I’m Sorry…. so sorry….

I'm sorryKanye West, in a drunken stupor, grabs the microphone from Taylor Swift and humiliates her (and himself) on national TV.

Serena Williams, in a stunning show of sportsmanship, cusses out a Line Judge, on national TV.

Rep. Joe Wilson, in a fit of patriotism, stands and accuses President Obama of lying during a speech to Congress…on national TV.

And now come the inevitable apologies.  Rep. Wilson was first, phoning President Obama almost immediately after the speech and the outburst.  The apology was accepted.  Now the Democrats are demanding further apology, citing Congressional Rules as justification.

Serena Williams has placed a message on her blog, tweeted a couple of Twitters, and issued a formal apology.  Finally, on Monday, that well-worded apology has been deemed acceptable, and she is “moving on” with her book tour.

Kanye West has issued at least two apologies via his blog, and cried on Jay Leno.  He also called Miss Swift and personally apologized, which she says she accepted.  Apparently all has been forgiven, for him, as well.

Are any of these apologies acceptable?  Is it even our place to decide that?  In each case, the offense was directed at an individual: the President, a Line Judge, a fellow performer.  In each case, apparently, apologies have been made to, and accepted by, those injured parties.

In at least one case, the apology has been deemed “not enough”, and more is demanded.   So the question is… when IS enough, enough?

And that leads me to the next question:  is a public apology really about asking forgiveness?  Is it really about being contrite, sorry for what you did, and vowing to never repeat  that behavior?  Because that’s what I’m trying to teach my son.  That you only issue an apology if you really mean it, and then, only if you intend to try not to repeat that behavior.  A hard thing to promise when you’re six, I know, but I’m laying the groundwork.  So is that standard applied to those in the public eye?  Or are we not looking for a plea for forgiveness, but a modern-day toss to the lions: “how many times can we humiliate this person before he/she is completely destroyed?”  Or, conversely, is the Public Apology just another bid for publicity?  Because if there really was wrong done (Kanye comes to mind), and a private apology really IS all that’s needed (Wilson comes to mind here), then shouldn’t that be the end of it?

Or is it just that we are waiting for someone to get up there and sincerely mean the words that come out of the mouth – that they truly are sorry for what happened, and they’re not just reading a prepared statement that will pull their butt out of the fire?

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21 Responses to I’m Sorry…. so sorry….

  1. Sue says:

    I’m so glad you wrote about this Laura! When I saw what Kanye did, I about fell over! My first thought was, who is he to run up on stage and be mad that “the other girl” won! And why does he think we care what he thinks?? I think they are people with too much money, time on their hands, been given too much, that think they can do whatever they want whenever they want. The fact that you can name so many people behaving badly doesn’t give me much hope for our future 😦

  2. SKL says:

    Not too interested in the workings of the entertainment mind. They seem to be living in a whole other dimension anyway.

    As for Wilson, it’s not an apology if it’s coerced. In everyday life, a coerced apology is more about humbling the individual. In politics, it’s about [further] distorting the information out there. In this case, Wilson did nothing to harm Congress. He was rude to the President, but he apologized to the President, and everyone knows it, so it was basically a public apology. But if we could leave it at that, the reality of “you lie” is still floating around. Pick whatever words you want, the fact is that Obama was claiming something that was not factual, and now it’s out there. The Democrats’ attempt to make a big thing out of his not apologizing “their way” is really an attempt to distract from the fact – Obama was planning to sign a bill that gave free health care to undocumented aliens, and his blatant, arrogant, disrespectful denial of this was a lie and then some. Now if the Dems allow this reality to sink in, open-minded Americans will wonder what else Obama said that was a lie . . . I mean, he said this lie with the same self-righteous attitude as he says everything else. The Dems know very well that there were lots of lies in there. Best to make this guy look like a huge loser and take the spotlight off the substance of his words.

    I love how they are now saying the words “you lie” are racist. So Obama must be racist, considering he accuses white people of untruths day-in and day-out. Sigh. It made me sick during the campaign (terrorist = racist, etc.) and it makes me sick now: that you can’t disagree with a minority without being racist. When you think about it, this is the #1 thing that made Obama a brilliant pick for those who want to go totalitarian. Come up with a way, within our current laws and mores, to protect their chosen President from the democratic process intended by the founders. By pretending he is more vulnerable than other Presidents, make him actually more protected than other presidents. And thereby, rob the opposition of its voice. You know, it reminds me of desperate men who will use a baby as a shield so nobody will shoot at them.

    Oh, and have you heard Obama apologize for anything lately? How about calling Kayne West a “Jackass” on camera? How about calling a good cop “stupid”? How about all the lies and condescension he’s subjected us to? How about throwing record amounts of our tax money down a bottomless well?

  3. Joy says:

    I kind of feel it’s up to the individual and if “they” feel the need to say they’re sorry, then they should say so. Can you please tell me how an “adult,” or a child for that matter, means it when they are TOLD to say when they’re sorry?? To me, that’s just what we used to call “getting caught with your pants down”. I really believe you should only say you’re sorry if you really are or how good is your word with anything else?

    Standing to applaud this great post. Good one Laura.

    • mssc54 says:

      HEY! Get back in bed! Elevate your feet. Drink plenty of fluids. Breathe deep. Turn off the TV and get some sleep. Ummm oh yeh, put that oxygen tube back on. And whatever else the doctors tell you to do.

      In other words – take good care of yourself. 😉

      • Joy says:

        LOL mssc. I’ll tell you one thing that I’ll NEVER do again and that’s smoke another cigarette!!! EVER!! Yes folks, you heard that here.

        • SKL says:

          Hooray! I mean, I hate that you had to go through pain and suffering, but if it will cut your risk for the future, hooray for that! We need you around for a long time!

        • mssc54 says:

          Joy, I hope and pray you can do it.

          My father used to smoke Pall Mall (non filtered). He had one lung removed due to emphazeema. So he “quit smoking” after that. When he eventually died mom asked the 6 kids to go out to his home office and clean it out. In between his desk and row of filing cabinets he had a shredder. When we moved the shredder there was a pile of cigarette butts on the floor.

          Like a teenager sneeking out behind the barn for a smoke dad had been going out to his office, smoking and hiding the butts behind the shredder.

          The man only had one lung and still didn’t stop smoking!

          I truly hope and pray you fair better than my dad did.

  4. moodswingmabel says:

    I always wonder in REAL life if these famous people would apologize at all if the whole world wasn’t waiting for it. “Or, conversely, is the Public Apology just another bid for publicity?”
    In Kanye’s case it seems to me, to be a bid for more publicity. He’s a tool and a waste of time. I think if the person is sorry, you can tell. He didn’t seem sorry to me at all.

  5. moodswingmabel says:

    P.S. Awesome picture for your post! LOL!

    • Laura says:

      That picture made me laugh, so I just HAD to do it. I was really looking for a picture of that preacher dude from a bunch of years ago… geez, I don’t even remember his name, but he was the one – for me, anyway – who started the whole Apologypalooza Trend. (Man! Who was that? Married to Mascara Woman.) I figured he’d be a good posterchild for this post, too.

  6. mssc54 says:

    Since most of us have said or done something stupid…

    I say accept the apology but whatch for the same behavior to repeat itself. If the behavior does not change then it’s a life style issue.

  7. javajunkee says:

    I don’t know about the first 2 you mentioned. To me the show on Leno was almost as bad as the stupid act shit that was pulled by kayne in the first place. I’ve written that calvinsmear off my even remotely has a chance list!

  8. javajunkee says:

    kayne is known for his stupid baby ass whining stunts like this so to me…it’s just part of his act and frankly it’s run its course for me!

  9. javajunkee says:

    see that (is that a cat) drowning with that person bawling…that is kayne! Sorry I keep going…but you did ask 🙂

  10. LVISS says:


  11. Just a Mom says:

    Let’s see Serena has a book out, Kanye was appearing on Leno. I think both of those incidents were done for their own personal gain and to me their apologies just don’t hold any weight.

  12. nikki says:

    Great post Laura! I didn’t watch the VMA’s until it was a rerun and everyone else had already seen it. My first thought was…someone slap the sh*t outa that jerk. He’s an extreme racist and all about himself. How dare that lil white girl win over Beyonce!! Makes me sick that he can easily do something so out of line with zero repercussions. Sure he’ll lose a few fans but he doesn’t care, that money keeps rolling in.
    He may have made a public apology but he hasn’t reached out to Taylor as of yesterday. **cough bullsh*t cough** Don’t by it for one second.
    As for the other’s they’re all the same. They think they can do whatever, whenever. It shows their true character and if that’s how they want to be seen…well good job!!
    What’s wrong with people these days?….This, money, selfishness, greed, and stupidity.

  13. Tosha says:

    its so easy for an i’m sorry to be thrown out there and these people be forgiven..

    Firstly.. I’d hardly call what Kanye said on his blog an apology.. More like an “i’m sorry the world is pissed at me let me try to get people off my back” He isnt sorry for what he said.. There is a difference.

    Thats also not Kanye’s first screw up.. He’s blown up like that more than once and interrupted award shows before when thigns didnt go his way.

    Its sickening..

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