Question of the day from Laura and Steve

drinksWhat is your favorite drink (alcoholic or non)?

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16 Responses to Question of the day from Laura and Steve

  1. Joy says:

    I like Miller High Life and Cherry Pepsi. I do like milk also.

  2. Lucy says:

    I don’t drink a whole lot of alcohol.. but I do like frozen strawberry Margaritas 🙂

    Non-alcoholic I would have to say english breakfast tea or just plain water 🙂 I do like OJ too….

  3. SKL says:

    Coffee, then milk.

  4. mssc54 says:

    I usually stop at the Circle K every day and get me a 32oz fountain Coke.

  5. sean says:

    carling beer ….coffee milk 1 sugar…and pepsi

  6. Laura says:

    Ice water… so cold it’s bordering on slushee.

    Chai Latte, but it must be Oregon brand.

    I used to be a Dew addict, but I’m trying to be healthier, so soda was the first thing to go.

    And very occasionally, because alcohol doesn’t really agree with me, a Mojito. Wish I knew a “virgin” recipe for it. Anyone have one?

  7. Vicki says:

    Strawberry margaritas/daiquiri, coffee and diet coke

  8. Gary says:

    Coffee and Mountain Dew! They both do a body good. Right?

  9. nikki says:

    Sweet Tea #1….coffee with flavored creamer no sugar. As for alcoholic drink I like a Corona light with lime right now. That changes from time to time though.

  10. Just a Mom says:

    Hot ~ Coffee
    Cold ~ Orange Juice and Sprite mixed together with a splash of Grenadine on the rocks

  11. Tosha says:

    alcoholic-.. I like rum.. It goes well in so many drinks..

    non alcoholic.. Don’t have a favorite per say. I like Tea, water, or cherry pepsi.. I’ll drink cherry coke but it leaves a bad after taste..

  12. Karen Joy says:

    Ice water..always lots of ice!!
    Coffee..always with french vanilla creamer(I have to start taking that with me on trips,so used to that flavour I have a hard time drinking coffee without it)

  13. Sue says:

    Alcoholic drink would be Captain silver and Sierra Mist/7-Up

    Non alcoholic drink is a toss up between water, Pepsi and iced tea (sweetened of course!)

  14. javajunkee says:

    vitamin water (water)
    whatever this drink is my SIL makes with coconut mailbu and pineapple juice and some other stuff (alcohol)
    coffee (nurishment)
    diet rite (pop)

  15. joz1234 says:


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