Obsessive behaviors or just quirks?

rubber-gloves-0041Jason was over one night and I was getting ready to clean the cat box and I put on a pair of rubber gloves. He laughed and said “what are you doing?” So I told him I was doing litter. He thought my rubber gloves were hilarious. I told him I use them all the time. Sometimes upwards from 5 pairs a day. He looked at me like I had three heads and told me I was nuts!! I should note that I cared less.

I know I probably do carry it to the extreme but I find these gloves mighty useful though I have often thought of the waste. I do recycle them however.

I use these things for many things. First on the list would be when cleaning the bathroom.  Understandable right? Cat litter understandable too. But I use these things when I do the dishes. Not so much in the summer months but my skin gets so dry in the winter that I have to. I also use them a lot when handling meat. Chicken especially. I also use them when I fill my bird feeders. I mean I have more than 20 feeders and also have a lot of suet ones and that stuff gets gross.

But he made me feel I was crazy. I will admit I’m not the type to see Oprahs’ show on bed bugs or those “type” shows. I obsess HUGELY somewhat over things like that. Ask my brother. I made a cross country trip with him last year and was armed in each and every hotel room with my rubber gloves and Clorox wipes. I know normal germs are necessary and I don’t use them all the time but for messy, dirty or really gross things, why not?

I hate the other rubber gloves that are reusable. They don’t stay on and are very hot. Besides, then I have to wash them. That’s the point of these, use them, toss them. Do you find anything wrong with this or do you do the same? Any compulsions anyone??

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14 Responses to Obsessive behaviors or just quirks?

  1. Lucy says:

    I don’t think its wrong…. except for the wastefulness (but yay for recycling)! However, I totally understand why you do it. I have a similar cumpulsion about germs… for example, I refuse to touch public restroom doors when I leave… always use a paper towel (I’ve just seen too many people leave without washing their hands). I have Purrell in my car/purse/office and use it compulsively after pumping gas, pushing shopping carts, and any other place/objects where many people touch. Many of my friends and family think I’m crazy…. but thats just what I do. I do fear what I will be like if I ever have children… hopefully I’ll settle down a little and won’t make them wear gloves :p

  2. Just a Mom says:

    I don’t blame you for using them at all. When I worked in restaurants we used them all the time when handling raw meat. I don’t use them at home but I am of the breed what doesn’t kill you make you stronger!
    My youngest daughter is my “little germ freak” as we call her. When we go shopping she won’t let me touch the basket until she gets a clorox wipe and cleans it. She must get that from her father! 🙂

  3. pammy wammy says:

    After working 14 years in a Care Home,Joy I do not think its strange you wearing gloves.We have had numerous tests done,were we wash real good our hands,light go off and they have a special light that shows all the germs you still have on your hands.I hate touching washroom door knobs.I will take a paper towel to open the door when I leave.Germs are everywhere.But bathroom ones gross me out.YUK!!!

  4. SKL says:

    If I have any compulsions, they are of the opposite nature – I would be more afraid of the gloves. I have read that some people develop a severe allergic reaction to plastic as a result of too much contact with latex. Then, they can’t even tie their kids’ tennis shoes.

    I am a little weird about man-made chemicals. There are so many in our environment. I don’t walk around in a bubble, but when I can make an affordable choice involving less chemicals, I do. For example, I usually don’t use soap to wash dishes unless they are greasy. I would rather eat tiny particles of leftover apple than particles of soap.

    On the other hand, I drink only tap water, which I’m sure contains plenty of chemicals. I have objections to (a) drinking water that has been stored in that plastic material, (b) spending that kind of money to enjoy what God sends down from the sky for free, and (c) generating all the waste that occurs despite recycling. Oh, and bottled water doesn’t contain flouride and some other “good” stuff. So I guess my drinking tap water still stems from one obsession or another.

  5. nikki says:

    You know they do make soap! haha JK 😉 It’s always better to be safe than sorry. My Aunt Da’lyn just got hepatitis A!! I am buying some of those gloves! They’d be good for cleaning the bathroom, liter, anything! I’d still wash my hands though when I am done.
    The only thing is the waste. I am so big on recycling!! I do not buy paper towels, or paper plates, I do not buy bottled water. Yes it may be true we have a lot of land that can be “wasted” on dumping this stuff but why?? I buy clothe napkins anytime they are on clearance, I don’t care if they match. I also don’t buy cleaning wiped and very seldom use chemicals to clean. I guess those are lil quirks but I’m not obsessive about it. I do have bleach and use it in the bathroom. Windex now uses “Greenlist” ingredients so that’s awesome.

  6. Sue says:

    I don’t think using gloves to clean the litter box is obsessive, but you do have some weird quirks!!! That’s what makes us all individual 🙂

  7. I don’t mind messy work like cleaning the cat box or the toilet – I do it with my bare hands, but I DO wash my hands for a good long while afterward. I also am a bit obsessed about washing my hands after I’m holding onto the handles in the bus or something similar to that.
    I can understand you, Joy, completely, and well, as far as the waste goes… That’s not what’s going to make a difference to the environment, so I wouldn’t stress over it. Besides, you have the right to feel comfortable and clean in your surroundings!

  8. mssc54 says:

    Maybe this is just a guy thing but…

    I would definately do the dishes first then the cat litter and then the toilet.

    But hey that’s just me. 🙂

  9. Karen Joy says:

    I use those gloves in the house Joy.I hate sticking my hands in raw meat,ground beef the most and getting it off after is aweful so i lOVE the gloves.And of course lets not forget I NEED them when coloring hair!I use the clorox wipes too,they are fast and handy.Wont ever be with out them!YOU ARE NOT WEIRD(or rather your habits arent 🙂

  10. learninmama says:

    I think they are great! I agree the reusable ones get nasty fast….I am in a house full of boys & a whole food chain of animals. (Dog, Cat, Chickens, Lizards lol) I feel you’re pain!

  11. Tony says:

    I can sympathise with wearing them when doing the cat litter box. Some of the other things do seem a bit obsessive, just sayin’ & you did ask….
    I had a Boss at another company I worked for like that. He was excessively germophobic. In the stationary cupboard were boxes & boxes of those gloves. If he shook hands with a customer he would be in the bathroom washing them as soon as they left. We had one customer who would often bring a packet of Tim-Tams for morning tea to share with a coffee. If the boss didn’t get the 1st one out of the packet he would go without. Wouldn’t touch another one once someone else’s hand had been in there.

  12. javajunkee says:

    I use them if I have to deep clean the bathrooms…if it’s just a touch up I don’t. Don’t use them for the cat litter but now you made me think about that 😦

    and I am all about the wipes! OH HELL YEAH!

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