One Expensive Cup

coffee2For those of you who have been with us for a while, you may remember my coffee post awhile back.  I have never been a big coffee drinker even though my family (mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandma) live on the stuff!  They always said I wasn’t a true Scandinavian because I didn’t drink coffee.  Thanks family, I love you too!

Well, this past winter I started drinking coffee.  Not a lot and not often, but I started none the less.  I think I’ve only purchased 2 cans of coffee since I wrote the previous post.  We got a coffee maker when we got married 8 years ago and the thing has only recently seen the light of day on a daily basis.  I now proudly display my ever so clean and bright white coffee maker on the counter so I can enjoy my 1 cup of 1/2 calf coffee in the morning.

Two weeks ago while I was on call, my husband cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes.  As he put the coffee pot into the dishwasher, the spout cracked and a piece fell off.  I bet you’re thinking no big deal, just get a new one.  I thought that for a half second because even though our coffee maker is over 8 years old, it’s brand new because we NEVER used it before now!  I don’t want to get a new one.  I like this one.  It’s simple and easy to use, easy to clean and works just fine.  So, I think to myself that I will go online and see if I can get a replacement coffee pot.  I’m so smart, right?!

WRONG!  Ok, not totally wrong, but more wrong than right.  I typed in “replacement coffee pot” and google did the rest.  Well lo & behold I get back “did you mean coffee carafe?”.  WTH?  Really?  A coffee pot has to have a fancy name like carafe?!  I click on the link and then it brings up all the websites with my particular brand of coffee maker.  As I look through them I notice that each of them has a part’s number so I look at my box (which I still have!) to see what I need.   Apparently, back in the days of my coffee maker the manufacturer’s didn’t believe in putting the parts numbers ANYWHERE on the box!  So, there I sit for the next 30 min trying to tell which one looks like the carafe I need.

To my surprise I find it on Amazon for $4.35.  YIPPY!  I STRUCK GOLD I think to myself!  How lucky to find it so cheap 🙂  I get it in my shopping basket and head for the checkout.  Now, I  know that there’s shipping and I’ve ordered enough stuff online to know that sometimes it’s not cheap, but that’s usually for heavier/bulky items.  Can you see where I’m going with this??  Yeah, $4.35 for the carafe and $13.02 to ship it!!!!!!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!!!!  I don’t think so.  I can buy a brand new coffee maker for that total price!  But that’s not what I wanted!

It makes me kind of mad really.  Why make replacement parts if you’re going to charge an arm and a leg for them?  Why are we such a throw away society?  I didn’t want to get a new one, I wanted one piece!  I didn’t get it for obvious reasons.  I ended up getting a new coffee maker that actually costed less than the replacement carafe because it was on sale!  Gotta love a good deal!  I hope I like this coffee maker as much as my old one and it better last just as long too!

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20 Responses to One Expensive Cup

  1. sean says:

    just but instant coffee no need for a machine….the first time i used a coffee machine was when i came to the states

  2. sean says:

    i meant BUY…..spell check isnt working lol

  3. SKL says:

    I have been known to pay more for shipping than for the item. Can’t remember exactly what the item was, but I had my heart set on it. Maybe a used book that I remembered from my childhood, or a closeout item on a huge sale.

    I bought my first coffee maker for $7 (about 20 years ago)and I think it still works, though we haven’t used it in years. I do what Sean does – instant coffee using an electric water boiler (which totally rocks).

  4. Just a Mom says:

    I know how you feel about the cost of shipping and handling! Every now and then I buy something online and I cringe everytime when I get to the shipping part!

  5. Sue says:

    I just made my first pot of coffee with my brand new maker! It looks so nice sitting on the counter 🙂

  6. Joy says:

    This bugs me to all end too. It’s the point of it. We do throw way to much stuff away or just “get a new one.” I know I’m guilty of it too but for a “carafe” it seems silly to me. How much can that weigh? Sometimes I think they go by the size too and not the weight. I can’t stand instant coffee and would almost rather not drink anything if that’s all I had.

    This has happened to me twice that I really wanted something and neither time I ordered what I really wanted. Once was from JC Penny’s. It was the cutest “rooster” shelf kitchen cupboard thing. It was a few hundred dollars but they wanted something like $400 to ship it and wouldn’t let me pick it up nor did they sell it in the store. How many people would buy something like that? The second time were some mechanical pencils that I love that I can’t seem to find in the store. They wanted 30 some dollars to ship them. You’ve got to be kidding me! For pencils?????

  7. nikki says:

    It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!! I’d do just about anything for a good cup of coffee but I won’t spend more on a replacement piece than what the whole dang maker costs!! That’s silly…I’m glad you found another one at a good price!
    This made me laugh b/c some friends of ours only purchase their coffee makers from the internet…IDK why but they do. They spend a lot of money on them too and they break before or $2O Walmart one! We have Black and Decker now and it works fine.
    In my opinion how does a more expensive coffeemaker make better coffee than a cheapo??? Maybe it’s faster but I’ll wait the 5 minutes that mine takes….it was only $2O!! That’s fast too I thought…Our old one took like 1O minutes. Still I’ll manage waiting the time before I spend a lot of money on a coffeemaker.
    I had to order a new belt for my elliptical a while back. The part itself was like $12….I spent a total of almost $3O to get it shipped to me and it took a long 6 weeks! And that’s after I waited 2 months for the belt to come in. Apparently they have to have enough orders before they order a box of a certain item! Man that pissed me off….I had to wait for enough people to order the same item before they would put an order in for them!! WTH is that???? And it’s not like I could go to a Health Rider store….IDK even know where one would be! I’m still irritated with that so I feel your pain! Good luck with this new coffeemaker!!!! Enjoy your coffee…what flavor creamer do you have today? I’m going with pumpkin spice! Yummy!!

  8. Laura (LS) says:

    Ok, so here’s what I do, if you want my two cents:

    First, at Amazon: I keep a “wish list” stocked with things that I want, but don’t necessarily need rightthisminute. Mostly books, but also videos and such that I’m likely to buy at some point in the future. There are items on there at every conceivable price. Most of them fall into Amazon’s “Free Shipping over $25” category. When I find something that I need, I look for the one that qualifies for free shipping, and choose it (as long as the price isn’t ridiculously priced), and then go to my Wish List and pick something from there. I figure, “I’m gonna buy it anyway, and I’d rather have it than pay for shipping”.

    Second: whenever I buy a new ANYTHING, I take out the instruction manual and immediately write on it every single serial/model/registration number I can find. That instruction manual then goes into a file box. If I need a replacement part, I can then go to the manufacturer’s website and look for it. If I don’t find it there, I’ll send them an e-mail and see if there is some place that offers it, or perhaps they do… sometimes (very rarely, but I’ve had it happen) they’ll even replace it for free or they’ll just charge me for shipping.

  9. Gary says:

    That whole shipping thing SUCKS! A LOT of time the shipping costs more than what you are buying in the first place.

    I think we are a throw away society because everything is made so cheaply. Cheap plastic parts in a factory that makes thousands of whatever product you want to choose. They make it as cheap as possible to keep profit as high as possible. If they made them well, you may only have to buy a couple pots in a lifetime and the manufactures would certainly not like that. So…..everything is made cheap and we Americans WILL pay for convience. (sp?)

  10. SKL says:

    By the way, you can buy a generic carafe by iteslf in the store. It may not be exactly the same as the original, but does it need to be? That’s how my parents do it – don’t ask me why, but they have broken more carafes . . . .

    Another thing is that if you want something from a company that has a local store, you can ask the local store to order it for you, and they usually don’t charge shipping on that.

    Lord knows I’ve paid my share of shipping charges, often on mistakes. Last month I ordered a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading Company for decorations / favors for my sister’s baby shower. Little imported trinkets for very cheap prices. I was ordering equal amounts of pink and blue, since they don’t know the gender. I accidentally ordered 4 bags of mini blue rattles instead of 2 blue and 2 pink. So then I had to order 4 bags of pink ones to balance it out – in a separate order. Then I had to order some other silly stuff to get my order big enough for free shipping. Luckily I had a coupon that covered the silly stuff, but still. I also find myself ordering extra stuff from Amazon to qualify for free shipping. Yeah, I think it’s a racket.

  11. javajunkee says:

    not sure if anybody mentioned it but walmart stocks different size carafes for different brands of coffee pots…just an idea.

  12. Tosha says:

    Hubs broke mine 3 days ago. You can buy them at walmart.. 🙂 FTW

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