What will they think of next?

glutonOkay, here we go. The other day JavaQueen had this on her blog and I’d also seen it on The View that same morning. I didn’t really think to much of it other than in my opinion, it’s way over the top. Dolls are for playing and pretending and a lot of that is good for kids but for me, I felt this was…okay, I’ll just say it, WEIRD. 

Then take the name which is “The Bebe Gloton” which means greedy baby. So is this saying that a hungry baby is greedy?

On goes this story. I was on Facebook Friday night saying good night to all my peeps and someone I know had the question on there “what do we think of this doll?” So I said the same thing I did on JaveQueen’s blog. I just felt it was to much. On starts the breast-feeding wars of breast-feeding is the ONLY way to go. Then a friend of hers went on to say that there is “nothing wrong with this and all kids pretend and she’d rather her kids see the “natural” way instead of bottle feeding.” So I stated that yes, it is a normal part of life but I also felt that it really depended on the age of the child AND that not everyone is able to breast-feed. A 3-4 year old would be one thing but how would it look if your 10 year old was doing this? To which she responded that “I had nothing better to do with my time!” So needless to say, I didn’t say another thing. 

I wasn’t the only one who thought this was downright creepy and that this woman, or whoever she was, was a whack-job. I got a private note from someone telling me I should do a post about this. I won’t say who it was in case she didn’t want me to but I know you’re reading so if you want to, tell it like it was.

So I did a search on this doll and came up with this video and I’m not a big fan of Kathie Lee but man, you gotta love her honesty on this doll because she said exactly what I was thinking. What’s next?Watch this video.

Now I’ll admit that after watching that, I’m more creeped out than ever by it. I mean, the way it suckles and moves it’s mouth and the little girl WITH NO BOOBS is “feeding” this baby on the little daisy things has really almost made me feel sad in a way. So kids need to learn this? Is that what I’m hearing? So what about the doll having sex so the little tyke can know how the baby got there. Then we could have the doll giving birth so the little girls can know what labor and delivery are like. We could maybe even have dolls that masturbate so they can learn to do that too? Well okay maybe that is going over the top but come one, this to me is just plain CREEPY.  Can you even imagine walking into a group of 10 year olds doing this with their dolls???  EEEeeewwww….I don’t care how “natural” this is, it’s not natural for children to be breast-feeding.

I would have let this all go except for the fact that this woman made me feel bad about my not being able to breast-feed and made it sound like if you don’t, you’re not “normal” and that’s nobody else’s business. This was about a doll and she turned it into the age old, “breast is best” with no reguard to anyone else’s feelings.

What do you think of this doll? Would you buy it for anyone you know?

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25 Responses to What will they think of next?

  1. SKL says:

    I heard about this too, and it seems creepy to me too. I have absolutely no problem with little girls pretending to breastfeed. My sister used to do it with her “regular” dolls, because she saw my mom breastfeeding. You don’t need special equipment to pretend.

    I do feel that the mouth moving and the fake nipples are weird. Well, the mouth moving could be any baby sucking on anything, so that isn’t really what I find creepy. I think it’s the whole idea of an adult instructing a child to get entertainment from a private, erogenous body part – real or fake. I also don’t like the idea that letting it all hang out in front of everyone is cool. I love breastfeeding moms, but every one I have ever known was able to cover the essential parts while breastfeeding in public. So the idea of having a child wear (and “use”) something that is supposed to represent bare breasts out in the open – that’s too much, and it’s not necessary. The child can pretend to breastfeed “discreetly” without wearing some prop. They have breasts, hello! Adding a prop just draws unnatural attention to something natural.

    Another thing – one day the little girl who proudly wears the fake breasts around is going to suddenly realize how people see it, and she’s going to get embarrassed. Why do this?

    A mom who really believes in breastfeeding should be able to instill that attitude in her daughters without buying some unnatural toy.

  2. joz1234 says:

    I’m guessing the culture of other countries might have an effect as to whether they think this is weird or not. In the US, it is somewhat taboo to expose the breasts for feeding…I don’t agree with that, but it is why there are some states where laws do not support the feeding of your baby in a natural fashion.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the doll. I have to agree with you that it seems unnecessary to have the doll make noise and suckle.

    Kids can pretend…

    It’s kind of like the idea of covering up more and letting people imagine things rather than wearing seductive clothing leaving little to your imagination.

    I hate that my analogy is sexual, since my point is not that there’s a sexual connection here…just that more should be left to kids imaginations.

  3. Joy says:

    I’d really like to clarify “why” I wrote this post. I have NOTHING against breast-feeding and do feel if you can, it’s great. But not all of us are able to. This doll is like anything else, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to. But this woman the other night took my saying “it was over the top” to mean that I was against breast-feeding and we were talking about a TOY. She attacked me for that which I thought was wrong. We weren’t talking about that.

    Also, I feel we have to tell our kids the good and bad touch stuff and then we give these little girls these “daisy” things and she’s to parade around pretending to feed a baby. I think it’s fine if she does that on her own like SKL mentioned but I don’t feel she needs “special” attire to do that. Her imagination should be enough.

  4. birdpress says:

    I don’t see a problem with it. I think it is good to teach children about their bodies and what they are for. Teaching little girls that breasts were intended to nurture babies rather than be playthings for men is a good thing, in my opinion. It should give them a more healthy view of their bodies, rather than them grow up feeling ashamed of them. If you worry about them thinking babies are only to be breastfed, you could get them a bottle too, and show them both.

    I understand that it can make some people feel embarrassed, but I don’t think children are going to be embarrassed unless they are told they should be, and they should not be eshamed of their bodies. It has nothing at all to do with sex, and should not be associated with it. If people are worried about children knowing where babies come from, maybe they should not give them baby dolls at all.

    • Joy says:

      You see birdpress, I think you are entitled to your opinion. Isn’t that a funny thing that we can agree to disagree without name calling and starting a big war? This woman attacked me and I don’t even know her. All I said was “I thought it was over the top.”

    • SKL says:

      Interesting, one of my mom’s friends refused to breastfeed because “those were reserved for her husband.” I guess there is a full spectrum of views on women’s breasts, but personally I feel most comfortable with the idea that they are private parts. I don’t feel that “private” equates to “shameful.” Note that my mom breastfed me and 3 siblings after me, and there was no feeling of shame or queasiness when she was breastfeeding in the privacy of our home.

  5. JavaQueen says:

    I breastfed my kids. I obviously have nothing against it. But to me, this doll is wrong on so many levels. Maybe they could make a blow job doll – a guy doll with a nice long penis so we could show our daughters the proper way to blow their man. It could come with some nice accessories too- some lubricant, etc.
    I can see where you are going to say, “you are comparing a breast feeding doll to a blow job doll” – yeah, I know- but that’s how much it creeps me out. Sorry.
    OMG, if your daughter wants to nurse her dolly- let her use her imagination.

  6. Just a Mom says:

    In my opinion this doll is just plain wrong! Women have figured out how to breast feed their children for years and years without a TOY doll to teach them.
    I showed my 10 year old this doll and she turned bright red! She thought this doll was just plain wrong too!

  7. I found it creepy enough when dolls started coming out that “went potty” and had to have diaper changes with real goo in them. I’m sorry, but is that REALLY the important thing girls should be learning about having a babies? That babies poop? NO. I think baby dolls are fine for little girls and boys to have because it’s part of kids’ imagination games – playing mommy and daddy because their mommy and daddy are their role models at that stage in life. But breast feeding a doll is just… well, beyond behind seriously weird, I find it absolutely pointless and unnecessary. Like others have said here, let the kids PRETEND to do that if they see their moms breast-feeding their little brother or sister. Why, oh WHY should they wear a shirt that makes that effect?
    My mother breast-fed both my brother and me, but you know what? As a kid I still found it gross. Lots of kids do. Kids aren’t yet comfortable with grownup bodies and that is AS IT SHOULD BE. Kids SHOULDN’T need to treat their bodies like adult bodies when they’re NOT adults! What’s next, as you say, Joy?!

  8. Laura says:

    Ok, I’ve got a bunch of things springing to mind.

    The first is one that *really* irritates me about this whole breast-feeding “controversy” (really? BF is a controversy??? Honestly, we make beans about everything these days. Anyway…) Where did people get the idea that “breasts are not playthings for men”? Not to get too personal here, but…. really? You think that? You must live in a closet. A very dark one where no men live. Or no normal men. Because the men I know? Have great respect for the breast, and don’t consider it a “plaything”. A source of pleasure for both partners, yes, but not a “plaything”. Just like women have respect for a man’s ‘member’… not just as a ‘tool’ for elimination and procreation, but a source of pleasure for both partners. So can we please stop throwing inflammatory language around?

    Second… there’s nothing in the world wrong with little girls learning about breast-feeding. But why can’t they learn it the natural way? What is so wrong with some of them learning about it when they see their mommies feeding their younger siblings? And the rest can learn when they ask questions – after they see someone else doing it, or in the course of the natural learning process about where babies come from? (my 5-year-old knows about breastfeeding, juts because he asked during the ‘where do babies come from?’ discussion) WHY do we have to force the natural to happen, in an unnatural manner? Which leads me to my third question….

    Why is this always a problem for just girls? Why are there no anatomically correct BOY dolls? Why don’t we have G.I.Joe Junior, standing at a potty next to Daddy G.I.Joe, learning how to ‘hit the target’? Or Ken, Sr., teaching Ken, Jr., the correct technique for private pleasure, or hitting Barbie’s G-spot? Honestly, is it only the girls who need this kind of instruction? Girls, who belong to the female of the species, which often can’t SHUT UP about analyzing and teaching every single process known to mankind?

    Sorry for being so graphic, but these controversies just tick me off.

    And my personal opinion on the doll? Too far. Not because of the sucking noises – we had “Baby Alive” when I was a kid, and it made a sucking face (with a weird, disturbing grinding noise, but that’s an aside) when it drank from the bottle. Honestly, when I saw my sister breast-feeding my nephew, I imitated the action with my doll. And nobody thought twice about it. I really think our society just plain goes too far, but mostly with girls. For whatever reason, boys are off the hook. for now.

    • Karen Joy says:

      Oh Laura I agree with everything you said.I was thinking the same thing about “breasts not being a play thing”Glad you said it.And YES,why cant they learn the it the natural way,we dont need to throw these things apon them.

    • birdpress says:

      Wow, “not to get to personal here” but your response to me was rude.
      Here is a great post (with great comments) about this doll: http://www.cafemom.com/journals/read/1506827/I_Refuse_To_Teach_My_Daughter_To_BF_or_About_Breasts_In_General

      • birdpress says:

        Also, I live in a box for seeing breasts referred to as playthings for men? You live in a box if you don’t! Turn on the TV or the internet. It is everywhere. Breastfeeding is innocent and natural. If you have a problem with something maybe you should turn your anger on the porn industry instead.

        • Laura says:

          I’m not sure why you thought I was rude, and I’m not sure what, exactly, you’re getting at, in your second comment.

          I simply stated that breasts ARE a source of pleasure for both men and women, and they were never intended to be “used” exclusively for feeding children. If that were the case, they would have no nerve endings in them, and there would be no pleasure derived from sexual touch.

          So yes, to be crude, breasts ARE playthings… for men AND women. I never denied that. I don’t think they need to be referred to in that manner, but that’s exactly what they are. And one of their original purposes. And it shouldn’t be used as a whip by the BF advocates to forward their cause.

          • birdpress says:

            Re-read your words; you came across as very hostile and insulting. I’m glad you appreciate your breasts in a sensual manner, but I do not believe that children should be taught about that. Let them be innocent and learn the primary biological function of breasts first, and maybe when they get much older they can learn this on their own, at a more appropriate age. Children play and pretend. They imitate what they see their parents doing. I don’t think we need to sexualize innocent make-believe behavior.

            • Laura says:

              I never said to sexualize children’s behavior. I thought I made that clear in my last paragraph. (and in my second paragraph, I clearly said that there is nothing wrong with kids learning about breastfeeding) But for the breastfeeding militants to say that breasts are not “playthings” and say that they are there for one reason, and one reason only, is a lie or a delusion.

              Further, kids can play just fine on their own, using their own imaginations and by asking their parents… they don’t need some mass produced doll with an off-the-chart creep factor.

              I apologize for sounding “hostile”. If you hang around this site for a while, you’ll find that I tend to lean a bit to the sarcastic side. Folks who know me and read my stuff know that.

  9. Karen Joy says:

    Oh Joy,I woudnt have minded you saying it was me who sent you that note.
    I hadnt even heard of this doll until we saw our mutual friends post on FB the other night.Yes,I commented on how I thought this doll was creepy ,that I dont need to see a 6 year old breast feed.What TICKED me off too was those girls comments as you said about breastfeeding being the only way etc AND just right after your comment on how some cant breastfeed.She also said ”Some people like to make trouble were there is none”OK..SO now we arent intitled to our opinion!I was mad!
    Anyhow,i think we need to leave it up to these kids imaginations as they play.And giving them a vest with a FLOWER for the baby to suck..stupid!If its to show little girl the”correct” way or whats “natural’..Well HELLO honey..ya aint gonna get no milk outta a flower..Why not hang a boob off of that vest!
    Ok,I’ll shut it now.This doll thing may not have bothered me so much if not for those ignorant “girls” comments.Though I know I wouldnt let my child have one.AsJust a Mom said..women have figured out how to breastfeed up till now..they dont need a toy!!!!!

    • Joy says:

      Okay all, it was Karen who was “with” me on FB. Like she stated, this girl/woman blasted me for my comment and started a ruckus just because I gave my opinion and I didn’t do anything mean at all. If not for that, I wouldn’t have written this post and it seems Karen saw the same thing I did. It wasn’t about breast-feeding it was about those of us who didn’t agree, got blasted. How I hate this war.

  10. nikki says:

    Well where was I!? Hmm anyways…although I would have loved to breastfeed but was unable. I don’t think I care to watch any of my nieces pretend to breastfeed their baby doll. You know kids grow up too fast. They have all the time in the world to learn this, hey they even have classes, for ADULT women to learn to breastfeed. I watched the video and I also watched some of the related ones. Now I can see how some people think it’s funny or cute or even educational. In my humble opinion I think it’s just going too far for any age of kid. I’m usually very opened minded about things in general and wouldn’t consider myself or my mom uptight…just because we don’t agree with something gives no one the right to blast them like this person did. I didn’t read any of it on FB so I don’t know exactly what was said. Probably a good thing…I along with her son tend to be very protective over her and I would have said something and probably made it worse. The bottom line is this…..we all have the right to speak our mind even if someone doesn’t agree with it.

  11. kweenmama says:

    I had never heard of this doll until I read this post. And to answer your original question…no, I wouldn’t buy this doll for anyone I know. My kids didn’t need it. I breast fed all of my kids. My girls saw me do it, and pretended to breast feed their dolls–without the help of a flower. They also used the bottles that came with their dolls to feed their “babies.” They learned that there were two ways to feed a baby. Neither way was right or wrong. They used their imaginations the way they wanted on any given day. It is unfortunate that there are those who are so closed-minded that they can’t see that there is usually more than one way to do anything in this world.

  12. Sue says:

    I would not buy this doll for anyone I know either. Kids need to be kids without worrying about all the adult stuff that comes WAY later anyway. I think it was Karen who said that they should make it anatomically correct since you don’t get milk out of flowers! (HA HA HA, LOVE that line!!!) If you do want to teacher your kids about BF then yes, they should have the correct parts to do it with instead of a flower attached to their shirt. Or watch the Discovery Channel! They have great educational stuff on there all the time!

  13. Does it belch and fart too? A true glutton would.

    Give me back my G.I. Joe with Kung-Fu grip!

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