Sugar Cubes for breakfast


Someone ought to get an award for this. We know the facts, but this brings perspective quickly doesn’t it?

Each cube is a  teaspoonful.

coke mountain dew

red bull snapple

lemonaide orange juice

capri sun chips ahoy

oreo snickers

skittles starburst

sorbet jello

grapes cantalope

orange apple

banana nectaren

strawberry watermelon

pineapple carrot

corn ketchup

prego salad dressing

breakfast pastry

pop starbucks

trix cheerio's

special k mcflurry

(So instead of 2 bananas, I can have 4  oreos?)

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10 Responses to Sugar Cubes for breakfast

  1. Joy says:

    Hey Paul, did you notice all the sugar in the fruit??

  2. Lucy says:

    Although the fruit has sugar….it also has vitamins that oreos and skittles don’t have.
    Very interesting chart. Thanks for sharing

  3. Laura says:

    You also have to consider that a lot of that sugar – especially in the soda, candy and cookies – comes in the form of “refined” sugar, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), etc. The fruit is a simple sugar – administered in a form that your body needs and can recognize.

    That said, I’m off to eat my “Breakfast of Champions” … a bag of M&M’s and a can of Mt. Dew!!


  4. Gary says:

    Maybe we should just all live on a pure ketchup, carrot and breakfast cereal diet? 🙂

  5. nikki says:

    Well it’s good thing I don’t have a sweet tooth huh?? ><

  6. Joy says:

    Lucy and Laura, the reason I said that to Paul is he’s a diabetic and isn’t supposed to eat many kinds of fruit. Some have less sugar than others but sugar is sugar in this case but it’s so programed into us that fruit is good for us and some of it is not good for him.

  7. mssc54 says:

    This is great but I think it’s important to keep in mind the difference between processed sugar and natural sugar (fruit).

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