Would You Live In A Church?

Fancy living in a Church? This old church in Kyloe, North Cumberland, England was purchased by a couple. They invested lots of money to keep the outside and inside as it was. They restored instead of renovated (3 times less money). The couple did their best to recreate the inside like a regular home.













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34 Responses to Would You Live In A Church?

  1. Sue says:

    That’s really beautiful and I guess it’s better than having such a wonderful place go to waste, but there’s no way I’d put anything up where the alter was!

    • Tim says:

      I’d have to agree what Sue had to say,and not putting nothing in the room of the alter. The Church / House is Beautiful !

  2. javajunkee says:

    Oh my gosh…that is beautiful but can you imagine having sex in there??

  3. mssc54 says:

    I would love to be able to do something like that with any old building.

  4. Gary says:

    oh wow…..that’s AWESOME!!

  5. nikki says:

    Yea why not?? Those pictures are beautiful!!!

  6. SKL says:

    Beautiful. I love the idea. But I don’t think I’d feel comfortable really “living” there. Like, I’d feel like it was a sacrilege if my kids dropped their crumbs on the floor. And what about the acoustics? Maybe I’d get used to it, but I don’t know.

  7. joz1234 says:

    way too open for me…and I’m not keen on the stained glass windows…still too much like a church. They ought to make an upper floor loft for their bed and such…for some privacy.

  8. LaDonna says:

    I live in a church. 🙂 Our bedroom was on the “stage” as well for a time.

    We are trying to maintain the look and feel of the church as well as possible, but also make it live-able. We added a loft at the back of the sanctuary to break up the large space a little bit and to give ourselves a little more square footage. Our church is much smaller than that one (without the lofts, 1100sf)

    The renovations (not restoration here, not in the same way at least) are a lot of work! The church had sat empty and damage – water, vandalism, other owners – had been done. All the stained glass is gone. 😦 Other owners took all the church-y fixtures with them. 😦

    Our church is wood from floor to ceiling. We plan to keep it that way. It’s a little overwhelming at times – seems that there are very few ways to add color but I’ll just have to research and look more I guess – think outside the box. Plus any additions we put in (we are talking about making the stage area into a loft area as well – so the lower level is an office area and the upper a library / reading room) will most likely be drywall and therefore paint-able.

    Anyway, we are on a journey with this building, as I’m sure this family / couple was.

  9. Doc says:

    Interesting project! I’d have no problem living there. They’ve certainly done it up nicely.

  10. piotr says:

    wack. straight wack

  11. Kit says:

    I think it’s beautiful. Could you imagine the sunsets and sunrises through the stained glass every day… stunning, I’m sure. I think what really makes this example such a wonderful success is how simple the couple kept the decor… everything ties in with what the building had to offer. Rich colors, straight lines, simple structures, etc.

  12. Gorgeous house. Nicely done!

  13. Troy says:

    Beautiful house amazing job. You kept the ethereal feeling of the building while making it livable, that is a feat in and of itself. as far as people that think its weird bc it’s a church. a church is the congregation not the mortar and wood used to make the buildings walls. if people no longer congregate there to worship then it no longer is a church and the alter is just a neat set of stairs.

  14. Len says:

    Excellent – looks really nice.

    I saw a similar thing done to a church in Eindhoven (NL), where they’d even kept the huge wooden doors, but cut a smaller entrance in them – including a place to drive the car in. You basically parked in the living room (not sure how practical that would be, but way cool).

  15. Unserviam says:

    This is at least an honest use for the building in stark contrast to the previous misuse of it when it was a sink of depravity which served to keep mankind on their knees in thrall to a non-existent sky magician.

    Away with churches, and the collared fabricators who ply their deceptive trade within those walls. They are scoundrels and liars who should find honest work instead of teaching children to feel shame for merely being born human under the doctrine of “Inherited Sin”.

    I just hope the new owners fumigated the church well before moving in to remove all trace and stench of it’s previous use.

  16. Jim says:

    I absolutely love the way in which you have decorated
    your (church) house! It is so open and free. I especially like the positioning of the “bedroom.”

  17. erick says:

    I can’t live in this place,too much ghosts!!!

  18. digital priest says:

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  19. Amy says:

    I loved this totally loved this would move any place to live in a setting like this.
    Aso for sex who do you think created it? It is a natural thing… now the accustics I can understand the worry what if the family is in town visiting???
    Or if you have kids???? yikes.

  20. Amy says:

    oops meant also

  21. Fliptrx says:

    Sounds like a lot of superstitious people here…

    …my bed would be on the alter and my bath in the baptismal, and guest rooms in the catacombs.

  22. Zach Younkin says:

    I would absolutely live there. It is such a beautiful building!!

  23. blimey says:

    I hear people are just dying to spend time in the yard.

  24. Mikhail says:

    Church is not just a building, it’s a house of God! So it’s blasphemy for human to live in church, especially to sleep in sanctuary! You should better to restore not only a building, but also a spiritual life in this church!

  25. Digna Skewis says:

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  27. Steve says:

    Let’s get this straight. I am absolutely 100% sure that God does not mind old churches being used as houses. It is sad when a church dies, and this usually happens long after God has already moved out, usually because the attendees and leaders have lost the plot and gone stone cold spiritually speaking. Let us remember, that the bible says church is not a building, it is a people. The building is just where the church [the body of Christ] goes to fellowship and worship God. Now on a lighter note, I see the property even comes with it’s own graveyard! Must be quite the talking point when the owners light up the BBQ in the back yard to entertain friends and other guests? And who else could say they have bodies buried in the back yard without raising some eyebrows?

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