Extraordinary cakes from Russia with love……..

All of the items below are cakes which can be eaten in

their entirety. No plastics or any artificial materials are

used – everything is edible. All of the cakes were made

by Zhanna of St. Petersburg, Russia.

cash register cake

sewing machine cake

suitcase full of money cake

microscope cake

machine cake

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12 Responses to Extraordinary cakes from Russia with love……..

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    They are unbelievably awesome but what is the last cake based on? I don’t think I’ve seen a contraption like that before. Can you shed some light please?

    • Joy says:

      I’m not really sure what kind of machine this is unknowntheartist. We’ve all looked at it and the cakes are made in Russia so I wasn’t even sure what to google.

        • unknowntheartist says:

          There doesn’t seem to be an alphabet on the keys listed. I originally thought label maker but alas, no letters.
          It reminds me of the old ticket machines our train conductors use to use to sell tickets on the train for people who hadn’t bought one at the station. Maybe a measurement kinda thing for cutting fabric and whatnot…? regardless, it’s bloody brilliant work! 😀

  2. Tony says:

    The sewing machine is so unbelievably realistic

  3. The sewing machine one is my favourite. Reminds me of my mum’s one. But look at the details of it!

  4. Sue says:

    Those are crazy! Best set of these pic’s yet.

  5. Lucy says:

    Those are amazing…I can’t even imagine eating one. I’d feel like I’m ruining a piece of art.

    I think the last one might be a old Russian calculater. See here: http://home.comcast.net/~wtodhner/calcs.html

    • Joy says:

      Thanks Lucy. It does look like that. How did you know what to look for? I figured it was something Russian but wasn’t sure what/how to look.

      • Lucy says:

        My parents have dragged me to many antique stores during my life… and I’ve seen several old style calculators during thee trips. So all I did was google for “old style Russian calculator.”

  6. dima says:

    Amazing pieces of Art, well done Zhanna…..Excellent work!

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