Cabin people

I’ve been wanting to do a post about this for quite some time but I didn’t want everyone to tell me that I used to be “cabin people” so I never did but it was on Good Question the other night so I thought, what the heck.

We used to have a cabin not far from where we live now. It was in Paul’s family and we shared it with his 4 siblings. It got crowded at times and there were some pretty petty arguments but all in all, we all loved it. We went up there every singe weekend come rain or shine. From the time the snow melted in the spring until it was just to cold anymore, we were all there. I think my boys could tell you what happy memories we have of that cabin.

Paul’s family business moved locations and was only 30 minutes from the cabin and he’d been driving back and forth so we decided after Jason graduated, we’d move. Toby wasn’t to thrilled, he was in 9th grade and painfully shy but that’s another post. Upside of that was we were neighbors of Sue’s and we all know how that turned out so I think he’s okay with it now. Since the business moved, so did all of us so now we lived so close to the cabin, it just wasn’t the same and it wasn’t being used enough so we sold it. How now I wish we wouldn’t have.

Living in this kind of tourist country really has some drawbacks that I never really thought about. For example, going anywhere on a Friday is just plain out of the question. From early in the morning, there’s some pretty terrible traffic happening. Since I take Bailey home now after golf lessons on Friday, I can’t believe how early that traffic starts.

The grocery store is just plain nuts. If you want groceries, you’d better have them by the weekend or your store won’t seem like your store. You can spot “those people” a mile away too. Us “normal” people put on decent clothes to go about doing our business but these cabin people think it’s okay to walk around the town and stores in varying disarray of costumes. I’m convinced some of these people think they are in the tropics with some of the hats and bright shirts and the “Hawaiian” type clothes. Then you have the people who only run in for “one” thing in swimsuits wrapped in towels. Alrightythen.

I guess we did that too now that I think about it. We had our “cabin clothes” but we never went shopping in our bathing suits. We were always polite though and respectful of the people we encountered on our trips. I guess either you’re that way or you’re not.

What I’ve encountered the last few years is that there are some pretty rude people out there. I have been forcing myself to stay out of town and out of most of the stores from Friday till Monday just because I can’t stand the crowds but last Saturday we stopped in on our way to Bailey’s birthday party and I went to my favorite cashier even though the line was a little longer. When it was my turn I smiled at her and asked her if it was winter yet and she just rolled her eyes. Last fall I went in and she was near tears with the rudeness of some of these people. Some woman yelled at her because she wouldn’t cash a check for $50 over the price of her groceries. They have a sign right there saying only $10 over is allowed. It only takes a few of people like this to ruin your day and you have to be nice to them. I’m sure the store LOVES the cabin people. Well on Saturday, some rich woman from a ritzy part of Minneapolis tore her a new a@@ for not bagging her groceries. She calmly told the woman they don’t do that here. Well the woman huffed…’s what they do at our store at home. You can just imagine what she would have liked to have told that woman can’t you???

My moral of this story is to just be nice to people. We are living in this world together and it shouldn’t matter where you go or what you’re doing, be kind and nice to people. What you do and how you act can really make a difference in some people’s lives. Slow down and relax. Everyone is in such a hurry. Take the time to be courteous to people you meet along the way.

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19 Responses to Cabin people

  1. JavaQueen says:

    Ya catch more flies w/ honey. I live by that. You get what you put out. I try my best. Even when someone is RUDE to me on the phone, I try to nice them to death 😉

  2. mssc54 says:

    Boy do I know zactly what you mean!!!!

    Living on the SC coast AND in one of the most sought after tourist destinations for American History we have what the locals call “TOURIST SEASON!”

    Besides the rudeness we get a high percentage of women who also go on “bra vacation.” It is obvious, even to the casual observer, that many women who come here on vacation also forget to pack their braziers! I often wonder if they leave their common sense at home too.

    It seems that Tourist People (TP) love to visit so they can tell you how screwed up our town is. TP then proceeds to drive like the ignorant person they are.

    One small consolation that we “natives” have is; that since TP’s skin has rarely seen the light of day we just know that when they spend an afternoon walking around town or (hopefully) go to the beach without sunscreen they will resemble a freshly cooked lobster at dinner time. Nothing says suffering like virgin skin on the SC beach in the summer time!

  3. SKL says:

    I usually err on the polite, even subservient side. But there have been a couple of times when I’ve “let people have it.”

    Once I was “one of ‘those’ people” in Florida and we stopped at a gas station. I saw a sign saying 99c for cappuccino (from a self-serve machine) so I served myself some in the cup provided. They had some lids there so I tried to put a lid on my cup, but the cup was so flimsy, it collapsed and the coffee went everywhere. There were no napkins anywhere so I asked for some, to clean it up. The woman gave me ONE small napkin. Not much I could do with that, so I got another coffee and went to pay my bill and to apologize for the spill. They charged me for two $2.99 coffees (6x the price of the one I left with) and I didn’t realize it until after they ran my card through. I pointed it out and the woman started bitching at me because I had made a mess for her to clean up. I got so angry, I told her “I hope you have a rotten day.” That was about the worst thing I have ever said to anyone.

    Part of the problem was that I needed my morning coffee badly, but I am pretty sure that woman was unpleasant to lots of people whether they deserved it or not. I understand that it’s not fun to deal with “those people” but they are the reason most of these folks have a job, so at least they shouldn’t start the fight.

    I agree that folks need to act civilized wherever they go. I have been in some pretty uncomfortable situations (lost in China, etc.) where if it weren’t for the decency of the common man, things could have gotten ugly. So I really try not to be a pain in the butt. But at the same time, I don’t expect folks to take out their lifelong frustrations on me just because they’ll never see me again.

    • money says:

      Don’t ask the wife how many times she’s dragged me out of a store. I can be the nicest person in the world until you give me an attitude. Guess what, these people are paid to clean up after us and answer our stupid questions. Customer is always right. I will definitly clean up my mess if possible because I frequent the same places. But it’s not my fault your haveing a bad day. I do feel the cashier that gets an ass on ocasion because they are out there. But don’t hate me because you hate your job

  4. money says:

    Everybody is a cabin person now a days. Don’t get me started on my cabin memmories. Braless, mssc54? lucky dog….
    Today it’s popular to dress down to dress up. The sloppier and grubbier you look is KOOL. People probably look in the mirror to maker sure they look like their not trying. I want the mirror some of these other people have.
    Thank god we have Wallmart. A public display of I don’t cares, better then the State Fair because it never closes. You get every thing from apples to zuccini and apple bottoms to Zubaz. By the way Spandex WAS not cool, IS not cool, and NEVER will be cool.

  5. Laura says:

    I guess I’m one of the Cabin People. We go to Northern Wisconsin every chance we get, which, lately, has been precious little.

    But whenever I’m there, I’m so grateful to be there, and on vacation, that I go out of my way to be nice to my hosts – and that includes the folks behind the counters of whatever retail establishment I happen to be in.

    I will, however, stipulate that unless someone is bleeding profusely, I NEVER go into those stores in my bathing suit (unless I’ve got clothes on over it). Way too cold.

    Hey! There’s the solution! Joy, tell the retailers in your town to set the air conditioning to “It’s FREAKING COLD in here!!!” tacky swimsuit problem solved!!

  6. Doraz says:

    Well. I feel there are two sides to this story. If it were not for all of those people going to “visit” and “vacation” in all of these “vacation spots,” they would not be “vacation spots,” and the area would feel that! On the other hand, some people who go ANYWHERE are not considerate of the fact that people have made these areas their homes! They are disgusting! I see this ALL THE TIME when I go to my mountain home. I am now not considered a “flat lander.” which makes me feel better about things! When the flat landers visit….look out! “Be nice “is a great way to look at it! 🙂

  7. Tosha says:

    I hate vacationers.. My inlaws own a canoe business and we deal with this type of crap every summer.. only bathing suits are apart of the business..LOL but some of the things these people wear are totally inappropriate and i’ve been known to shield my kids eyes more than once..

  8. Just a Mom says:

    “My moral of this story is to just be nice to people. We are living in this world together and it shouldn’t matter where you go or what you’re doing, be kind and nice to people. What you do and how you act can really make a difference in some people’s lives. Slow down and relax. Everyone is in such a hurry. Take the time to be courteous to people you meet along the way.”

    AMEN! Whatever happened to that pretty good Golden Rule thing? You know, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you!

  9. nikki says:

    Oh goodness, Buffalo is bad too on Fridays and sometimes even Thursdays. Must be their last stop before their vacation spot! Closet WalMart, IDK! It is annoying, they invade very rudely! I stay away from town as much as possible now that we live clear on the other side of the lake and have to drive all the way around it. The Association we live in has a lot of cabins and seasonal visitors, but they so far haven’t bothered us. You can tell though who they are though, they walk around a lot looking at everyones houses. LOL Your main moral of the story is a pretty simple nice! Is it that hard for some people?! Maybe they think they are better than us. But if you think about it, they are VISITING where we live. What do we have anything to jealous about??? They love it so much to vacation here, and we get to live here. When I go into the cities I’m not rude, a little nervous maybe but not mean. What goes around comes around!

  10. starlaschat says:

    I like how you ended that post. I really think that is such a good message. Just to be kind to each other the world can be such a hectic place and people do seem to be snapping at each other a lot these days. You never know what may be going on with the person you are snapping at they may be holding onto their last straw. Maybe it’s because people are so stressed I don’t know. Summer is our busy tourist time and our local grocery store gets really really busy. Funny in the Winter it is so much quieter. And people in Montana for the most part really dress, how would I say it casual. I actually really like that. So many people work labor jobs that you can go places in work clothes and not feel like you don’t belong or that you stick out like a sore thumb. Not a lot of fancy Glam. Not like some places.

    Is that a picture of your Cabin? I Love all the Windows. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the Cabin.I would imagine it’s a lot of money to keep up more than one place.

  11. nikki says:

    I miss the cabin a lot. I think it would have been fun to have our kids be able to spend time there. They were little when it was sold. 😦 I’ll never forget the boys going through the woods to try to scare Brian and his friends!!! LOL And the fires we had, you remember that Sue, you were there right? The jet engine fire we had going, way too close to the cabin!! Yes good times!!!

    • Sue says:

      Oh yes! I have memories of the cabin 🙂 Memories only Toby and I are in 😉 But I do remember fires and sneeking to scare Brian and Toby’s grad party. The great thing is you don’t need a cabin to make great memories, just great family!

  12. DM says:

    I like how you ended that post too. I guess growing up in rural Iowa where we still wave @ strangers to this day, I cringe when I encounter rudeness- period. There are way too many “cabin people” on the internet as far as I’m concerned. I appreciate the fact your blog has that small town feel. I would not do well working in a setting with rude people, I would probably get fired the first time someone copped an attitude w/ me.

    • nikki says:

      We do that around here too. I waved at a person driving past our house the other day and Bailey asks me, do you know him? I said no, it’s the polite thing to do. Sometimes a smile from a stranger can lighten your day. To be that light in someones day is a great feeling. To have someone lighten your day with just a friendly smile is a great feeling also!! A smile and wave go along way, more people need to realize that.

  13. Sue says:

    I hated working at the grocery store in the summer b/c of all the “cabin people”! It was a steady stream of people not wearing clothing, looking like they just rolled out of hang over bed and acting like you were the idiot!

  14. Tony says:

    There’s just no need for such attitudes but manners just seem to have been thrown out the window these days. I abhor obnoxiousity, if that is a word…
    I tend to have my own vocabulary, Michelle often tells me “That’s not a proper word”

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