I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

805289304432_shad_qtWe all remember that song, don’t we?

“I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, so I can
Watch you weave
Then breathe your story lines
And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, so I can
Keep track of the visions in my eyes”

It’s a fine song. It makes me think of dark mysterious glasses that a mysterious man is wearing on a cloudy evening. Some cool pair of shades that not just anybody can pull off.

Have you ever tried to buy a pair of sunglasses?! I mean really? It’s one of the suckiest jobs out there! Unless you have a perfect face that looks good in anything, finding a great pair of shades is like finding a hot man on your doorstep!  It sucks!  I know because I tried to find a pair the other day.

I was at the local outlet mall and decided to stop in the Sunglass Hut because the Friday before I lost my sunglasses.  They were a cheap pair from a clothing store, but I really liked them!  I liked the way they fit, they way they looked, how they protected my eyes, everything!  And it really bums me out b/c I have a hard time finding sunglasses to begin with.  So anyway, there I am, standing in a store with nothing but cute sunglasses and feeling completely overwhelmed.  Who knew you had so many options?  Between colors, shapes, polarized, non polarized, brown tint, blue tint, bendable and not,  it was like WTH?!

I tried on so many pairs that after a while I got confused as to which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t.  Besides the sales person to ask an opinion on, I had my 5-year-old son with me.  Well, can you imagine how this shopping experience was going anyway?  Not well.  In a boring store with a bunch of overpriced things he can’t touch was getting very old very quick to him.  I found a pair I liked and decided to contemplate it while I did my other shopping.  Deciding that I needed a new pair of sunglasses I went back and proceeded to put on 20 different pairs AGAIN!  Like I didn’t try them all the first time!!!  My son had enough and so had I.  I left with one of the first pairs I had put on!  Sadly, I’m not crazy wild about them.  They’re nice and all, but I don’t know.  I really wish I would have had someone there with me to tell me what they liked.  And I really wish I had a face that looked good in anything so that way it wasn’t so hard!  Anybody else have this problem, or did I just go overboard?!

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27 Responses to I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

  1. Lucy says:

    I’m so sorry you had such a painful experience with buying sun glasses…but rest assured…you are not the only one and you did not go overboard. I have a TERRIBLE time finding sunglasses that I like or that fit me. I have a tiny narrow face and 99% of glasses look horrible on me… Imagine a child wearing big Paris Hilton glasses… that’s what I look like. The sad thing is, I have better luck finding a pair of glasses that fit in the kids section..its too bad I don’t like Hannah Montana or Cars. :p

    Oh and those that I do find that fit are over $150-200. I refuse to pay that much for something I always end up dropping, losing, bending, etc.

    Maybe you can return your glasses? And bring a friend to shop for a new pair?

    • Sue says:

      Hi Lucy, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have 90 days to return or exchange them and the sales lady was very polite and helpful and made sure to tell me more than once that if I’m not happy to bring them back. The ones I really like were $159. I’m with you and won’t pay that much for a pair of shades (yet…) so I got a much cheaper pair, but still not $20 cheap! So far they’re ok and my husband likes them so I will stick with them for a while!

  2. mssc54 says:

    Well you could always post a pic here with your new sunglasses and we could all tell you what we think. 🙂

    • Sue says:

      Ahhh, I thought about that, but then you’d all know how hot I really am!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!! I think I need to be committed!

      • mssc54 says:

        I know exactly what you mean about sunglass fit. I broke the bridge of my nose (twice) many, many years ago. Consequently the bridge of my nose is a bit large. The only glasses I could ever find to fit were about $200. I held onto them for nearly an entire year too!! lol

  3. Tosha says:

    I hate buying sunglasses..Finding the perfect pair…. Its like trying to get in to talk to the president one on one.. it isnt going to happen! I gave up and just buy cheap “will do” sunglasses now b/c no matter what.. Hubs is going to steal my sunglasses.. They can be pink with glitter all over them and he’s still going to steal them.. i just give up..

  4. SKL says:

    I gave up on that long ago. I have one of those faces that no glasses / sunglasses will ever look good on. In addition to that, I have one eye and one ear higher than the other.

    So I just don’t wear sunglasses at all. Ever.

    It used to be worse when I needed to buy regular glasses. They were always ugly, but I was so blind, I had no choice. I am so glad I don’t need to wear them any more!

  5. Tony says:

    I too have a glasses incompatible face. It took me ages to settle on the prescription glasses frames I have & they still don’t look right.
    The sunglasses I have are really dark wrap around ones that usually look good on most people & CIA Agents, but just make me look like I am blind. “Hey look at the blind guy driving” I can imagine people saying. I walk Dixie with my sunglasses on & I’m sure people think I have a Guide Poodle

  6. shanef says:

    I really love that song!! And as far as sunglasses go, I’m totally with you. IT SUCKS!! I probably have 10 pair of sunglasses and I don’t love any of them. Rather they look good but are too dark or look crappy on the outside but you like the tint. It’s about as bad as buying shoes. Shoes are a lot easier for me because I wear a size 15!! When you go looking for shoes in a size 15 they usually only have 5-10 shoes in that size, so it narrows down my decision!!LOL

  7. pammy wammy says:

    I wear precription glasses,so I have never bought sunglasses.But Its hard to find glasses that look good on you.I just got a new pair this march.And I LOVE them.They come with magnetic shades.How cool is that 🙂 But it did take me over an hour to find them.I hate looking for new ones.

  8. Laura (LS) says:

    This is why I stick to Wal-mart or Target for my sunglasses needs… I won’t go NEAR those places that want over $20 for a pair. I get woozy paying $15.

    I’m lucky that I have an ‘easy-to-fit’ face, I look good in almost any sunglasses, but that doesn’t make it any easier, ’cause I’m finicky about darkness, and my eyes are sensitive. I need one that’s not very dark at all for cloudy but still bright days, one that’s medium dark, for evening, and one that’s wicked dark for middle of the day brightness. (we won’t count the shatterproof glasses I have for cutting the grass and doing other outdoor work)

    Which is why I buy on the cheap. And when I find a pair that I *really* like? I buy two or three pairs, because I KNOW that I’m gonna lose or break them. And when I go back to the store to buy new, they’ll be gone, replaced with a whole new set of glasses that I have to wade through.

    • Just a Mom says:

      I am just like you! I hate paying money for sunglasses and when I do find a pair I like a buy at least 2 pairs because I know they will not be there next time I go to find them again!

    • Sue says:

      I’ve been looking all summer for a back up pair of shades and chouldn’t find any at Walmart or Target and those are the places I usually have the most luck. It was hard paying more than $20 for these sunglasses, but I also need to wear them in bright sun so I sucked it up. I’m hoping my old ones turn up in the next 90 days!

  9. Joy says:

    Oh Sue, you make me laugh. You’re like this no matter what you buy and it cracks me the hell up!!! Sue and I are the total opposite shoppers. I’ll look at something and if I like it but I’m still not sure, I’ll buy one in every color. Sue will look at something, not get it, go back to the store to look at it, still not get it, think about it, go back, buy, take it home, not like it, take it back!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

    Sunglasses and glasses! I hate to have to get new. It’s fun on one hand but it’s just gotten to the point of being so danged expensive. My lenses now are almost $400. Then you add the frame and you are talking $600 for glasses. Isn’t that just unreal? I only get sunglasses if my prescription hasn’t changed and I don’t need new “regular” glasses because there’s no way I’m buying both. I guess I’m pretty lucky but I’ve never lost a pair of glasses or sunglasses. My mom would have killed me and now I’d want to kill myself but I can’t remember not having a prescription. I can always imagine walking by those eye glass shops thinking how fun it must be to be able to wear all those fun sunglasses but honestly, I can’t ever remember doing so. I’m jealous of all of you.

    By the way Sue, you look darling no matter what sunglasses you have on. I do have to say, I did really like the pair you lost on the golf course. Have you checked there for them? Maybe someone found them.

    • Sue says:

      Joy is so right! I am a total overthinker when it comes to shopping! If I really like something, I’m getting better at buying it the first time, but if I’m unsure at all or I know that I don’t NEED something, I’ll think about it. THen, if I go back to the store and it’s still there I know it was meant to be. If it’s not there then fate made my decision for me!

    • SKL says:

      My daughter’s glasses cost $320, not including the ophtalmologist. I will have to replace the lenses soon ($200 or so), because they start kids off with a slightly weaker prescription. My kid is not even 3 years old yet. She’d better not need braces, is all I can say.

  10. nikki says:

    LOL..I love you…you crack me up!
    I have kinda the same problem…I lose mine ALL the time. Big surprise I know! I lose everything. Especially sunglasses. One of my girlfriends bought me 3 pair of the same kind in black/brown and white. That was about 2 years ago and I now have the black ones left. The white ones were my FAV too! I think someone stole them….They have rhinestones on the sides and they are all plastic. I don’t like the ones with the metal nose piece. I have a bump on my nose and those don’t feel good. The other problem I have with some is they are too tight on my head and end up giving me a head ache. Jason has a pair of Minnesota Gopher ones that I love but those are casual and don’t go with every outfit. I fell for your frustration!!! I cannot go without sunglasses if it’s sunny out ! I will whine the entire time! What outlet mall did you go to? Call me next time if it’s the Albertville one…I’m like 15 minutes a way. Tommy has really cute ones and I can get you a pair 5O% off… ;}

    • Sue says:

      I was in Albertville and I wish I would have called someone to go with me, but sunglass shopping wasn’t in my original plan. I never thought to look at Tommy. I got my last ones at Maurices of all places and loved them 😦 I will ask at the course today when I go in. I’m hoping they’re there.

  11. Tessa says:

    I am the same way, Sue! Glad I stopped here today. I love that song-and your post is funny. I am glad I am not the only undecisive one when picking glasses!! I will go back after picking one out and try them all on again as you said!! From now on, I bring my husband with me! He will tell me right away and not let me contemplate!

  12. Karen Joy says:

    I think I have four pairs kicking around.I buy a pair and wear them a day and realize they either sit to heavy on my nose(fussy cause everything gives me a headache)or they arent dark enough or they are to close to my face and my eyelashes flutter on the lens..drives me crazy!!.So the new ones sit around collecting dust as I go back to an old pair..not for looks but because they are nice and dark.Sensitive eyes.Yup,one of the worst things to shop for..oh wait that and purses!Oh Lordy,thats another story!!

  13. Gary says:

    I have the SAME problem Sue! My problem I think is that I am just too darn picky when it comes to my shades. LOL It’s funny……I wrote a post similar to this earlier this summer on my blog. LOL

  14. This is a great read. It has me thinking, thank you.

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