Check out Lake Superior…from Darryl


These pictures give you a different perspective of those freighters which pass by St. Clair so peacefully!

Lake Superior in November..
Ever wonder why the Edmund Fitzgerald didn’t make it..?
A little taste of the seafaring life on the Inland Seas ..
These photographs were taken in November 2006

aboard Misener Steamships MV Selkirk Settler
as she crossed Lake Superior in typical November weather.

The first pic is in calm water..
lake superior

lake superior

lake superior

lake superior

lake superior

Lake  Superior is the largest & deepest of The Great Lakes
and could hold all the water of the other 4 Great Lakes plus
three more Lake Erie’s .

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6 Responses to Check out Lake Superior…from Darryl

  1. shanef says:

    That’s amazing!! That right there is why I like my two feet on solid ground, I’m afraid of open water, I can go out on lakes but I have to be able to see land.

  2. Lucy says:

    That is impressive. I had no idea that the lake had such bad conditions during the winter.

  3. nikki says:

    I’m afraid of open water too…it’s terrifying for me! I wouldn’t in a million years go out in the middle of the ocean or a lake like this! The pictures are amazing though!
    Maybe b/c I grew up on the west coast I didn’t know about the Edmund Fitzgerald until I moved here….love the song. Sad sad!!

  4. Joy says:

    I just love this lake and go every chance I get.

  5. Gary says:

    Wow, that looks more like the ocean than a lake. I didn’t know those facts about Lake Superior, thanks for sharing!

  6. SKL says:

    I have read that the Great Lakes require different ships than the ocean because Great Lakes shipping is way more treacherous. It’s funny, because you picture a little boat out in the middle of the ocean being in much greater peril.

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