scattagoriesThe rules:

The first word of your answer must begin with the letter of your first or last name but you have to pick one or the other for all your answers BEFORE you read the questions.  I’m leaving you on your honor! 

The words “A,” “An” and “The” cannot be used for the key word. Example, the movie The Shining would be the letter S and not T.

You cannot use the same word twice.

When using a proper name, you can use either first or last name for your key word.  Example, Elvis Presley can either be a E or P.

Things that are sticky-



Leisure activities-

Fictional characters-

Menu Items-


Kinds of candy-

Items you save up to buy-


Items in a suitcase-

Things with tails-

Things in a souvenir shop-

Tropical locations-

College majors-





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7 Responses to SCATTERGORIES

  1. javajunkee says:

    Things that are sticky- CHOCOLATE

    Celebrities- CHER

    Cars- CHEVY

    Leisure activities- CAMPING

    Fictional characters- CARTOONS

    Menu Items- CHICKEN

    Capitals- CHEYENNE

    Kinds of candy- CANDY CORN

    Items you save up to buy- CAR

    Footwear- CHUCKS

    Items in a suitcase- CAPRIS

    Things with tails- CATS

    Things in a souvenir shop- CUPS

    Tropical locations- CARIBBEAN

    College majors – CAREGIVER

  2. SKL says:

    Things that are sticky- syrup

    Celebrities- Sally Field

    Cars- Saturn

    Leisure activities- sailing

    Fictional characters- Scrooge

    Menu Items- salad

    Capitals- Is Seattle the capital of Washington?

    Kinds of candy- Snickers

    Items you save up to buy- stock certificates?

    Footwear- shoes

    Items in a suitcase- suits

    Things with tails- swallow

    Things in a souvenir shop- state emblem

    Tropical locations- San Pedro

    College majors- sciences

  3. Doraz says:

    Things that are sticky- Lollipops

    Celebrities- Lassie

    Cars- lamborghini

    Leisure activities- Laying out

    Fictional characters- Looney Tunes

    Menu Items- Liver

    Capitals- Little Rock

    Kinds of candy- Licorice

    Items you save up to buy- Lazy-Boy

    Footwear- laces

    Items in a suitcase- lingerie

    Things with tails- lions

    Things in a souvenir shop- lighthouses

    Tropical locations- Laos

    College majors- Life Science

  4. Just a Mom says:

    Things that are sticky- Honey

    Celebrities- Heather Locklear

    Cars- Hummer

    Leisure activities- Hunting

    Fictional characters- Baby Huey

    Menu Items- Hunter’s Stew

    Capitals- Honolulu

    Kinds of candy- Heath Bar

    Items you save up to buy- House

    Footwear- House slippers

    Items in a suitcase- Hosiery

    Things with tails- Hamsters

    Things in a souvenir shop- Hats

    Tropical locations- Hawaii

    College majors- Horticulture

  5. Joy says:

    Things that are sticky-Jam

    Celebrities-Julia Roberts


    Leisure activities-Jumping rope

    Fictional characters-Jetson’s

    Menu Items-Jumbo shrimp


    Kinds of candy-Jolly Rancher’s

    Items you save up to buy-Jewelry

    Footwear-Jelly shoes

    Items in a suitcase-jammies

    Things with tails-Jack rabbit

    Things in a souvenir shop-Junk

    Tropical locations-Jamaica

    College majors-Journalism

  6. pammywammy says:

    celebrities-Paris Hilton
    Leisure Activities-Pool
    Fictional Character-Pinnochio
    Menu Items-Pork
    Kinds of Candy-Peppermints
    Items you Save Up To Buy For-Purses
    Footwear-Peddle Pushers
    Items in a Suitcase-Panties
    Things with a tail-Pony
    Things in a souvenir Shop-Pens
    Tropical locations-Panama
    Collage majors-Priests

  7. cuzinaddie says:

    Things that are sticky- Soda

    Celebrities- Soupy Sales

    Cars- Saturn Sky

    Leisure activities- Skeet Shooting

    Fictional characters- Super Squirrel

    Menu Items- Spaghetti Squash

    Capitals- Stockholm, Sweden

    Kinds of candy- Salt Water Taffy

    Items you save up to buy- Sewing Machine

    Footwear- Sketchers Sandals

    Items in a suitcase- Solarcaine

    Things with tails- Skunks

    Things in a souvenir shop- Silver Spoons

    Tropical locations- Singapore

    College majors- Sociology

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