Being a girl HURTS!

nairOK, I know this is for the girls, sorry boys! Who here shaves their legs? Most I’m sure. Who here has to shave at least once a day just to stay smooth? I’m one of those. My hair is not only course but dark, very dark. I shave every morning and by nighttime I have to do it again. It’s not fun and come summer time it’s down right painful. Between the razor burn and heat burn my legs feel like they are on fire!

So last night I went to Walmart and got some Nair. Now this stuff has never worked well for me but this was new stuff and I said WTH, I’ll try it. It came with this buffing pad that rubbed the hair off. I thought well maybe it’ll work. If you could have seen me jumping up and down as if I was on fire you’d think I had literally lost my mind. After I applied it and rubbed it off, my legs were on FIRE! I got out of the shower and tried drying them off, which felt like I was riping my skin off!!! I got lotion on them thinking that would cool them down. NO! My legs were now covered in red bumps and I was in so much pain I wanted to rip my legs off (because that would have felt so much better!)

WTH! Can someone please help me?!?! What do I do? I want smooth legs without waxing, that’s just too much money and the over the counter stuff doesn’t work too well! Is there an ointment for razor burn that I haven’t found? Is there another hair removal product that works better and won’t leave me in severe pain! I JUST WANT SMOOTH LEGS, is that too much to ask? UGH I’m sitting here right now and it has gotten better but the rash is still there and I’m sorry that just doesn’t look good nor does it feel very good when it’s 90 degree’s out!

So I googled it! I love google! It says to A) don’t shave up but down with the hair. I don’t know, that would leave stubble and I like smooth, however I wouldn’t have this horrible rash. B) soak your skin, easy enough. C) use cream or shaving oil, not soap. D) apply aloe vera after you shower. Also use a new razor every time. I think I’ll use mine more than once but I will try everything else. I practically bought out the store buying everything that had aloe or rash relief in it! THIS SUCKS! Sometimes I hate being a girl!

I know some of you have already gotten a good laugh from this  the day it happened. Well JJ, I may take your little suggestion and someday refill all of your guys lotion bottle with Nair!!! See who’s laughing then!

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25 Responses to Being a girl HURTS!

  1. Joy says:

    I just gotta say this gave me a HUGE laugh on Facebook and it still gave me a huge one reading it again here. Just imagining you jumping up and down like your legs are on fire…..well, come on, I’m laughing with ya here!!!!! Right???

    Okay, now that I’m calmer and am done wetting my pants from laughing….I do shave. Every single time I bathe I shave. It’s just the way I am. I do it for me and nobody else but I like that smooth feeling too. I’m very lucky though. I’ve never broken out before from it. I smother myself in my lotion though after every shower. I’ve heard of people having this problem but it’s never happened to me.

    Thanks for this Nikki. I appreciate your honesty and and your comedic writing style. If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be able to tease you but this did really sound funny.

    • nikki says:

      Ahhh yes good laughs for everyone!!! 😉 but me at the time! So not funny, it was painful!!! I though jumping up & down and waving my legs in the air would cool them down, no I just looked like a total moron!

  2. mssc54 says:

    Big deal, at least you can sit down to pee. 🙂

  3. SKL says:

    I have sensitive skin so I can’t shave that often. I have had some really bad times, usually when I’m traveling and I shave extra meticulously because I have to be seen in shorts or a bathing suit or whatever. Usually it happens to be a summer vacation, meaning it’s hot too. And flying on a plane dehydrates you, which can’t be helpful. So from whatever combination of factors, I end up suffering when I ought to be enjoying myself.

    The older I get, the less I care about having perfect legs. Right now, I generally shave once a week in the summer, less often in the winter (I’m usually in jeans all winter). I try to plan it so I always have at least 2 days between shaving, even if I’m in a situation where it “matters.” I also use a “natural” shave cream.

    One thing I noticed is that I have more trouble if I shave the same day I wash my hair. I guess my broken skin is irritated by the chemicals in the shampoo. So that’s another thing I plan around.

    My dad has some real problems with his skin, to the point where he can no longer use regular soaps or shampoos at all. I watch him and think, maybe if I cool it a little now, I won’t inherit the problem to the extent he has it. So I figure, if my legs aren’t perfectly smooth, how important is that, really? Personally I don’t look at other women’s legs to see if they have stubble, so why would anyone look at mine? Most of the time, little things like that are only noticeable to us.

    • nikki says:

      I have very dark hair and it’s course, not blonde and thin. I wear shorts and dresses a lot in the summer. And even when wearing pants I hate the feeling of hair on my legs. I look at other womens legs, if they’re near me. I always want to ask them what they use!!! I’m weird like that I guess!

  4. holeycheese says:

    I wear long pants and nobody will never know whether I shave my legs or not. 🙂

  5. HAHAHAHHAH! I’m so sorry but that is sooo funny!

    I use a razor. Waxing is a little painful for me but it’s more convenient as you don’t have to do it everyday.

    I think we now have those kind of body gel that can remove hair when you use it while showering. I’ve seen them in Pharmacies. Of course, you have to be careful not to use them on your head or something. Just be careful if your skin is kind of sensitive.

  6. Sue says:

    Oh, this made me laugh too! I can see it all jumping around, screaming in pain, freaking out b/c you have a rash….ahhhh, good laughs. Ok, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh….

    I shave, but don’t go ape about it. Luckily, I have blonde hair so I don’t have to worry about doing it every day, but it’s nice having smooth legs. There’s no way on God’s green Earth I would shave twice a day!

  7. Laura says:

    If it helps, I didn’t laugh, Nikki…. I totally get the whole burning thing, but it hasn’t happened to me with shaving – it HAS happened with other lotions, primarily ones that are over-scented. And it sneaks up on me. Some scented lotions are just fine. Others make me feel like my skin is coming off. So I get it.

    (ok, I did giggle a *little* when picturing the hopping around, naked I assume?… but I was also saying, “Ow! Ow! Ow!” while I was giggling)

    Sorry I can’t help you much with the shaving thing, though. I did find, recently, a shaving gel made for “bikini areas” only, in fact I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a blue gel, and it’s designed to help prevent bumps when you shave the bikini area. I’ve used it on my legs, too, and it works well. I found it at Wal-mart, in the “girlie shaving stuff” section.

    The other thing I can offer is to read labels. I know a lot of stuff has alcohol in it, and that could be your problem. I would go with SKL’s solution, and hit the natural stores… maybe there’s a product there that will help.

    Finally, do you see a dermatologist? It’s a little extreme, but maybe she’ll have product suggestions or tips.

    Oh, yeah… and stay away from Nair. I can’t even stand the SMELL of that crap!!

    • nikki says:

      I’ve seen that stuff, I’ll get that too and try it. Why not I’ve tried everything else. My skin is too sensitive! Not only did I have a razor burn, and heat rash but now I had a chemical burn! It was horrible!!! I’m good now! 🙂

  8. SKL says:

    I should add that I think about laser hair removal at least once a week. Someday I’m gonna do it!

  9. Tosha says:

    I can’t laugh at you.. I WONT laugh at you. I’ve did only it was much much worse… I won’t go into details..LOL.. But you can only imagine.. My sister swears by this shaving cream/lotion she gets. She says its magic. I haven’t tried it yet but everyone I know who uses it LOVES it.. It’s a lil expensive for my tastes b/c well I’ve got 4 kids and some things i just have to buy the cheaper version of..LOL.. but she swears by Coochy-Original Rash-Free Shaving Cream. Google it. People swear by it!

  10. starlaschat says:

    Girl Talk… I’m not laughing not at all sounds painful. Every time, change your razor? Wow. I knew changing often but every time wow that could get expensive. I recently tried the Venus razor I was surprised what a nice job it did on my legs. I don’t know if you have tried that razor, you probably have. It was one of those consumer moments that I was shocked and was looking at my razor saying wow what kind of razor is this? I have tried Nair a long time ago. I thought it smelled awful and never tried it again. I’ll have to scroll up now and read what others say on the topic. Sorry I’m not much help. I can give you a big AAawww and a big Hug!!!

    • nikki says:

      The smell is horrid but if it worked I’d push through the smell! I won’t change my razor everyday, that’s ridiculous! You know they even have razors that smell…what’s the point in that??

  11. Karen Joy says:

    OHHH,I feel so bad for you.I havent any answers but this did remind me of a hair removal story (about waxing)that I just received…soo hilarious.Sounded a bit like you.
    It is to bad waxing is costly because,it really does last longer though and in time you have less hair growth.
    Go for the natural product like has been suggested already and maybe buy an aloe vera plant and use its gel.My Mom always had a plant in the house and was breaking its leaves open for a burn or cut etc.There is alcohol in the aloe you get in the stores.Good luck!!

  12. You have to suffer to be beautiful, as they say! I think it’s not fair though. We shouldn’t need to suffer to be beautiful. And yet, not many of us like having hairy legs, no matter how feminist or pro-equality we like to think ourselves as… Ah well!
    Shaving cream is a HUGE help for me. I almost never get those painful red bumps after shaving if I use abundant amounts of cream. Also, reusing a razor is fine, just make sure the blade is still sharp because if it isn’t then you might be putting more pressure on your legs to get the hair off when you shave and thus creating the painful burns!

  13. MauiSoap says:

    I was checking out my blog when I came across Being a girl HURTS! which I must say is depressing at best.

    Using the best products possible of course helps, and since I own 3 companies devoted to manufacturing bath, body, and professional beauty product I felt I had to chime in here.

    We have a product development forum going on at

    This forum is for a focus group that tests our products and gives us feedback on what is working or not. We listen to our customers, which I hope has something to do with why we have been able to create many leading high-end brands for several decades.

    We’d certainly welcome some new voices on our forum and we even have a few spots open for new testers 😎

    • Tosha says:

      No offense to anyone. But don’t bother with the “idea” of testing for this company. They charge you shipping and handling.

      “Group members will be charged $15 on their credit card per shipment to cover shipping and handling.
      • Members must give Maui Tropical Soaps standing permission to charge their credit card anytime a sample is sent to them.”

      No company wanting consumers to test and give feedback for their products should charge for that. Not even shipping and handling. When companies test products they do it at their own expense. It’s never a good idea for a company to charge consumers for their time and commitment to a product/company.

      Do NOT waste your time! Personally I think the guy just spammed your blog!

      • Tosha says:

        BTW I’ve tested MANY products for many companies. Some big name companies and some small. It’s ALWAYS at the expense of the company and never costs me a dime. Just my time to use the product and give honest feedback on it..

        • Joy says:

          Thanks for saying that Tosha. I’ll leave the comment in just so everyone will learn from this. Otherwise nobody will know what you mean.

  14. Cynthia says:

    Before, I usually wear pants in order to hide my legs, I don’t shave it everyday because I’m a busy person. It’s just really get sick if there were rush plans for beach outings and need to wear shorter outfits. Until I came to an idea of getting into laser hair removal. It’s really effective and lessens the burden on shaving on my own.

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