Need Some Suggestions…

ocean-wonders-aquarium-crib-toyJosh has had an “Ocean Wonders” aquarium in his bed since he was a teeny tiny baby. He loves it, and uses it every night, even though he’s 6 1/12th now. He’s a very musical kid, no surprise there, since both Steve and I are musicians and we surround ourselves with all kinds of music.

But now that aquarium is dying.  Used to be, the four D cell batteries would last for four to five months.  Six, if I was lucky.  Now I’m changing them monthly (I actually write the date on them when I install them, so I can keep track).  So  I’m faced with a dilemma.  What do I do now?  It’s going to die, probably sooner rather than later. But Josh often wakes during the night and pushes that little button, activating fish, lights, music and sound.  Steve suggested getting one of those CD/clock radios with the “snooze” feature.  I’ve never used one, so I don’t know how well that would work, AND his room is pathetically tiny, so there’s really no good place to put it. I intend to build a bed/dresser/bookshelf thingy for him, to replace the toddler bedroom set he’s in now, but that may take a while. Especially since I don’t know how to build furniture…

stereo cabinetSo, my internet family… do you have any ideas? Have any of you had this issue with your wee ones, where they like music to fall asleep to? I used to fall asleep to music, too, when I was a kid. But that was thanks to my mom, who played “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on an LP downstairs in the living room, on their massive cabinet-stereo (kinda like that one over there), blasting it through the house until I fell asleep. Dang, she’s a good mom. I’d NEVER do that!!!

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13 Responses to Need Some Suggestions…

  1. shanef says:

    If he likes it that much you could buy him another one on ebay. I looked on ebay and there’s a lot of them in there, in fact I think I saw the exact one.

  2. SKL says:

    Have you thought about ipods? They have the coolest stuff to connect ipods to, for kids and others – including pillows and other kid-bedroom type stuff. I know ipods are expensive (I don’t even have one), but maybe if you did a search, you could find some kind of special deal. They make ipods for kids, and maybe they are cheaper?

    I never had music to sleep to, and neither do my kids, so I don’t have any useful experience to offer.

  3. mssc54 says:

    Why don’t you write ( a real letter and mail it) the manufacturer and describe the countless hours your son has so deeply enjoyed their product. Then follow with how sad it is that it is finally “dieing”. Is there anything they can recommend to extend it’s life?

    You never know they just may have an easy fix or offer you a deep discount on a new one.

    The reason I said to write a letter and mail it is because I believe that written letters carry so much more weight than an email or especially a phone call. When they hold that letter in their hands and read your story I believe it will have a great impact on them. Everyone likes to hear something positive about what they are doing.

    Good luck.

    • Laura says:

      I write letters like CRAZY! Usually, it’s to gripe about something, though. Although, when I first started using OxyClean, I wrote to tell them how much I liked it, they sent me a bunch of free stuff. It was pretty cool!

  4. nikki says:

    I think they still make something similar to this. More high tech now I’m sure. I know Bailey LOVED his too!! I take it you’re looking for something more age appropriate or does it matter? Like Shane said they have them on Ebay. The Ipod isn’t a bad idea either. I can’t think of any other options at this time…it’s early! I’ll keep thinking though.

  5. Sue says:

    Trinity had one, but it kept her awake more than put her to sleep at first and then got use to it and would wake up screaming til I ran in there like a crazy woman to turn the darn thing back on! (She was too little to do it by herself!) So, after that I decided to go with a fan for noise instead. That’s worked well for both of my kids, but really I don’t think they notice if it’s on or off!

    They also make those sound machines (Joy, didn’t you have one?) and then you could get him a flashlight if he likes to have light at night if he’s scared. A CD player for his room and some nice relaxing music to play til he falls asleep is an idea too. Have him help pick it out and he might be over the moon!

  6. Gary says:

    My son has this turtle thing that will play music and when you press a button will put stars on the ceiling. We put it on a little play table in his room and turn on the stars. He falls asleep pretty quickly looking at all the stars on his ceiling and it turns itself off after a while.

  7. Joy says:

    I’ve been thinking about this all day and the only question I have is this: Is it the moving fish he likes or the music? If it’s the music then I’d get him a clock radio with a CD player in it. You can set them to turn off after so many minutes. But If he turns it on during the night by just hitting one button, I’m not sure how that will work. Those things you have to hit more than one to set. On mine for example, I turn on the radio and then hit “nap” and it will automatically turn off after 20 minutes. I never use it but I’ve done it accidentally but I know I couldn’t do it in the dark.

    If it’s the moving fish he likes, both my boys had aquariums in their rooms and that also has a soothing sound with the pump going but has no music.

    If he really like what he has, I think I’d head to e-Bay and get him another one there if the ones in the store are different. Maybe wait to get him something else when he has more room.

  8. Laura says:

    Ok, here’s what I’m thinking…

    1) I’m really liking the iPod/docking station idea. Not only is it a good possibility, it means that I get a new iPod, because I am NOT giving a new one to a 6 year old!

    2) we’re gonna have to re-do his bedroom soon, because he’s finally outgrowing his toddler bed. And he loves fish, so I’m thinking of putting a real aquarium in there for him, which would help with the white noise, as well.

    3) I don’t want to replace this with the same thing, simply because he’s outgrowing it. It’s definitely a “baby” thing.

    Thanks for the great suggestions… I knew I could count on you guys!

    • Joy says:

      I think he’ll love an aquarium in his room. Good to teach responsibility too. My boys loved having their own. Those iPod’s have really neat things you can put them in and they dance and move around. There is even a really cool fish.

      • Laura says:

        I looked today for some iPod things, and all I could find were boom-box type things. I think I need to look a little harder…

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