’m not interested in any of it but at the right time and place. In my opinion, it’s just gotten to be to much. Breaking into other programming should be for something important.

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14 Responses to Presidents TV coverage

  1. SKL says:

    Another friend of mine just wrote the same thing in an email to me. “I hear Obama’s voice drifting from the tube again, why is he always on TV?”

    A few weeks ago I heard something about a bailout of media companies that were struggling (most of the liberal ones are). I thought it was just newspapers, but I’m not sure how far it went. The thought of a government bailout of the “free press” sent shivers up my spine. A free press is so basic to a democracy. I’ve long since given up on an “unbiased” press, but a government bailout means outright government control (as we’ve noticed).

    I believe the media has gone beyond the point where it was with Clinton (which was bad enough). Sure, we expect them to be biased given that they are overwhelmingly liberal, but more and more, it seems like the Obama White House is pulling their strings. I personally don’t watch it, but it bugs me because a lot of people still think there is some objectivity in the news, and how they are influenced by everything they hear. Like about a week or so, BO killed a fly during a televised interview, and I heard about the news broadcasts going all gaga about what an amazingly brilliant, sharp, strategic, athletic guy he must be. (Though PETA thought he should have used a humane fly-catcher instead.) I blew it off as the usual stupid, insult-my-intelligence stuff, but then my two rather intelligent friends started to gush about it. I mean, really? An institutionalized moron could kill a fly if he set his mind to it, no? But if CNN says it’s amazing, people with actual brains start feeling amazed. It is scary.

    So yeah, I really think Obama is forcing the media to inundate people with his “good side” in order to distract people from his substantive agenda and boost his popularity. I only hope there are enough Americans who see through this.

  2. mssc54 says:

    Joy, I can’t believe you can’t figure this out.

    Remember during the election when McCain accused Obama of being more popular than Britney Spears or Paris Hilton? Well Obama is just out to prove that McCain is right. Obama has gotten more TV time than Britney and Paris put together!

    My favorite was the footage of him kiling that poor fly. I mean the fly was just flying around and being himself. Next thing you know SWAT! Dead fly and the camera actually zooms in on the dead fly on the floor. I’ve never been so proud of an Amreican President than at that moment. I say KILL ALL THE FLIES!!

  3. Mark says:

    Welcome to the age of celebrity!

    In the UK we get treated to slightly less intense coverage – but we get a lot of the ‘fluff’ stories that you describe.

    We got pretty much full coverage of the puppy, and the fly incident was heavily featured on news. Just a shame that Mr Miagi is no longer with us to have appreciated it!

    Michelle Obama is fast becoming a style icon over here too – and she probably gets equal coverage to her husband. (The touching of the Queen incident was interesting!)

    The closest thing that we would have in Europe is probably Nicholas Sarkosi (President of France, and his super model wife Carla Bruni). They tend to cause a media flurry when they step out in public.

    I guess in this age of intense scrutiny of all aspects of life of those in the public sphere, we are no longer just ‘interested’ in a politicians politics – but every area of their lives.

  4. Sue says:

    I noticed he was on again the other day too so I shut the TV off all together. I tuned in after the question was already asked and he was stumbling to give an answer…”um, ahhh, ahh, well, ahhhh…” it took him forever to spit something out! I am tired of seeing everything he does, his family does and what his wife is wearing at the charity event she’s attending. I DON”T CARE!!!!! Do your job and shut up about it!

  5. Laura says:

    It’s precisely because he CAN’T do his job. At least that’s part of it, IMHO.

    This is a Freshman State Senator turned Freshman U.S. Senator turned President. And how did he get there? …


    He got there because he’s black, a democrat, and can read a speech well. His people knew EXACTLY which buttons to push in the press, and in the public, to get this man elected. I remember conversations with people during the election….

    “He’s going to give me FREE health care!! He’s going to give me FREE College!!” But there was never any answer to my response of, “How????”

    Because they turned the subject to…. “Oh, it’s about time our country elected a MINORITY to office!! Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t HE wonderful???” And then, if I disagreed and tried to stick with the facts, I was called a racist.

    Well, no. Because he’s untried, inexperienced, and an unknown quantity because he will not answer a question. I don’t care WHO you are or what color your skin is. If you don’t have experience, you shouldn’t be there.

    And now, he still doesn’t answer those questions, but he and his staff know that they have to keep churning the mill with little crap so we don’t see the BIG crap that’s going on in the background.

    Know that he’s talking up Healthcare so big right now, because the Cap and Trade vote is tomorrow. It’s said to be the BIGGEST tax hike in history.

    He’s a master of manipulation, and knows exactly which strings to pull to keep his fawning public dancing. Don’t even get me started on the man’s narcissism. It makes me nauseous.

  6. starlaschat says:

    I agree. So you have been around the block a few times have ya. LOL Me too. ;+) . I’m sorry it’s a serous subject, OK Yes It is annoying, I don’t think president’s should break into TV willy nilly any time. And I Loved when you said when they break in like that you figured we were getting bombed somewhere. I thought I was the only one that had that thought. I hear the dramatic news music and see the interruption and I’m thinking the same thing. Great I don’t even have a shelter, who’s getting bombed?

  7. javajunkee says:

    well with KON being done maybe the prez and his wife can start popping out kids and have their own tv show on the side.
    This man can NOT say anything I want to hear. I’m not rich enough nor poor enough to benefit from anything he is doing. It’s going to be a long 4 years and I pray to God the whole “novelty” and you know what I’m talking about is done. Great they did it, we did it….now lets get somebody in there I don’t give a flying rats ass what color but somebody who is going to help us friggin middle class people.

  8. javajunkee says:

    well with KON being done maybe the prez and his wife can start popping out kids and have their own tv show on the side.
    This man can NOT say anything I want to hear. I’m not rich enough nor poor enough to benefit from anything he is doing. It’s going to be a long 4 years and I pray to God the whole “novelty” and you know what I’m talking about is done. Great they did it, we did it….now lets get somebody in there I don’t give a flying rats ass what color but somebody who is going to help us friggin middle class people.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  9. Ok, I seem to be in the minority of comments here because I actually believe Obama is extremely capable and I feel proud to be an American citizen with such a president in charge. But as you said, Joy, this isn’t about whether or not we like Obama.
    I agree, Obama is getting WAY more press and it does get ridiculous. I mean, yesterday, the last day I was in Washington DC, my mom and my brother and I went to this place called Ray’s Hellburgers, a very good burger joint. The biggest topic of conversation in all the tables around us was how Obama had stopped there for a burger a few weeks ago. That’s great, you know, that Obama likes to eat at local places and not only in seclusion, but does it REALLY matter to me what the president of the US puts on his burger or when he does it? Hell no. That’s not why we elected him. We didn’t elect him because he’s good looking, relatively young, seemingly the perfect family man – those are all nice things if we were looking for a buddy to hang out with.
    But no. He was elected for his abilities, for his inspiring opinions and his readiness to act. He should definitely be allowed to do his job without needing to have twice the amount of media-control staffers than any other president probably had.

  10. Tosha says:

    I haven’t seen all the coverage as I don’t watch tv.. But I really dont care what they name their dog, what color of lipstick michelle is wearing, who irons his pants.. I don’t care! I don’t care where they eat dinner.. i care more that the american people are ABLE to eat dinner!

  11. nikki says:

    At this point, after reading this post I’m glad I had the dish turned off, and I’m seriously rethinking having it turned back on. I don’t pay my dish bill to hear or see him. I agree after so long people will start to tune that “alert” off. Why the h-ll do they need some special alert anyway? What’s he done that is so deserving of that???
    And I really like your last sentence Tosha!! 🙂

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