Question of the day

underwearIf someone’s underwear was showing, would you tell them?

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16 Responses to Question of the day

  1. SKL says:

    Only if I was VERY close to that person.

  2. pammy wammy says:

    I also would have to know them 🙂

  3. Doraz says:

    It would depend on how cute the scenery was! LOL

  4. If it was a close friend and relative, then yes. If it was a plumber or some other random guy, no.

  5. mssc54 says:

    On Friday I went to lunch with one of my daughters and a friend. One of the female employees (who wasn’t working) came in too chat with the other employees. As she walked by her pants were down a bit and her blouse was up exposing her green thong. As I left I told her (as she was chatting with her friends, “You really should keep your blouse pulled down. We are trying to eat lunch and don’t need to see your green thong.” 🙂

  6. javajunkee says:

    isnt’ that the look now? Holy crap I could spend half my day telling people their underwear is showing. Even the chicks seem to be doing it’s like the thong needs to be showing over the top of the jeans which is just gross!

  7. SKL says:

    Yeah, some people do it on purpose, so I would prefer not to give them the attention they are seeking.

    I pray often that the style pendulum will swing way back by the time my kids hit puberty . . . otherwise I can see many arguments in our future . . . .

  8. Sue says:

    I’d have to know them. There are too many people out there wearing their undies hanging out and it is gross! I don’t need to see ’em and it just makes you look sloppy!

  9. LVISS says:


  10. Joy says:

    I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. They may want it like that and if it were a little old lady, she’ll probably never notice so why embarrass her for no reason? I hate the undies showing look too.

  11. nikki says:

    I think only if I knew them. Oh this reminds me, I saw a girl in Walmart wearing really tight cotton capris. Guess what color panties she had on??? Yup, black with hot pink lace. Ask me why I noticed? IDK, I notice things like that!

  12. Tony says:

    No I’d just let them bear with it

  13. Tony says:

    My youngest stepson used to keep having his boxer shorts out the top of his jeans on perpose to be “Fashionable”. I hate that look. Whenever I got close to him I would give him a wedgie. He’d protest & I’d tell him if he didn’t want a wedgie then tuck his clothes in properly

  14. Just a Mom says:

    I probably wouldn’t say anything if I didn’t know them. If I did know them I would just give them a wedgie!

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