What do you do with your change?

coinsThis thought ran through my head the other day. Do people carry all their change with them or do they put it in some kind of container? Both Paul and I put all our coins in a big bank. We saved it for years and years. It’s funny, once both kids grew up and moved out, it started adding up. He took all our lose pocket change to the bank 2 years ago and there was a staggering $800 in there. We were just floored. That’s a huge amount of money.

I know my dad did this also. He had coffee cans in his closet the whole time we were growing up. One can were coins he wanted to save because they were old or rare and the other one he just dropped his coins in that he didn’t want jingling in his pockets. I do have to say, we took money out of there and I’m sure he knew. Just like we knew our kids took change out of ours. If it’s not adding up, it’s being taken out.

My grandparents saved the “coppers” as they called pennies. They would play cards with them but spent the other coins and always carried them. Of course that was before Loonies and Toonies. Those are the one and two dollar coins that Canada now has. I know MANY people who drop those in jars too because they are to heavy to carry in your change purse.

I now only carry a few quarters. When I bowled I did carry a few of each coins for due’s or the pot we had while bowling but I hate all the change in my wallet and I LOVE the way it all adds up now that it’s just Paul and I.

What about you? Do you carry your change or do you put it somewhere and save it?

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15 Responses to What do you do with your change?

  1. Vicki says:

    I have a big round 5 gallon plastic container i save my silver in which is just about full, ive been saving for years..pennies go elsewhere..i have no clue how much is in it..i do know i can’t lift it..saving it for when sean has to go to the doctor (LOL) kidding(couldnt resist). Saving it for a rainy day..

    • Joy says:

      LOL Vicki. You make me laugh. It was nothing personal. Paul took that money in, in ice cream pails and made many trips in and out of the bank. We couldn’t believe there was that much money in there.

      We have to come and go swimming soon. Give us an email or call.

      • Vicki says:

        I know it was nothing personal, he didnt take it personal either. as for swimming we’ll have to do that again hopefully soon, we had fun on the 4th wish it would get warmer though!!

  2. DM says:

    we just cashed in the change jar 3 weeks ago….close to 400 dollars. Wife needed it for the recent family reunion. heck, I had over 40 dollars in loose change in my sock drawer that I contributed

    All the girls (my 3 daughters, wife, her 2 sisters and daughter all went to a spa and out to lunch on the $) plus who knows where else. Work has been slow this Summer so this was the perfect thing to use it on.

  3. pammy wammy says:

    I rarely have change anymore.I use my bank debit card for everything.I take out small change just to go for coffee.I have a friend who has been saving her change(looniesand twoonies too) for 3 years.She now has almost $3,000.00.Makes me think I should start.Then in a few years go on a trip 🙂

  4. Karen Joy says:

    We rarely use cash so I dont have change on me much and if I do I always spend it.
    When I used to work then I always had LOTS of change..loonies toonies…from tips.Even then I made a point of using them up..was to poor not to!LOL!And they were heavy.

  5. Just a Mom says:

    I keep all my change in a jar. I carry maybe 75 cents in my wallet anythng more than that goes in the jar. I know my kids put their hands in there from time to time just like I did when I was a kid.
    I have never cashed my money in but seeing the above comments maybe I should!

  6. Sue says:

    My change is in my billfold (which gets really heavy!) but since I use my debit card for everything, I don’t have a ton of it. Toby’s horrible about change in his pockets! When he finally does empty them, it’s like you hit the jackpot! There is usually no less than $5 in quarters and $5 in other coins that he carries with him. I put that money in a fish bowl that he’s had forever. We cashed it in when we went on vacation and had $325! That was great!

  7. Doraz says:

    If my purse starts feeling heavy, I know I have a bunch of change in it.. I actually hold up the lines and pay with it when I go someplace for a quick bite or a drink. I also use it to tip the workers, if there is a tip jar where I go. I do not have a jar, but maybe I should start one! 🙂

  8. kweenmama says:

    We had a jar for loose change that we cashed in last summer for our trip to Florida (cashed it in on a whim just before we left with the idea we would use it for little treats on the trip) We had a little over $90.00 in there. It came in handy for buying smoothies and other goodies as we played at Universal Studios. The funny thing is, we haven’t been using the jar since. I’m thinking we need to start it again.

  9. SKL says:

    I don’t pay cash that often, so I usually don’t have change in my pockets. But when I do get some, it goes into a box on my dresser temporarily. After that gets too cluttered, the coins go into little containers that I have stashed away for that purpose. They are in odd corners and most likely add up to a meaningful sum. I am currently using them to pay my kids to do odd jobs. When my kid sister was little, I used to give her a pile of coins, order her to count it, and then let her keep it if she did a good job of counting. Eventually I suppose this will be how I do my kids’ allowance.

  10. javajunkee says:

    I am saving up for my own place. I have $1.50 as of right now!

  11. nikki says:

    Um well we used to put it in a coffee can but now it gets spent. Tough times ya know!
    Growing up we had this great big water container, like Culligans or something. When I was in kindergarten our house got broken into and they stole that. I got into SO much trouble for that. Now that I think back, it was their dumb faults for living in the ghetto! Heaven forbid I leave a window open!

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