No parking ANY TIME….this means YOU!

no parking any timePaul and I went shopping last night to one of those warehouse type places. We didn’t need a bunch of stuff but since we were in town, we thought we’d run in and pick up what we were out of. 

This store, I’m not sure what it is about it but you can be walking around completely alone UNTIL you get to the checkouts and front doors. It took us probably half an hour to check out and get to our car. Less than what it took for us to shop.

We walked out the “out” door and there was a van sitting between the “in” door and the “out” door and a family, very able bodied, emptying two carts into their van. Hhhmmmmm….Meanwhile there are signs every 6 feet saying “NO PARKING ANY TIME” all along the front of the building. I won’t mention sex, race or age here because it’s really a moot point. When I tried driving out of the parking lot I had a really hard time getting out as said van was still sitting there only now the woman was sitting in it talking on the phone and people were trying to cross and go in the store and people were trying to cross coming out of the store. I was irritated the whole way home.

I can’t see for ANY reason why ANYONE needs to do this. If you’re so weak and can’t make it the 20 or so steps to walk to the door, you really have no business going shopping in the first place.

So I was telling my mom this this morning and she said she “only” does this if she runs in to Cub for a paper. So I proceed to ask her “I thought you bought a muffin everyday” to which she responds, “well that and maybe a loaf of bread.” So I said “you talk to Shannon sometimes too don’t you” to which she said “I see her every so often.” MOTHER!!! So I said “you’re in that store for a good 15-20 minutes and you’re parking right out front?” I asked her “what if there was a fire or what if someone got hurt or had a heart attack and an emergency vehicle needed to get inside? Then what would you do?” I also asked her “what if you fell down and got hurt”? That one made her think. I also told her she golfs, goes bike riding and takes long walks everyday, why can’t you park in the parking lot? 

Why do people do this? I see people doing this all the time. I also found out that if you are parked in a “NO PARKING” zone and a fire truck, ambulance or police car needs to get in the store, they can plow into your vehicle and push it out of the way PLUS you get a hefty fine.

I don’t really care all THAT much but I was really irritated with that car last night and more so after I thought about it. After all, they were able bodied and had NO reason for doing so and then sat there when done and talked on the phone while I had to manuver around them and other people crossing in the crosswalk like you’re supposed to.

I did NOT honk my horn nor did I give any hand gestures. Who knows what those crazy people would have done. I just ranted and raved to Paul the whole way home. What would you or do you do?

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22 Responses to No parking ANY TIME….this means YOU!

  1. Sue says:

    Rant and rave the whole way home too! As much as I’d like to honk and tell them to get the hell out of the way; I wouldn’t. People are so retarded sometimes and they just assume that rules don’t apply to them for whatever reason. Get off your ass and move your car!

  2. SKL says:

    I didn’t think “no parking” meant “no stopping.” I thought it meant “no putting your car in park and leaving it here while you shop.”

    I don’t mind giving some leeway for folks who are figuring out a logistical challenge. But people need to be aware of their surroundings and think about more than just themselves. And move along as soon as feasible. It’s idiots like this that make the libs think we need the government to tell us how to wipe our butts.

    Personally I park far away unless I have a really good reason not to. But most people seem to think walking through a parking lot is for losers. Sometimes I feel like doing a public service announcement: hey, you know, there are elderly people and people with young kids who are having to park a mile away because you had to prove your ability to snatch the closest spot. That could be your granny or your pregnant wife. How bout you stop being an a-hole and learn how to think past your nose, huh?

    If I or someone else were being seriously inconvenienced by a jerk like that, I might give them a look or even ask them to move. But otherwise, I would just roll my eyes and move along. Alas, there will always be idiots in the world; no point letting them sour my mood.

  3. joanharvest says:

    I guess what you have here is a lazyass dumbass. I think you already know what I think about people abusing parking lots.

    I wish I could dole out parking tixkets. I see so many people parking where they shouldn’t.

  4. I am SO familiar with this, Joy! I understand your annoyance 100%. It’s just like people parking in handicapped spaces when they’re clearly NOT handicapped!
    The city I live in was built for way less people than live in it now – the streets are narrow and don’t have enough lanes for the 70,000 people who live here, probably a third or more of which have cars. This is bad enough. What’s WORSE is that people insist on either double parking everywhere while they “nip in for a minute” or else just park in a no parking zone of the sidewalk, again, “just for a minute” so they can run into the store. This makes driving painfully slow and inconveniant. Oh, how do I rant and rave too!

  5. JQ says:

    You know what? I’m so down about everyone’s inconsideration that I’ve come to expect it. To see someone parking where they shouldn’t or blocking me, or whatever is normal. I guess I use to get so upset, that now I just EXPECT the worst, I usually get the worst — and when something goes right, it’s just amazing! That’s how I deal with it. No expectations = no let downs. My sad reality.

  6. shane says:

    I can’t stand that either! I see it all the time at S.A., people park right in front of the door. You have to walk around there car to get in the store and they also have to have there stereo blasted! I also see it all the time at sams club and I know that you didn’t want to talk about who does this but it’s always foreigners!! Rather they don’t know the law, or there inconsiderate, or just plain stupid. I’ve learned over the years to not get too mad about it because it will always happen.

    • Joy says:

      This was at Sam’s Club Shane and you were right about one other thing too but I hesitated to drag that into it since my own mother does it.

      • SKL says:

        Interesting point about foreigners. Thing is, where a lot of them come from, it may be that only 1% of the people actually drive cars. So it’s not that big of a deal to park wherever you want. The other thing I used to see a lot is foreigners talking LOUDLY on their cell phones in restaurants. (I haven’t seen much of that lately.) It seems that where they came from a decade or so ago, it was so impressive that you had a cell phone to yell into, everyone around would just look at you admiringly and wonder if you had an equally wonderful son to marry their daughter to. (The other thing is that in many countries, the other party can’t hear you if you don’t yell into the cell phone.) What these people need is a well-meaning American friend who is willing to take them aside and point out that it’s inconsiderate to act that way here, regardless of what is done “there.” Most of them are probably nice people but too unaware of their surroundings.

  7. uncledanny1979 says:

    I would have put a potato in their tail pipe.

  8. mssc54 says:

    The simple answer is, “It’s convient for me and after all that’s all I care about.”

    This is one of my pet peeves too! Not only those who park in the no parking zones but the one’s that really gripe me are…

    I have a vice. Every single day I stop at the Circle K and by myself a .79 fountain drink (Coke Classic). On alot of those days some selfish, inconsiderate, self-centered, jackass pulls their car right up to the door so all THEY have to do is open their car door get out and (literally) take TWO STEPS to open the door to the store!!! SO IN ORDER FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO ENTER OR EXIT THE STORY THEY HAVE TO WALK AROUND THE “CONVIENTLY” PARKED CAR!!!

    Of course being the shy and timid individual person that I am I seek out this persn and apologise to them for having to walk around their car while I’m trying to get out/in.

    Jerk, the lot of them are jerks!!

    Later maybe we could talk about the lady who parked in the Handicapped spot this morning at the Elementary school. Mind you I have a Handicap Plackard and I parked out away from the Handicap Parking.

  9. joz1234 says:

    That’s frustrating. I am with SKL on this a little bit. I think some people might think that “parking” entails actually turning your car off and leaving it there. With that said, this is the equivalent of the people who tend to stand and talk in the walkway of the mall instead of walking with the flow of traffic. That’s irritating too. I personally like to park next to the shopping cart return when I shop at clubhouses (or Walmart, which I will not shop at anymore unless contacted by their corporate office, + other things) because it is easier for me to get into the car with the boys + stuff if I have the cart return near by. Also, the car is often really hot in our Texas summers, so I don’t want to leave the boys in it while I return the cart, or leave the boys in it with the car running (never know what crazy might hop in my car and drive off)

  10. javajunkee says:

    i am posting first and then reading the rest of the comments so if I double what somebody else said sorry…

    we see this all the friggin’ time at walmart. Right in the fire lane that says NO PaRKING and there will be 6 cars sitting right there. You can watch and same scenerio like u bodys coming out and getting in the vehicle. WTF..people are too fucking lazy anymore. Get the hell out and walk.

    If I happen to walk in at the same time as somebody doing it I walk quickly behind them making comments. I have yet to have anybody stop and confront me but hell I’m looking at jail time as a vacation right about now so just hoping somebody gets jumpy!

    this is what my bff and I did one time just because we had nothing else to do. We went and sat at a store where this is an all too common theme. I wrote out fake tickets and we woud stick them on the windows. Nobody knew where I came from cuz we hid the car. I would just walk up with a pad and pencil in my hand so I looked some what official and would jot some numbers down and slap it on their windshield. FUNNy how their counterpart dumbasses that were still in the vehicle would hurry up and go find a parking space. Then we would get back in and watch the fun. Sometimes I put on there you must bring this ticket into the service center to have it notorized or I would make up some official shit that it would say. Some people would look at it and throw it in their cars, others actually walked in to which I would have loved to have heard the conversation at the service counter.

    I HATE lazy ass people with a passion!

  11. javajunkee says:

    ps I’m also pretty sure what group you are talking about ..and you know I have my own rants about the shit they get away with…but here at our walmart where this goes on… half of them will be white lazy asses!

  12. Laura says:

    Yeah, I’m with the crowd here.

    I threw a little one-woman party the other day when we were at our local pool.

    We have a similar situation at our local pool. The pool lives on a side street, and has a very generous parking lot next to it. But, parking in this lot requires you to walk about the width of a standard house lot, AND it’s uphill. Well, that’s just too much for 1) the dear little children (most of whom are in the 4th-8th grade range, are dropped off to hang out without parents, and have legs that work JUST FINE) and 2) the LIFEGUARDS. So, the lifeguards park their cars along the street across from the pool, which cuts the street down to one lane. Then you have the mamas dropping off/picking up their kids, who pull into the fire lane and park. Or the ones who can’t BEAR to park ALL THE WAY over in that parking lot (which, literally, stands empty all day long), so they’ll park on the sidewalk where the kids park their bikes.

    I’ve seen moms sitting in their minivans, engine running, reading a book or talking on the cellphone,while they’re not only blocking the fire/emergency/No Parking At Any Time lane, but also the now-reduced-to-one-lane street, which makes it impossible for ANYONE to get through.

    So, back to my one-woman party…. the other day, I’m in the pool, and happen to look up and see a police car with his rollers going!! He was out of the car, walking up and down that road, talking with those pampered mamas, making them move to the parking lot and ticketing those who parked in the bike lot and on the sidewalks!! I was THRILLED!! It made my day, and I called the police station later that day and thanked them for doing it. Hopefully, they’ll monitor the situation a little better next year.

  13. Just a Mom says:

    This irritates me too! Hmm what would I do? I usually make snide comments while I walk past them. You know: Wow, I didn’t know they had special parking spots for idiots!

  14. nikki says:

    I’m great at giving looks that could kill!! And I hand them out to people like that! Would I say something? Not unless it directly affected me. Some people think rules can be slightly broken for them. I follow rules when it comes to driving or when it involves me possibly getting a ticket.
    This has nothing to do with cars or parking but Jason, Bailey and I were at McDonalds and there were some teenager hanging around. They were blocking the entry way and Jason told them to leave! Loitering is kinda the same thing, they think it’s ok for them. You can just walk right around them! It’s just inconsiderate and rude.

  15. Karen Joy says:

    Its terrible and annouying yes!These people frustrate me to no end.As do the ones parking anywhere they shouldnt.Since Ive had my handicap parking permit I sure notice when a car is using that space when they arent suppose to.And it really infuriates me when I then see someone even more in need of that space than I looking for a spot and cant find one.I am REALLY good with giving dirty looks so thats what I do.It may do nothing but it does make ME feel better.

  16. avomnia says:

    Look, you’re all overlooking the easy fix.

    Print up some large labels with the word “Idiot” on one, “Dumbass” on another, and “Thoughtless” on a third. Then go to said store and discreetly place the labels over the “NO” portion.

    Go sit in your car and see how long it takes before someone bothers to read it–assuming those same idiots can actually read.

  17. Tosha says:

    I hate that. people do that here ALL THE TIME.. and block traffic. the other day it took me 20 minutes to get out of the walmart parking lot. thats insane!

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